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									Every School Every Thursday

Carver Community School’s ELL department has been working on the following: In kindergarten
we are using words from our Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) Poster to write our
sentences. Our current poster is one which features the city of Des Moines. We are focusing on
using the transportation words of car, van, and bus. We have gone on to include other words as
roof and sky. Students are having great success with making new sentences and practicing their
phonemic awareness, letter and sound recognition. After writing these sentences, we are reading
them in our small groups to practice our fluency and comprehension while reading. All of this has
led us to great discussions and writing about what we see in the city.
In 3 grade we are working on fluency. With this topic we have been exploring and practicing
reading with meaning and expression. Before reading with our partners, we think about how we
would say this as if we are speaking with a friend. Our voice usually goes up in pitch to stress a
word, phrase, or to ask a question, and go down, in a lower voice when pausing for a comma or
to stop for a period. This can also help us to communicate better. The students have all had fun
making their voices go up and down, to make the listener help to feel the words, and sense how
the reader is feeling. No robot reading here. Our 5 grade groups have been reading about
famous people, and also reading some autobiographies. We even practiced and had fun writing
one of our own. It was exciting to find out interesting information about each other. All of us have
been very busy. Just think of all of the interesting facts we will have to add to our
autobiographies by the time we graduate from high school!

An assembly for the environment- Friends at the YMCA presented to students at Cowles about
being an ECO-kid. Students were taught ways to be economically friendly at school and in your
neighborhood to an all school assembly.

Buying and selling- Pre-k students learn the value of money as they hold their own flea market.
Recycled items were brought to school for the flea market as the students have the opportunity to
make purchases using pennies.

Manners and chivalry... Lower level students were given lessons on etiquette at the table.
During their lunch, students were given the opportunity to practice how to pass food around the
table appropriately, where to place your napkin, and how to carry on conversations.

With spring, the emergence of birds. Pre-K students discussed parts of a bird and what makes a
bird different from a mammal. They examined matching cards and are learning the names of
many different birds. In the outside environment the children paint hummingbirds.

Solar energy... Upper level students were given the task to build a model car using solar power.
Each student was given a solar panel and motor to design with. Students had to discover how to
transfer the energy from the motor and sun to drive the wheels.

Systems of the body... Middle School students have been assigned to thoroughly research a
body system. They are researching the parts, the functions of all the parts, the diseases and
treatments of the system, the current research into their system, and the means to keep that
system healthy. They are becoming experts and will be presenting Power Points and answering
questions about their system at the end of next week.

      th                                      th
The 5 grade students participated in the 40 Anniversary Earth Day Trash Bash Event held in
the downtown area on Thursday, April 22. Small groups were assigned a street nearby the school
to clean up. After the clean up, there was a celebration at the Simon Estes Theater area. Our 4
and 5 graders used recycled materials to make awards for the Trash Bash. Entries were judged
and the top ten were chosen to be given out at the ceremony as prizes. These students were
honored at the event beginning at 4:00 p.m. On Thursday, April 29 McDowell/Mathis group will be
performing a DTS Weather News presentation based on their project study of Storms. Six 5
graders participated in the Drake relays for their age group on Friday, April 23at the stadium. The
relay team consisted of Bailey Irvin, Cora Brooks, Selena Sykes, Willis Gaer, Jacob Blobaum and
Connor Johnson.

Ginny Smith’s second grade class will be shooting their yearly videos this Thursday thanks to a
friend’s Prairie Meadows film crew. This year’s them is Poet’s Café. The students have been
learning many different types of poetry for expression in feeling and emotion and to work on
fluency in reading. They will each be performing three of their own original poems in front of a
student/parent audience. This is the sixth year for this project to promote fluency and expression
in reading. Each year the students create their own written work that is edited, practiced, and
performed in front of a film crew and students. The performances are then made into a polished
video thanks to our friends at PM and each child is given one as a keepsake. It is a unique
experience for them that helps them to understand the importance of writing, editing, and reading
for fluency!

Findley students are working toward a goal of reading 10,000 books outside of school during the
2009-10 school year. Students are writing down the books they are reading and turning in their
completed “logs” as often as they can. There are many incentives for students to read more.
They can win t-shirts, bookmarks and other assorted prizes while they work to become better
readers. The whole school will enjoy a pizza party courtesy of John Deere Credit when the
10,000 book goal is reached. We know that the more we read, the better we read and Readers
are Leaders!
Students and their families enjoyed a family reading night on April 25 . Each family in
attendance learned more about how to help their children become better readers. Homework kits
were distributed to families in attendance. They included supplies to help students complete their
homework and literacy games for the whole family.

This year Garton Elementary has participated in the Kidstriders Program that promotes health
and fitness for students through walking. The goal of the program is to have students walk
anywhere from a half marathon (13 miles) to a full marathon (26 miles.) Students who achieve
this goal participate in the GRAND BLUE MILE VICTORY RUN held during the Drake Relays.
This year students will run ¼ mile with three-time Olympian, Suzy Favor-Hamilton. Here are the
Garton students who have worked hard all year to achieve this goal:

Andrea Cordero
Kourteney Cropp
Brandon Derry
Veronica Gonzalez
Hailey Heck
Katie Johnson
Yer Lee
Toni McPhee
Htee Moo
Janyia oliver
Nanbey Tennih
Moncia Thavonkham
Jessica Yang
Zach Zielstorf
An Art Show of student work will be displayed from April 27-29 throughout the school. Parents
and the community are invited to stop by to see the art on display and too see what other
students have created this year. Each student in the building has a piece of art on display.

