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									                                 Prospect Toy Library
                            Membership Terms and Conditions 2008

Welcome to the Prospect Toy Library, which is a community based service run by volunteer staff with
borrower assistance. The Prospect Toy Library provides a service to families, individuals, and groups.

We offer recreational and diversional activities/items and a wide range of toys.

Location              Access to the Prospect Toy Library is through the staff car park at the side of the
                      Prospect Library. It is located at the right hand side of the Out Of School Hours
                      Care building.

Opening Times         The Prospect Toy Library is open on alternate:
                                        Saturdays       10-00 am to 1-00 pm
                                        Wednesdays       12.00 pm to 2-00 pm
                      Closed Public Holidays, Christmas Break and January for annual stock take.

Membership            The Prospect Toy Library asks for a Membership Contribution from all members.
Contribution          In 2008 the membership contribution will include the requirement that all members
                      volunteer 1 hour of their time to help in the Toy Library during either the Saturday
                      or Wednesday sessions in addition to the following fee.

                             Family            $10.00 per term         $30.00 per year
                             Concession        $20.00 per year   *Concessions must be cleared with Session Manager
                             Group             $12.00 per term         $50.00 per year

Loan Period           Maximum two weeks loan but toys may be exchanged every session if required.
                      No extensions are available on the loan period.

Loan Limits           Where there is one child in the family:
                              - a maximum of three toys can be borrowed per visit.
                      If there is more than one child in the family:
                              - each child can borrow a maximum of two toys per visit.

                      Toy Categories
                      Some toys have been marked with green dots. These toys are very popular so to
                      meet the high demand for them, borrowing has been limited to:-

                                   Toys with one Green Dot = One toy
                                   Toys with two Green Dots = Two toys

                      Eg.     If you have 2 children you are entitled to 4 toys. You may choose a toy with
                              two green dots plus 2 other items. If you choose a toy with one green dot,
                              you can take three other items.

Care of Toys          Toys with two or more parts are always in a box, mesh bag or plastic container.
                      There is a list of contents on each toy or package so that borrowers are able to
                      check, at home, that all the pieces are correct before it is returned. The borrower
                      is responsible for ensuring that toys are CLEAN and COMPLETE when returned.
                      Please report any damage or missing pieces to the Toy Library staff.

Supervision           Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times when
of Children           at the Toy Library. This is extremely important for safety reasons.
                                  Prospect Toy Library
                              Lost and Damaged Toys Policy
This policy has been drawn up with the sole purpose of enabling the Prospect Toy Library to
continue to provide a high level of service to all borrowers. Your co-operation is greatly

1.   Demerit Point System
      The Prospect Toy Library will no longer charge a fine for missing, lost, or damaged toys.
      In order to maintain our stock of high quality toys however, the Toy Library has
      introduced a demerit point system, which will operate as follows;

            •    Borrowers are given 2 points at the beginning of membership.
            •    One point will be lost each time a part or piece of a toy is lost and not replaced
                 within four weeks of borrowing date.
            •    If both demerit points are lost the borrowing rights of the member will be
                 suspended indefinitely.
            •    Borrowing rights will be fully reinstated at any time if a replacement piece is
                 brought in.

2.   Overdue Toys
      Toys are on loan for two weeks only and must be returned on or before the due date. No
      further item may be borrowed until overdue item/s are returned.

3.   Missing, Lost, Damaged Toys/Parts
        •       All parts are engraved –“PRTL”- to make them easier to identify, and a list of parts
                is attached to each toy. Barcode and list is considered part of the Toy.
        •       If a toy is returned incomplete it has to be borrowed for a further two weeks to
                enable the missing part(s) to be found
        •       If the missing parts of the toy cannot be replaced by the borrower then demerit
                points will apply

4.    Unusable Toys
      When a toy is returned damaged or with missing parts so as to make it unusable the
      borrower must replace the toy

 **Each time a member family or individual assists in the running of the Toy Library,
                          they are awarded a gold star.
        Accumulation of four gold stars equals a free term of membership.**

We hope you enjoy using the toys and many educational items at the Prospect Toy Library. As
 the Toy Library is fully run by volunteers, we would very much appreciate the assistance of
          members during sessions and in the general running of the Toy Library.
        Without the support of dedicated volunteers, the Toy Library would not exist.

                                 Prospect Toy Library, Thomas Street Centre
                            1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth SA 5083. Phone 8342 8195

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