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					                      Professionals refresh real estate Publication - Issue Eleven

In 1 day on the market this Turquoise
 Street home was sold in the blink of
    an eye. How was this possible?
                                                        Successful property sales can
                                                    be due to a range of different
                                                    circumstances. Presentation, pricing,
                                                    the popularity of the area, even the
                                                    current economic conditions can all
                                                    play a part in whether your property
                                                    sells quickly and for the asking price.
                                                       But there is one thing that can
                                                    almost guarantee you of sales success
                                                    and that is when there are many more
                                                    buyers keen to purchase in your area
                                                    than there are properties for sale.
                                                        According to the experienced team
                                                    at Professionals Refresh Real Estate,
                                                    just such a high demand market is
                                                    currently operating in the Holland Park
                                                    area, making it a fantastic time to sell
                                                    your property.
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In this issue of Property News:
• Choosing the right colours when selling

                                                     07 3847 1288
• Holland Park popular for home buyers
• Tips on GST and your Property Investment  
A letter from                                               Choosing the right colour
 the Editor
                                                             can make the world of
                                                             difference when selling
  Dear Reader,

Professionals refresh real estate is
excited to bring you the latest issue
of our newsletter.
    We hope this newsletter will help
you with buying or selling your next                        Thinking of selling
    In this newsletter we are able only                     your home?
to outline the basics of each concept
discussed. That is why we welcome                           Then picking the
the opportunity to meet with you, so
that we can more clearly impart our                         right colour makes
local knowledge and experience by
way of assistance.                                          life a lot easier.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact
us at anytime at our centrally located                      Home is not necessarily where we
office on (07) 3847 1288.                                    spend the most time, but if the old
                                                            saying is true - that it is where the heart
Yours faithfully,                                           is - it is where we need to feel most
                                                            comfortable; there is no doubt that we
                                                                                                            How to choose the right
                                                            have strong feelings about our homes.
                                                                                                          colour for you: What colours
                                                              Ideally it should provide a sanctuary to
                                                            which you can retreat, a place where you
                                                                                                                  do you like?
                                                            can enjoy being yourself and welcome             Blue, green, and the neutrals
                                                            your friends and loved ones - and a solid     white, gray, and silver are examples
                                                            base from which you can go out into           of cool colors. They are comforting
                                                            the world and do whatever you need to         and nurturing.
                                                                                                             Red, Pink, Yellow, Gold, Orange
    Keith Murphy    Pelham Marsh                              It is very important that it reflects and    are the warm colours that create
              Principals                                    supports the personalities of those living    excitement. The neutrals of
                                                            there, which might appear to be a bit         black and brown also carry warm
                                                            of a challenge if it often feels like a war   attributes.
                                                            zone. However, although they might be            Purple, Lavender, Green, Turquoise
                                                            very different people, if they are living     are colors with attributes from both
                                                            together the chances are that they have       the warm and cool colors and can
                                                            quite a lot in common and the right colour    calm or excite. These are colors
                                                            palette will ease tensions and support        derived from a mix of a cool and
956 Logan Road                                              harmony.
HOLLAND PARK QLD 4121                                                                                     warm color such as blue and red or
                                                              Colour can be added to your home in         blue and yellow.
phone:                        (07) 3847 1288                different ways. There are permanent              The neutral colors of black, white,
fax:                          (07) 3847 2219                options such as doing a feature wall          silver, gray, and brown make good
                                                            in an uplifting colour, or adding colour      backgrounds, serve to unify diverse
email:                                                      through decorative objects such as art,       color palettes, and also often stand                          furnishings and accessories.                  alone as the only or primary focus of
web:                       The latter is my preferred option, as it    a design.
                                                            can be easily changed and updated for            When selling a home, the best plan
                                                            a fresh look. Stick with classic colours      is to use light neutrals (off-white) as
Disclaimer: This newsletter is not to be treated
as advice! Neither Keith Murphy, Professionals
                                                            for your larger furnishings such as           a base and add some other colours
refresh real estate nor Newsletter House Pty Ltd            sofas, and rugs,                              for interest and contrast. Based on
accept any form of liability, be it contractual, tortious   then use accents to                           the information above, the warm
or otherwise, for the contents of this newsletter or for
any consequences arising from its use or any reliance       create a mood and                             colours would be a good choice for
placed upon it. The information, opinions and advice        add interest. For                             their ability to excite and arouse the
contained in this newsletter are of a general nature        example on an off-                            senses.
only may not relate to or be relevant to your particular
circumstances. There are many issues involved with          white sofa add some                              I hope this information has helped
buying and selling real estate so it is important that      red cushions and tie                          you plan the use of colour in your
you get specific advice prior to making any decisions
                                                            that into the colour                          home.
on your next real estate transaction.
                                                            for your wall art.
  Holland Park
                                                                                        Marsh, says there is a high level of buyer
                                                                                        interest in Holland Park property at the

 property sold in
                                                                                           “People are currently desperate to
                                                                                        buy in this popular area and we simply
                                                                                        don’t have enough listings of quality
                                                                                        properties to meet the demand,” Pelham