Greenwood parent, Troy Levich, is working in Katie Pilcher and Joni Ibb-McConnell’s classrooms
presenting a Junior Achievement program called Neighborhoods. He incorporates hands-on
activities that help the students to understand that a neighborhood is where they work, live and
play. This is his third year presenting the Junior Achievement curriculum to second grade. On
                    th      th     th
Tuesday, April 27 , the 4 and 5 grades presented their music program, Of Mice and Mozart.

Kindergarten is working with the story The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood. Children
are building a napping house and placing characters in their houses. The teachers are focusing
on teaching the verbs from the story such as the words snoozing, dozing, slumbering, and
snoring. The classes are learning the sound the letters –ing make. The students will be doing
some problem solving beginning with how many feet are in the napping house and ending with
discovering how many feet are in their own houses.

First graders went on a field trip to the Aviation Lab at the Des Moines International Airport, and
first grade students held a Wheel-O-Rama after finishing their “Force and Motion” unit in
Science. After doing many investigations on how things move and roll, students were asked to
make their own cars to show what they have learned. Many students came up with very creative
ideas in making their cars. After making their cars, the three first grade classrooms held a Wheel-
O-Rama where students were able to roll them down a ramp. Each students roll was marked.
The winners from each class than had a roll-off to see whose car would roll the farthest. Students
had an exciting time cheering on their classmates and showing what they had learned in Science!

Hanawalt students enjoyed working with professional artists on April 16. Eighteen Iowa artists,
including several Hanawalt parents or grandparents, spent the day providing workshops.
Students traveled form one artistic venue to the next. Some workshops combined music and
movement, others included printmaking, ceramics, painting, pastels, and many more.
Kindergarten students created clay fish, made puppets, and even created Circus Critters based
on Alexander Calder’s art.

The annual A Day in the Arts is funded through private donations, the Hanawalt PTA, and the
Kids and Culture Grant provided by the Greater Des Moines Foundation. As one student said,
“This is the best day ever!”

Hillis PTO is sponsoring a spring carnival at Hillis on Saturday, May 1 from 4:30 – 7:00. The
Duck Pond, Can Smash, Face Painting and even a Dunk Tank will be the fun activities available
to students, families and our community. Come and enjoy a fun evening on the Hillis lawn and
support our Hillis PTO and students!

Hubbell PE teacher, Tom Swanson took a team of Fifth graders to the Elementary School Relay
at Drake Relays. They ran Friday, April 23rd in the evening. The four students participating were
Tavien Gardner, Tiffany Koger, Johnny Reuanthong and Noah Grimes.

Fifth graders are finishing up their unit about how they express themselves. They developed a
poster about themselves and shared them with the class. They shared their qualities and goals
as well as things they did that showed risk taking.
Kim Glynn, Hubbell Music teacher had students give two great performances on Thursday, April
15th.The Kindergarten and First grade classes performed music about transportation in their
program entitled “Way to Go”. Also grades two and three carried on the Hubbell 100 year
celebration by performing Disney songs that were popular from the past 40 years in their

Four English teachers from Taiwan visited Hubbell the week of April 20th. They shared their
culture with the school and community as they visited classrooms and learned about the Hubbell

Over 100 students involved in the Hubbell Walking Club qualified for the Kidstriders Victory Run
held downtown during the Drake Relays on Tuesday, April 20th.

The Literacy Leader and Reading First Support staff along with classroom teachers are going into
the classrooms practicing their “structural analysis” through the content areas. The LL and RF
support person need to combing the phonics with a content area. They are using earth day as
their science content area in kindergarten. The children are working on the letter “y”, and the
teachers are bringing in articles in their “green” bags and showing the kindergartners items that
begin with “y” and discuss why a “yam” and a “yard”, and a banana that is yellow would be good
for the environment. The lessons continue all week involving the “Earth Day” theme.

Poetry is a great way to practice fluency. Fluency is the ability to be able to read accurately, with
expression, and with understanding. In honor of April being Poetry month, a Poetry Read was
sponsored by Mrs. Pamela Olson’s 3 graders and held in the performance area with seven
 Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms sharing a variety of poems with their 3 grade
friends. Third graders made poetry books which they shared with these friends. Mrs. Olson’s
students copied 3 of their favorite poems and wrote 2 of their own to put in their poetry book.
During project art time, the students illustrated the poems in their books. Second graders shared
either poems they wrote choosing from several types of poetry or they brought their favorite poem
 to share. The 1 grade classrooms brought a poem from their poetry center that they had chosen
and practiced so they were fluent and accurate. The kindergarteners brought their poem journals
to the Poetry Read to share. The kindergarteners add a new poem to their journal every 6 days.

Twelve Madison fourth and fifth grade students participated in the DMPS Elementary Honors
Chorus at Central Campus on Saturday, April 17 . These students rehearsed with a guest
clinician and performed a concert for their friends and family at the end of the day. The following
students were:Tina Ho, Callista Bates, Alyssa Henderson, Itacia Sholley, Jennifer Ortiz, Nytierra
Harris, Kathryn Scott, Ryan Nutt, Taylor Taulbee, Jonathan Praseutsack,
Samantha Anderson, and Sydni Chandler.

With the assistance of our friends and volunteers from Lenscrafters Jordan Creek children at
Monroe Elementary had their vision screened recently. Those who failed the screening are
referred to an eye doctor for further evaluation. Children without insurance are referred to
OneSight, a charitable program developed and funded by the Luxottica Group, which includes
local eyecare providers including Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, SunGlass Hut, Target Optical and
Sears Optical. Routine vision screening is important. Many abnormalities are treatable if
discovered early, and if left untreated, can lead to vision loss and blindness.

