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2009 Chinese New Year Gala program from a single User

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									2009 Spring Festival Gala show one single friends

 Spring Festival program from User programs
 According to friends broke the news to the people of the country's
leading comedians bring laughter are all battle, Zhao The mountain, Guo
Dongle Pro, Guo Da, Cai Ming, Andrew, Song Dandan, Fan Wei, etc. "Waner"
will bring a national audience of 11 categories crosstalk sketch show. In
addition, the "foreigner" Epworth and "Chow" Chow will also be pieces of
 news embargo as CCTV in each of the various versions of the host near
the Spring Festival Evening program from the list and will be circulated
in various forums, this version of this year, many users are skeptical,
given the thread, "if it is true of? do not fly it "question. User "Fir
Island," remind us that: "Each year, exposure, exposure for one year
looks like no other prospective, right? Can look around, do not take it
seriously!" At the same time. Also on the program from some users
identify themselves with the truth, but for the program itself is not
satisfied, Lala said: "I feel ye have seen little new ideas have not."
"Bucket" is that too old-fashioned program , and is not fun! There are
users that will choose this year to see "cottage version of Spring
Festival Evening," and posted a version of Spring Festival Evening show a
single cottage.
 Spring Festival Evening program for the landlord posted the list of
acts, as well as some users opposed. Friends, "I am very anxious," said:
"Spring Festival Evening show a strong disdain for single exposure who
dare to you to stay a little suspense! Gaode and consequently know, there
are send to the SLC ah!"
 User Exposure Spring Festival Gala program alone
 Spring Festival Evening show a single exposure, and do not believe that
is your fault, do not tell you is my fault that we all see it:
 first chapter: "Happy China"
 over : Li Yong, Dong Qing
, song and dance "happy years", Aaron Kwok, 20:06
, comic dialogues, "ring tones sound of" Feng Gong, soldiers, Zhao
Weiguo, 20:17
, opera medley "The Legendary Happy New year ", 20:22: Opera" Mulan
"excerpts: Xiao Xiangyu Opera," playing ragweed "excerpts: Korean re-Fen,
the Peking Opera" Today swig celebration wine "in Kuizhi, Meng Guanglu
, short play," Lottery "Stop power Pro, Cao Ying, Liu Yiwei, 20:34
, song," another good year, "8:37 p.m.
, essay" housewarming "Guo Da, Cai Ming, Yuen Tai Hu could, 20:48 sub-
, song "open cylinder wine", Han Lei, 20:53
, song composition, "the way Carol," 21:00: "Childhood," CCTV, Chen Yi
(Jiangsu TV), "at the same table You "sound odd Zhao, Li Weijia (Hunan
TV)," Ïà·êÊÇÊ׸è "Ouyang Dan Xia, Chun-ni (Beijing TV)," Grandmother's
Penghu Bay "Zhang Shaogang, Zhou Group (Anhui TV)," Sweet Honey "Sa
Beining , Chen Rong (Shanghai Oriental TV), "heart will go along with
love," Lu Jian, Xu Gehui (Phoenix)
 second chapter in the "warm and China"
 Chair: Nigg Amat, Fang Qiong
, song, "and our grandparents," Pan Changjiang, 21:03
, a Dialogue, "where happiness," Jiang Kun, Derek Anthony, 21:10
, song "nice home", Andy Lau, 21:14
, essay, "Family Story", Nigg Amat, Joan other side, 21:24
, dance combination "Bamianlaifeng" 21:33: "Southern dreams "Tides" Kamba
man ", Huang Doudou," South of Colourful Clouds ", Yang Liping.
, Essay "Hot wife," Andrew, Niu Li, Song Dandan, Stephen Bowie Tsang, Li
Bin, 21:51
, Variety mix, "millions of households Spring Festival", 22:00 : The song
"Little wife," Jian-Bin Chen, Jiang Qinqin, Allegro "Year ahead," Wang
Ning, Liu Chunyan, pas de deux "color plates" Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo, two-
man "Little New Year," Wang Han, Yang Le, Huang Mei, "the couple both
around the house also," the mountains and wife,
 third chapter in the "Youth of China"
 Chair: Li Jiaming, Li Yufei
, variety group "youth character," 22:09: song + performance "have love"
dream of the Chinese Year Champion, after Boys, guitar singing "Those
Flowers" oil well man, happy male champion of the year, skating to
"Beyond the Star", hip-hop, street ball show "move up" Rhythmic
Gymnastics "flying dream"
, crosstalk "We are Young" Aciu, Ma Dong, Gao Bo, Zhu Yi, 22:21
, Pieces, "100 at ease," Guo Tao, Yan School crystal, Xie Na, 22:35
, song "Innocence Era ", Jacky Cheung, 22:38
, Pieces" is still young, "Li Wenqi, Ming-Qi Li, Tao Sun, Jing Tang,
, song composition," Movie Star Big Betty "23:00 : "Watching the Sea"
Zhou Xun, "the romantic things," ZHU Yuan-yuan, "Fragrance," Chen Kun,
"the people is the head of days," Europe Day "ǧÄêµÈÒ»»Ø" Natalie, "Yi
Jianmei" Fei
 s four chapters of "Harmonious China"
 Chair: Zhu Jun, Zhou Tao
, song composition, "New Relay singing folk songs," 23:08: "Moon
Daughter" Zhang Yan, "happy folk" Zuheiri, "Dreams in Peach Blossom
Spring, "Chen Sisi," Red China "L¨¹ Wei
, song + acrobatics," Flying ", Peng Liyuan, 23:13
, Pieces" are our own people, "Uncle Zhao, Fang Qingzhuo, Fan Wei, 23
Point 26 points
, song "Again thank you," Dawn, 23:30
, essay "marry Chinese", Guo Xiaodong, Aiwa, Wei Jian, Yang Lei, 23:45
 , song and dance combination "New Year's Eve round the fire song will
be", 23:54: "Tujia Love in", "Hill sister," "beautiful home",
"prosperous", "Spring has come," "happy holidays"
, song "Sunshine", Tan Jin, 23:58
 fifth chapter of "Dream China"
 Chair: Yang Fan, Zhang Lei
, great song, "Happy in the moment", 0:15: " family trouble, "" Carnival
"," co-Jiafu "
, song and dance combination" Great song chorus of joy, "0:25:" dream
come true, "Sun Nan, Tian Zhen," China Dragon "Nicholas Tse, Yu Quan,"
One World , One Dream, "Liu Huan, Na Ying
, song composition" Spring Festival sing "0:35:" Happy Carnival "Tang
Can," walk the road to happiness, "Liu Yuanyuan," Spring in China, "Wang
Rita," Splendid China "Wang Hongwei
, music 5, Military, 0:56:" Stay here is you, "Geng-Hua," a row of
classes, "wheat," Walk the barracks, "veteran
, end of the" memorable Tonight " , presided over the public and
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