the first 24 hours
                                                                                            In the case of the Turquoise Street
                                                                                        property, Professionals Refresh Real
                                                                                        Estate arranged for six private inspections
                                                                                        on the first day and were able to take

 on the market!
                                                                                        two offers to the owners. Many potential
                                                                                        buyers were frustrated by the speed with
                                                                                        which the property sold and are looking
                                                                                        for something similar to purchase. The
                                                                                        Holland Park vendors were happy to
   Continued from page 1                    Real Estate and it was under contract
                                                                                        have achieved such a rapid sale, which
    In this case study, we reveal how       on the same day. More than 60 people
                                                                                        allowed them to move on with their plans
Professionals Refresh Real Estate           flocked to the first open house and were      straight away, and for a great price.
recently sold a Holland Park property in    disappointed to discover that the Holland
                                                                                            “Vendors can do very well in this sort
just one day on the market! The owners      Park home was already under offer.
                                                                                        of market, with a large number of buyers
of 14 Turquoise Street, Holland Park were      Principal of Professionals Refresh       creating a sense of competition for
amazed and delighted when they listed       Real Estate and listing agent for the       every property and forcing prices up as
their property with Professionals Refresh   Turquoise Street property, Pelham           a result,” Pelham Marsh of Professionals
                                                                                        Refresh Real Estate said.
                                                                                           If you are considering selling your
                                                                                        property in the Holland Park area, now
                                                                                        is a great time to proceed. The team
                                                                                        of experts at Professionals Refresh
                                                                                        Real Estate have a long list of qualified
                                                                                        buyers waiting to view your property as
                                                                                        soon as you are ready to sell.

     Take the hassle out
     of selling or renting
        your property
     Before you sign with the first real estate
    agent you meet telephone (07) 3847 1288
             to get a second opinion
                                                                                               Although at first glance you might

  What types
                                                                                           think it a disadvantage to register and
                                                                                           be obliged to collect GST on behalf of the
                                                                                           ATO, there are some distinct advantages
                                                                                           to registering as you are then able to

  of property
                                                                                           claim back the GST that you have paid
                                                                                           on the expenses and purchases for your

 attract GST?
                                                                                               Some property transactions, such as
                                                                                           financial service expenses and residential
                                                                                           rents, fall into a third category (neither
                                                                                           GST-free or taxable supply) and are input
                                                                                           taxed. So although GST is not payable,
          The Goods and Services                                                           the vendor is also unable to claim credit
       Tax (GST) payable on property                                                       for previous GST payments. You need to
     can be confusing for home owners                                                      know all of the input taxed items you
                                                                                           encounter and record these payments
          and property investors.                                                          separately for accounting purposes.
                                                                                               Commercial properties are fully
Do you need to pay GST when you              purchase a brand new home, however,           taxable supplies and you should charge
buy a home to live in? Do all property       you will be charged the 10 per cent GST       GST on all sales and rents. Second
investors need to pay GST when buying        by the builder.                               hand residential investment property is
or selling investment property? Can              If you earn taxable income from           not subject to GST if it is used mainly
you claim back any GST payments that         your property, you are deemed to have         for residential accommodation. GST is
you are required to make? The list of        provided a taxable supply and are             also not charged on residential rents,
questions goes on and on and finding          likely to have to charge GST when selling     regardless of whether you are registered
the answers can be difficult.                 it, but you will also be entitled to claim    or not.
    In this article we provide answers to    credit for the GST you have paid in           If you are in any doubt about your
some of the frequently asked questions       deriving your income (inputs). While the      property transactions and GST, contact
about property ownership and GST. The        vendor (landlord) collects the GST for the    your accountant or financial adviser. The
information is provided to assist property   government, it is the buyer who pays the      ATO produces a range of publications
owners to gain a basic understanding         tax to the vendor.                            explaining your obligations and rights
of some aspects of GST in relation to           Investment property owners only            regarding GST. Some information can be
property but should not be relied upon       need to charge GST on the sale or rent of     downloaded free from the ATO website
when making financial decisions about         their property when they are registered       ( or you can ordered
your property portfolio.                     with the ATO and have been issued with        them from your local tax office.
   Some property transactions are GST-       an Australian Business Number (ABN). If
free, including existing family homes,       you earn more than $50,000 per annum          Note: We have only given you a brief outline and
                                                                                           how it may impact on you. Before taking any action
which can be sold without having to          from your business, you are required by
                                                                                           please discuss financial matters with an accountant
add GST onto the selling price. This is      law to register and acquire an ABN. If you    or financial advisor as the guide presented is of a
the case whether you sell your home to       earn less than this, you are still able to    general nature and may not adequately cover all
another family or to an investor. If you     register with the ATO.                        situations.

                                                                                                             tak in or

                                                                             �Kebabs           �Light       Meals
                                                                             �Burgers          �And       much more...
                                                                                    Trading from Monday to Saturday
                                                                                   (Closed Sundays & Public Holidays)
                                                                                      982 Logan Rd, Holland Park

                                                                                          Phone 3847 1455

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