Oak Park
Fifth grade students have been reading biographies in whole group and guided reading groups.
In math, they are learning about collecting data and analyzing it. Some have even created their
own experiments. One experiment was a comparison of how many steps 1 graders took
compared to 5 graders for the same distance walked. After the students compiled their data
they figured out range, mean, and median to determine which group took the most steps, the
least steps, and why.

Our fifth grade students will participate in a recognition ceremony on Monday, June 7, 2010 at
6:30 PM. We will celebrate their accomplishments and wish them well as they leave us to start
middle school in the fall.

In the library, students have been reading about severe weather, including tornadoes and
lightning. Students had the opportunity to further explore about lightning with a Lumin Disk.

We would like to thank the DMPS Library Support Group for generously donating a set of Iowa
Children’s Choice Award books to our library.

Park Avenue
From bubbling volcanoes to popping popcorn, the demonstrations given by Park Avenue’s fifth
grade class were amazing! Last month 5 grade students at Park Avenue Elementary held a
Science Fair to present experiments they had done for their International Baccalaureate unit of
study. Many students, parents and teachers attended the event. We want to thank everyone for

The children at Perkins Academy have just finished a clay unit.The fifth and third graders made
big billed birds with the clay. The birds have been painted a variety of colors. There is no hiding
place for these birds. Fourth graders have made pockets to hang on the wall. Just a pocket is a
bit boring so we made the pocket act as a mouth and added a nose, eyes, hair, ears, and
whatever else one could think of. Second graders were busy making animals. There are a lot of
wild animals but we still have the family dog, cat, and bunny. I even saw some elephants that
had colorful polka dots on them. First graders tried something new. They made pinch pots with
four legs, an animal head, and a tail shaped as a handle. All in all a fun and learning experience
for everyone.

Congratulations to the Phillips 5 grade relay team. They had the opportunity on April 23 to
participate in the Drake Relays. Students running were Rory Walling, Frank Sawhill, Roger
Rumbaugh, Jarod Harrison and alternates Taylor Wood and James Tyler. We are proud of you!
          th      th
Phillips 4 and 5 grades performed songs and a mini musical for family and friends on April 22.
A big thank you to music instructor Sheri Williams and band instructor Jim Goodwin.

River Woods
River Woods, Capitol View, and Moulton will be enjoying April Break Wed., April 28 – Friday, April
30. Classes will be in session Monday, April 26, and Tuesday, April 27. Registration for all
students for the 2010-2011 school year will be Thursday, May 13 , from 1 – 7 P.M. All families
are asked to bring proof of their home address at the time of registration.

The fourth graders at Samuelson Elementary had the privilege of spending the morning at the
Des Moines Art Center on Friday, April 16 . The Des Moines Art Center provided the
transportation and the guides for the children to see the outstanding permanent collection of the
art center. Samuelson Art Teacher, Mrs. Sharon Campbell prepared students with slides of the
art and architecture before the tour. The students and staff appreciated this opportunity.

Great things are happening in Mrs. Dodd’s classroom this year! They have introduced a word
wall and students are having great success with it, they are spelling and saying all the words.
Students are using the computer to write about topics they choose and are learning a lot about
the students as a result.
Some of our Smouse Students participated in the Special Olympics on April 14 ; we celebrated
with a ribbon ceremony on Friday April 16 for those students that did their best in the track and
field events, In May some of those students will also be going onto State Competition.
Congratulations and good luck to Airionna, Marie, Claude, Jessica, Taylor, Maria, Cole, Ashton,
Gabrielle, Noah P., Daniel, Mark S., Jaycie, and Donisha. The Smouse Knights of the Week
traveling trophy went to Ms Blume’s classroom for demonstrating excellent Fieldtrip expectation
skills on April 12 to the San Jose Taiko Performance at the Civic Center. Way to Go Ms.
Blume’s Class!!

Stowe second grade students recently attended an opera based upon the life of George
Washington Carver at the Historical Building. After attending the opera, students rotated through
various learning activities staged throughout the museum. Students were involved in writing
songs, making paper, and learning about dance as means of expression. Additionally, they
talked about architecture and how buildings are put together. A professional architect was the
guide for that session. The opera and the additional sessions were great connections to the trans-
disciplinary unit students have been exploring, which is “How We Express Ourselves”.

Stowe is an International Baccalaureate candidate school, and students work to connect ideas
and understandings across subject areas. In this case connections were made for literacy, math,
social studies, music, and P.E.

Stowe students and staff wish to thank Maureen Korte of the Iowa Historical Museum for allowing
us to attend this exciting learning experience. We also wish to thank Target Corporation for
funding our bus expenses through a grant for arts related field experiences.

Mary from Waste Management visited second grade classes on April 21 to do a presentation
about recycling. She informed the students on what can be recycled and how to recycle. She also
let them know about what just needs to be thrown away. It was a great way to get students
thinking about their environment and how they can help keep it clean. It was very timely with
Earth Day on Thursday!
Earth day was celebrated Thursday, April 22 at Studebaker Elementary. The students
participated in many activities to heighten their awareness of taking care of our Earth. Some of
the activities included a trash pickup in the surrounding school area, and a school wide song to
celebrate our Earth. Staff and students wore Earth conscience shirts to share the message.
Last Wednesday April 14 some of the students in Jane Sandin’s room participated in the West Central
Special Olympics. The events were held in Indianola at the Simpson Track and Field. The students placed
                                                   st                 st                  nd
in the following events: 50 Meter Dash: Montez C. 1 Place, Caleb M. 1 Place, Victor G. 2 Place,
                             nd                st                 rd                            st
Softball Throw: Montez C. 2 Place, Caleb M. 1 Place, Victor G. 3 Place, and Jayde H. place 1 in the
Walk w/Me and 4 in the Tennis Ball Throw. Montez and Caleb are eligible to participate in the State
Special Olympics later in May.

