ITEC 5321 - Spring '07 Journal Entry Week#3Identity Management by mpu40073


									ITEC 5321 - Spring '07                          Journal Entry Week#3:Identity Management
Deepanwita Bagchi                                                       February 10, 2007

Journal Entry Week#3: Identify Management

Gemalto launches Network Identity Manager (NIM) for online security

      This week our journal assignment was to find an article on identity theft or identity management.
It was really surprising, while there were so many news snippets and articles about identity theft, there
weren't nearly half as many articles or news about identity management. Then, my attention was drawn
towards this news item which mentioned about Gemalto's launching of a new network identity manager
for online security.

     I had not heard of Gemalto before, so I "googled" to find out that it was started in June 2006 by
the combination of Axalto and Gemplus, both of which are leaders in providing solutions with smart
card, sim cards, etc.

     The piece of news was significant because it provided the faint ray of hope that one can ask for in
today's world of security vulnerability. While we are plagued by the threats of phishing, keyboard
logging, bots and identity theft, news such as these can allow us to be assured of protection from these

      Gemalto claims that This self-contained, portable, network security solution plugs into a USB port,
works with a standard browser, runs on any PC and does not require any software installations or
downloads. This completely new Gemalto digital security product achieves a numb number of industry
firsts. It is the first 'zero-infrastructure' smart card type of device-no special readers, drivers,
downloads or software installation are required-so it can be used easily on any PC.

     Whether this new product will make us less vulnerable to attacks of identity theft, thats a question
worth asking. We will have to wait and see if a new vulnerability is detected and we are subject to
identity theft again, or if this new tool is the silver bullet solving all our security problems.

     You can read the entire article here.

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