Willard Elementary fourth graders enjoyed an art-filled afternoon at the Art Center last week.

Willard Elementary PTO and staff continue to plan for Family Fun Night in May! With a theme like
Wild, Wild West and Pioneer’s contributions students and families alike are sure to have stomping
good time!
Also coming in May is Willard’s Literacy Celebration. This will be a school wide festivity including
events such as; Poetry Reading & Reader’s Theater. Families will be invited to help celebrate.

For the past several months Windsor students collected monies to help the earthquake victims of
Haiti. Pictured here are two third grade students, Kylie Williams and Amy Nguyen holding the
check. Windsor K-Kids helped to organize this school-wide project.

Windsor students participated in the city-wide Battle of the Books competition held last Friday,
April 16 . Windsor students were elated to win the final round of competition, which was held at
the downtown public library. Team members were: Cade Warren, Ellie Alexander, Emma
Gardner, Emma Reese, Jade Alexander, Matt Voss and Nyamal Gatlyak. Not pictured: Olivia
Helton and team leaders: Bev Smith and Kim Helton. After receiving the 1 place award, Mr.
Jones treated the students to ice cream at one of their business partners, Windsor Heights Dairy
                     th     th
Queen. The entire 4 and 5 grade classes formed a congratulatory human tunnel to welcome
them back to school.

This spring has been rich in artful experiences for Wright Elementary Students. Fifth grade
students had the opportunity to view the Youth Symphony concert presented at the Des Moines
Civic Center and came back to the school to reflect on citizenship and becoming patrons and
participants of the arts. Fourth grade students have begun their next Artful Learning unit by
experiencing the George Washington Carver Opera at the Historical building. Students were able
to interact with performers and were introduced to the composer who was present for the
performance. Selected fourth and fifth grade students participated Saturday April 17 at Drake
University as members of the Honors Choir Festival; and third grade students are completing
their final singing assessments as a part of the district wide music literacy program. These
students will perform at a district-wide sing-a-long to promote life-long music making in May.


The 8 grade students at Brody Middle School are spending a little bit of time thinking about
Earth. As part of Earth Day, the students will be taking part in a few Earth Day activities. All of
      th                                                                              th
the 8 grade students received a letter to take home with them on Monday, April 19 . The letter
outlined what they would be doing for Earth Day. On the back of the letter, was an inventory
about what the students and their parents can do at home to help the Earth.

A few examples of things families can do to help with protecting the environment are: unplug
appliances when they are not being used, let your dishes air dry in the dishwasher, check the
weather stripping on doors and windows, turn off the water when you brush your teeth, and shop
with a reusable bag.

As a reminder to the students about taking care of the Earth, each student will receive a reusable
shopping bag.

Congratulations our Battle of the Books Team as they finished 3 at the district competition. The
team members are: Kenna Bell, Emma Bernstein, Jadzia Cox, Katie Crisman, Elizabeth James,
and Destinie Nemmers. Their coaches are sixth grade reading teachers Kathy Murphy and Cara
Schwarz. Way to go!
 As term 5 comes to a close, the 8 graders prepare for their last term as middle school students.
Term 5 grades will be submitted this week. Your student should be receiving a report card within
the next few weeks. However, you do not need to wait for your child’s report card to check
his/her grade. The eighth grade team frequently updates grades on infinite campus, and we urge
parents to use this valuable tool to monitor their child’s progress.

With one term left, there is still a lot of learning to be accomplished before making the leap to high
school. This week in class Mr. Joseph is having students launch rockets as they come to the end
of the astronomy unit. Mrs. Coop’s science classes are working on cells. They have built models
of cells and are presenting the models to the class. Her language arts classes are reading Silent
Spring in observation of Earth Day being this week. Mrs. Braun’s language arts classes are
previewing and selecting books for literature circle, as well as learning the different roles involved
in literature circle. The civics classes taught by Mr. Young are taking a test over the executive
branch and will begin the judicial branch. Mrs. Gray’s civics classes are examining careers. Her
math classes are working with square roots. Meanwhile, Mr. Wade’s classes are working with
graphing and exponents.

           th      th
On April 6 and 7 the students and staff at Goodrell Middle School partnered with Holmes
Huyndai to package 21,168 meals for Kids Against Hunger. This is the second year that the
partnership has taken place. Goodrell raised $1,600 and Holmes more than doubled the amount
in order for this many meals to be packaged. The event took place at school during students’
Healthy Choices class. Some students packaged meals while others viewed a video of Max
Holmes’ visit to Haiti a few years ago, students wrote notes of encouragement to the Haitians,
and decorated the boxes in which the meals were packaged. To raise the $1,600 students and
staff donated money to “Change for Haiti.” Students gave $.50 to use their electronics at lunch or
$1.00 to have a staff member bus their tray. They also made donations in their Pride Times. Staff
donations included the profits of a jewlry sale and a $1.00 donation to wear jeans to school. A
school-wide doge ball tournament was held where both student and teacher teams competed. All
entry fees were donated to Kids Against Hunger as well.

6th graders recently took a field trip to the National Animal Disease Research Center in Ames.
While there, they participated in many different lab stations dealing with topics like immunology,
pathology, microbiology and others. The most popular station was the fistulated cow. This is
where most of the kids placed their hand and ARM into the stomach of a living cow!
Scientists observe how different foods get digested by the cow through the use of this "holey"

The 7th Grade science classes finished balancing chemical equations and are now in the process
of learning about the three types of rocks and the rock cycle. Students were supposed to bring a
rock for homework. Then students used resources given to search what they have for a rock.
They needed to answer informational questions like where their rock came from or how it was
formed. Students also found a challenge answering questions that dealt with how did your rock
get to Des Moines, how old is your rock, are there myths or folklore associated with your rock, or
what is your rocks favorite TV or movie show. The students then used all their information to
create a "Facebook" page for their rock. The page is a Microsoft Word template that was given to
each student through the laptops. The students are enjoying locating pictures, creating posts,
and developing their profile page for their rock.

Science classes will then move into the theory of plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes
before moving on to the prairie plants and their structures. Students will research types of plants
and animals that are located in the prairie. They will also learn about native and non-native
plants. We hope to get out and use the plants that we have in our courtyard for observing and

Goodrell students in Healthy Choices Class have been doing "off the ground training"
- they are climbing their rock wall and cargo net and NEW this year they are climbing a rope
ladder, a knotted rope , and a vertical rope as well.

Eighth grade students of Ms. Lansing and Mrs. Tollari are reading Jack London's The Call of the
Wild to examine the idea of how a person's world view and experiences shape who he/she
becomes. Students are also working on expository How-To writings, including writing a letter to a
seventh grader on how to be a great eighth grader as well as writing a How-To for others to follow
regarding a task each student is personally passionate about.

The seventh grade global studies classes recently completed a trade unit to answer the question
“How are we connected?” They studied the effects of economic needs and wants on individual
and group decisions and factors that create patterns of interdependence in the world economy.
The teachers prepared a game show to kick off the unit using “The Price is Right” game to
compare prices of like items around the world. Students inquired about where their “stuff” is made
and why. They participated in games and simulations of free and fair trade, and finally, they
researched an import from creation to purchase by the consumer to culminate the unit.

7th grade Global Studies students are doing a mini unit on the 2010 Census. They are learning
what the Census is, who is counted, how to use the data from the census and the diversity of the
United States.

Mrs. Kockler's 7th grade red team math students are using the cup and ball game called Ballero
to learn about experimental probability, measures of central tendency and making histograms,
circle graphs, scatter plots and stacked bar graphs.

Warren G. Harding Middle School hosted its 4 annual NASA Science Family Night on Thursday,
April 15 . Advanced Science teacher, Mark Schnurstein organized the event with the help of the
science department and a representative from NASA. Over 330 student and family participants
had an opportunity to hold a genuine moon rock, make gack, operate a flight simulator, play
science-related computer games, explore a star lab, launch stomp rockets, and play with student
created robots. In addition, there was a display of student created art in the main lobby, a display
of student science fair projects in the cafeteria, and a book fair in the library.

On Friday, April 30 Hoyt will be having a career fair. It will be from 5:30 – 8:30 PM. The career
fair is intended to engage and help students connect classroom subjects to the workplace.
Students will have an opportunity to learn about careers in areas such a science, math, social
studies, foreign language, art, and music. They will learn about career pathways, college credited
classes, and other educational programs offered by Des Moines Public School District. In
addition, students will learn about the education/training requirement needed for various careers,
meet professionals from various career areas and possibly apply for volunteer, job shadowing,
internship, and/or opportunities.

McCombs 8 graders invaded Iowa college campuses today. Through the Gear Up grant
students boarded charter busses to Iowa State University, Grandview University, DMACC,
Simpson College, and La James. The students represented McCombs well, asking many
intelligent questions about post-secondary education. Students enjoyed the sun walking around
while touring the campuses. At La James, students had the opportunity to have nails, make-up,
and hair done. At Grandview students learned about multicultural opportunities in student life and
also got to record greetings at the university’s radio station. Overall, students got an opportunity
to see themselves pursuing higher education.
We want to congratulate all the students who cpmpeted in the Battle of the Books district
competition. They received 2 place. The students were: Kyle Erickson, David Jordan, Zoe
Wissler, Emily Hestbech, Paden Sheumaker, Katlyn England, and Renee Elliott.
The 8 Grade Chorus toured the Iowa State University campus and sang in a rehearsal with the
Iowa State Singers. It was a wonderful experience for all of them.
On April l9th, 40 6 grade students accompanied Mrs. Weeks and some parent volunteers to Des
Moines University. The students met with Dr. Craig Candy and medical students to learn about
forensic science using real human organs. The students had to write an essay to apply for
The trip. Before leaving Meredith the students enjoyed a wonderful meal, donated by The Olive
                              th   th    th
Sisters for Success took l8 6 , 7 , and 8 graders on April l6 for an overnight retreat at the
Wildwoods Hills Ranch. They did a lot of team building activities that brought the girls closer
together. There was a famous recording artist there, T’boz, from the group TLC. The girls
Got lots of pictures with her, and they really enjoyed the retreat.
The 8 grade Algebra classes are finishing up work with compound interest and exponential
functions. One Algebra class is working on figuring
the cost of giving Meredith a “make over” by figuring costs of carpet and paint and designing
logos for each grade level wing. The other pre-algebra classes are studying geometry.

May        5 - 2 hour early dismissal
            11 – Spring Band Concert 7pm at Hoover
            17 – Husky Alliance –Hoover 7pm
                  Vocal Music Concert 7pm Hoover

Get ready for a flourish finish to the year when the Merrill performance groups present their spring
concerts. The Merrill orchestra starts us off with beautiful melodies on May 3 at the beautiful
Sheslow auditorium on the Drake campus. Concert begins at 7:00, come celebrate string music
at its finest.

The Merrill Mustang choir will be performing song and dance numbers that will make you want to
leave your seat and join along. Some of the favorites include: Be the Light, Kids on Broadway,
Thank you very much (Scrooge)the Nicest Kids in Town (Hairspray) and We Go Together
(Grease) Concert is in the Merrill Auditorium at 7 on May 10.

The Band finishes us off this year with a grand concert on May 25. Come hear our youth players
as they play many old favorites.


Teachers at East High School talked to their advisory students about going to college and
informed the students about the colleges they attended. Teachers all dress in their school colors.
Linn Morris and DeAnn Hebert both attended Iowa State University and proudly wore their red
and yellow.

East High will have a garage sale on Saturday May 22, to raise money for Project Sewing
Machine and a new screen for the auditorium. Pictured are Natasha Schoborg and Nijay Gaines,
they are both going to participate in Project Sewing Machine next year. East High bags will be
sold for $10, and people will be able to fill the bags with items of their choice. There will also be
several general tables of school organizations selling. The sale will be from 7 am -11 am.
Donations will be welcome for the sale the week of May 17 . Large items should not be brought
to the school before Friday, May 21 . If anyone has questions, they can contact Sally DeGooey
or DeAnn Hebert.

The Des Moines Public schools competed in the Grand Blue Mile Corporate Challenge and got
3 place. The Team was made up of Luke Spencer, Tim Schott, and Kelly Parriott.

To celebrate Earth Day Thursday, April 22nd, East High’s FCCLA (Family, Career,Community
Leaders of America) members cleaned up trash on the school grounds after school. They also
planted flowers and weeded the beds in front of the 9 Grade Academy.

FCCLA is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and
women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues
through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. This is East’s second year having and
FCCLA chapter. FCCLA has over 220,000 members and nearly 7,000 chapters from 50 state
associations and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The organization
has involved more than ten million youth since its founding in 1945, formerly known as Future
Homemakers of America (FHA), the name changed July 7, 1999 to better represent what FCCLA
members accomplish. FCCLA is unique among youth organizations because its programs are
planned and run by members. It is the only career and technical in-school student organization
with the family as its central focus. Participation in national programs and chapter activities help
members become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities.

Biology students in Larry Beall’s classes are beginning their study of anatomy and physiology
with a unit on the nervous system. They concentrated on vision. This included a lab on eye

Bio II students are studying the respiratory system. They just completed a lab on lung capacity
which compared tidal volume with capacity.

Students in Aaron Stevens’ World History classes took a personal look at the impact of World
War II on Lincoln High School. Students went to the Main Hallway in front of the glass cases
where they spent time studying the mural containing the names of Lincoln High School students
who served on active duty during the years 1941-1945. The class was responsible for tracking
several key details, including the number of Gold Star students (killed in action). Red Star
students (wounded, missing, or POWs), and Blue Star students (released POWs). The students
also tried to estimate the total number of students on the board (the most accurate measurement
was between 1,850 – 1,900), and looked for recognizable last names (there were many). In a
follow-up discussion, many in each class acknowledged that they’d walked down the hallway
numerous times without ever noticing the mural. At the end, students were given an extra-credit
opportunity in which they could interview or gather information about a family member or
acquaintance who has served in combat, whether in World War II or a more recent war. Students
could then place the information in a one-page summary and turn it in for extra points.

Students in Linda Thomson’s Modern American Literature classes are reading and discussing
The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. The novel is based on the Vietnam War and O’Brien’s
experiences and observations about the war as a PFC. In preparation for reading the novel
students researched various topics on the Vietnam War and summarized their findings.
Advanced Placement Literature students are reading and discussing 1984 by George Orwell.
Class discussions over the novel focus on individual rights versus governmental control and the
power of language to manipulate and distort the truth. Students are also completing a semester
project over a modern novel of their choosing. The project includes six specific assignments
which students must complete over their respective novel. These assignments include a literary
analysis essay, a personal response document, a summary over three literary criticism articles
about the novel and/or author, examples of parallel materials that support the novel, a study
guide, and background information about the novel and author. Students will hand in the
completed project on May 14 .

Twelve GEAR UP students attended DMACC’s “Health and Public Services Career Expo” on
Friday, April 16, 2010. The students received a tour of the Health and Public Services building at
DMACC and spent the day exploring the following career areas: Respiratory Care, Pharmacy
Technology, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Optometric Technology, and Nursing. The
GEAR UP students were given the opportunity to meet with both DMACC students and
professors to ask questions about the various Health and Public Services careers offered at
DMACC. Highlights of the Expo were the hands-on activities offered to teach students more
about the career programs.

On Friday, April 16th, twenty GEAR UP students interested in science and engineering visited the
campus of Iowa State University (ISU) to be “Engineers for the Day.” Ten students were given
the task of designing and building the tallest tower they could using spaghetti and mini-
marshmallows. The others were asked to “Toy with Technology,” building a programmable robot
from Lego’s. The highlight of the trip was the 3D presentation of the virtual reality simulator used
at ISU. The students enjoyed their time on campus and the chance to experience science and
engineering firsthand.

Twenty GEAR UP students in the “Health, Education and Public Service” career academy will be
given the opportunity to explore nursing careers on Friday, April 23, 2010. The students will tour
Mercy College and talk to Admissions staff about entrance requirements, college preparation, and
the many careers available in the nursing field. Following this campus tour, students will walk to
Mercy Hospital where they will have the opportunity to tour the Mercy One helicopter, the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Pediatric Unit. Following the visit to Mercy, the GEAR UP
students will travel to Des Moines University (DMU) where the students will be given the
opportunity to engage in hands-on activities at DMU’s Iowa Simulation Center.

Sue Angell’s French 1 Classes have been learning how to say food names in French. The
students have created menus for their own restaurants, using all French words. They are
currently acting out skits in French that they have written themselves for their class.

Brenda McConahay’s Family and Consumer Science foods classes have been busy learning new
skills. Foods I finished Grain Foods Group and the Baking Unit. Cooking pasta is always popular
and determining the “al dente” stage of cooking allowed the students to make a product that was
tender and firm. Also the FCS students baked and decorated cupcakes that were delivered to
many of the teachers at Lincoln Main. This allowed them to understand and enjoy the benefits of
preparing “gifts” from the kitchen.

Foods and Nutrition II classes continued to study foods from other cultures as they discovered
delicious recipes from the Asian culture. Egg Rolls were prepared and enjoyed last week and a
variety of main dishes will be enjoyed this week as we discover new tastes and ingredients used
in the recipes.

Vocal Music students participated in the Solo/Ensemble Contest hosted by Lincoln on April 17.
Choir student’s participated in 35 total vocal events and specific groups received the following
awards: Madrigal Choir, a perfect score, Chamber Choir, a “1” rating. The following Soloists
received a Division “1” : Aly Olson, Caleb Peterson, Jessica Taylor, Taylor Tovrea, Zach Jones,
Annamarie Bellegante, Sydnie Tarter, and Patrick Rush. The following Ensembles received a
Division “1”: Boys Double Quartet – Zach Jones, Tony Thonesavanh, Sam Langfritz, Jesse
Salmon, Jake Strong, Caleb Ceretti, and Caleb Peterson, (Brandon Louis, Director); Women’s
Quartet – Aly Olson Kourtney Richards, Kelsey Edwards, Sydnie Tarter; 9 Grade Duet – Jessica
Richter, Allison Richter; 9 Grade Trio – Jessica Richter, Josie Bowen, and Allison Richter;
Women’s Trio – Crystal Conrelius, Ali Skartvedt, and Bethany Kucharo.

On Wednesday, April 14 Professor Anthony Arnone, Cellist of the University of Iowa faculty
spent the morning at Roosevelt High School working with 9 of the cellists that will be playing in
the State Solo and Ensemble Festival that occurs on Saturday, April 17 at Dowling High School.
He worked individually with these students to further refine their presentations for judging that will
occur at the this statewide Festival. It is a unique learning opportunity for Roosevelt musicians to
have a teacher of this stature come to Des Moines and work with them.

The Great Lakes US Navy Rock Band performed at Roosevelt on Wednesday, April 21
Amelia Martin signed a letter of intent for George Mason University in college forensics on
Wednesday, April 21st. Amelia has been accepted into George Mason’s Scholar's Program
meaning she is ranked in the top 40 of all incoming freshman. George Mason University has
been in the Top 20 in college forensics for the past 30 years straight.

Roosevelt students participated at state contest Saturday at Dowling Catholic High School. The
following is a summary of the vocal music performances.

Vocal solo participants were: Freshmen       Hannah Carlson - Division I Superior Rating,
Maureen Lyons Superior Division I
                                            Rating,Madeline Palmer-Chase Superior Division I
Rating, Deanna Satin

                               Sophomores Alex Schaeffer Division II Rating, Chris Henry,

                              Juniors        Bridgit Albright Superior Division I Rating,Kevin
Brown Superior Division I Rating,
                                            Wes Ketcham Division II Rating,
                                            Sarah Larson Superior Division I Rating, Kate Percival
Division II
                                            Rating,Will Parmenter,Elizabeth Pruchnicki Superior
Division I Rating, Madi
                                            Pote Superior Division I Rating, Rebecca Cooks
Division II Rating

                               Seniors       Britney Cameron, Kevin Browm Superior Division I
Rating, Napoleon Douglas
                                            Superior Division I Rating Amy Duong Division II
            Napoleon Douglas was honored with the "Outstanding Performance Award" for the
center (Best of Center) and will perform on the Outstanding Performers recital at Iowa State
University Music Hall May 11th Congratulations Poe ! His score was one point short of a
perfect ballot.

          The Roosevelt Chamber Choir Superior Division Rating ! Two points short of a perfect

           Bridgit Albright
           Emily Baker
           Britney Cameron
           Hannah Carlson
           Richardo Collins
           Heaven Cunion
           Christopher Diest
           Napoleon Douglas
           Amelia Duong
           Erin Elliott
           Hailee Hopkins
           John (Mac) Irvine
           Samuel Jones
           Amanda Kanehl
           Wesley Ketcham
           Sarah Larson
           Alec Leners
           Jordan Morrow
           Will Parmeter
           Kate Percival
           Elizabeth Pruchnicki
           Alex Schaeffer
           Leeza Thompson
           Alexandra Young

Central Campus
Four of seven student films produced by the Central Campus Broadcasting and Film Program
have been nominated for recognition by the Iowa Motion Picture Association. The IMPA Awards
Show is the culmination of a full day of workshops and events held at the downtown Holiday Inn
on May 1 . Recipients are: Jessie Hixenbaugh (documentary–Living With a Gift), Atticus
Swartwood (short film–The Cold Tub), Bradley Meyer, Ariel Pomerantz, and Lauren Morrisey
(short film–Katy Don’t Cry), and Lucas Baty (music video–I’m Impressed). The films and awards
will be on display at the Central Campus Art Show scheduled for May 18 in the lobby of Central

In May, high school students Trevor Stoakes, 18 (Valley) and Ben Thomas, 17 (Home Schooled)
will be awarded one-hour free flight instruction each for academic excellence. The Aviation
Technology Lab of the Des Moines Central Campus hosted an academic competition among the
high school and college students enrolled in the Airframe/Powerplant program. Ben Thomas
solved an electrical circuit problem by designing and building a test circuit able to switch on a low-
voltage light, while simultaneously blocking voltage to a separate light. Ben used knowledge of
Ohm’s Law and the Lab’s test equipment to solve the problem. Ben is a second-year Lab
student, 17 years old, and a home-schooled junior. Trevor Stoakes solved a problem of
calculating the volume of a latex balloon filled with helium after it was exposed to sub-zero
temperatures. The problem only allowed the students to measure the initial diameter and the
initial temperature. Trevor used the Gas Laws learned during the Lab’s Physics unit to solve the
problem. Trevor is a first-year Lab student, 18 years old, and senior at Valley.

25 Iowa Central College students toured the Aviation Facility on April 21. They were fire science
students. In addition, 75 students, teachers and parents from Greenwood school visited to tour
the facility and then toured the airport fire truck and watch it spray water.

The following Early Childhood Careers Students led groups of students from McKinley
Elementary to over 20 career programs at Central Campus:
Kaylynn Burgett, Lincoln, 11
Samantha Clark, Hoover, 11
Amanda Ingoli, North, 11
Regan Klug, Lincoln, 11
Ashley Lawrence, Hoover, 12
Jose Marquez, Lincoln, 12
Mara Mauk, East, 11
Heather Vogel, Hoover, 11
Katie Wilson, Lincoln, 12

Students experienced Central Campus “Hands on” by screen printing their own t-shirts with
Graphic Communications students. McKinley students and staff are pictured with Central Campus
Early Childhood Careers students as well as Graphic Communications student (Lincoln 12)
Jackie Culbert who designed the shirt and helped students screen print. Students also worked
with Broadcasting students as TV and radio crew members. It was an exciting day for fifth
graders to gain insight regarding the many tuition-free career programs Central Campus offers its

On April 20 over 70 Park Avenue students attended a career-focused event at Central Campus
with Park Avenue Counselor Sara Waljasper, teachers and parents. It was an exciting day to
learn about future careers. Highlights of the day include a photo shoot in which each student
participated with Commercial Photography students and Instructor Denise Wicker. Students also
worked directly with CADD students and Instructor Marcia Elliot designing their own houses on

On Friday, April 23 all North freshmen visited Central Campus to learn about career programs at
Central Campus. Each group of students was accompanied by their Polar Time Teachers who
toured to also learn about Central Campus programming. This informational day was focused on
student to student interaction as Central Campus Program Ambassadors talked directly with
North students to share their experiences.
Seventy-five students, teachers and parents visited Aviation Wednesday, April 21 from
Greenwood school. They toured the facility and then toured the airport fire truck. It was an
exciting day for all. Aviation Instructors are Jerry Bradley and Ric Graves.

Scavo Campus
Students in Carl Stamey and Steve Peters Community Based Social Science class recently
toured the traveling Abraham Lincoln exhibit from the State Historical Building. The emphasis
was on how Iowa was connected to Lincoln as he became one of the most remembered
Presidents in United States History. Using a variety of CRISS principles and strategies, students
were led through a series of inquiry based projects as they toured the 50 foot long exhibit. Then
later that day they created presentations on information they had learned and researched events
in Iowa to give them a better understanding of the impact Lincoln made on Iowa. The students
then followed up the exhibit with a visit to the monuments and memorials on the grounds of the
Iowa State Capitol as they compared and contrasted them using higher level inquiry skills. The
two days were culminated by finishing at the Lincoln and Tad monument on the grounds of the
Capitol with a discussion of how that memorial ended up in Iowa.
Ruby Van Meter
Sallie Hedgepeth, a Ruby Van Meter teacher, was selected by the Des Moines Rotary Club as
the 2010 Special Educator of the Year. Congratulations to Sallie for the recognition given to her
work with students with disabilities and her efforts in promoting and accomplishing volunteerism
and community service with her students.

During the past few weeks, the students in Alissa Hefty’s middle school classroom have been
listening to the book Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. It is the story of a young girl who went
into hiding with her family during World War II. Students have worked on their listening skills and
then answered comprehension questions. The focus was on the main character, where the story
take place, what happened, and why are we reading the story. The students use assistive
technology to answer the questions with a communication book or a voice output communication
aid. During the beautiful spring weather, the students enjoy listening while being outside.

Ruby Van Meter is already making preparations for next year. This is the time of year that we
start assigning students to classrooms and figuring out any schedule changes. All the preparation
ahead of time helps students with their transitions from one teacher to the next.

The most of the RVM students participated in the regional Special Olympics in Indianola on April
14 . Seventy-two (54 in track and field; 18 swimmers) won blue ribbons for first place. They will
                                                        th     st
go on to the Special Olympics State Games on May 20 and 21 in Ames. Congratulations to all
our athletes and good luck to those who will be going to Ames.

Orchard Place
Students in the middle school classes of Ms. Pat McCombs, Ms. Kathie Arlaud, and Ms. Susie
Carlson have live insect larvae in their rooms! In science they are studying about insects, and will
be observing the larvae over the next few weeks to note changes over time. Science concepts
that will be explored include the four stages in the life of a butterfly, as students are learning what
each stage looks like and also what happens to the larvae in each stage. The larvae will become
Painted Lady butterflies, to be released outdoors as soon as the temperatures are nice and

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