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					   Michigan House Civics Commission
    Legislative Update For Elementary Students
                                                                      April 21, 2006
                                                                      By Linda VanLaan

  Schools may get “Green School” Award

A public or private school in Michigan may apply to be designated as a “Green
School” if House Bill #5554 becomes law. What is a “green school?” It means that
a school has been extra careful with our environment and has done things to
maintain green spaces in our state. A school is eligible to get the “Green School”
award if it does at least 10 of the following things:

   1. Recycles paper
   2. Reuses magazines and newspapers for projects
   3. Adopts an endangered species animal and posts a picture
       of the animal in a place where many will see it
   4. The school media center updates ecological materials
   5. An energy saving program has been adopted
   6. Students participate in energy-saving activities, such as dusting coils on
       cafeteria refrigerators, placing film on windows, setting hot water heaters 1
       degree lower, see how growing plants and trees can save energy for the
       school, and checking for proper inflation on bus tires and other school
       vehicles once a month.
   7. Hosts a visit by an ecological spokesperson
   8. Has a birdhouse habitat
   9. Establishes a natural Michigan garden project with
       native plants
   10. Has solar-powered presentations or experiments,
       such as a solar cook-out
   11. Classes do energy audits of their classrooms and
       make improvements, such as placing film on
      windows, caulking windows, or using kits to make windows more energy
  12. Has a printer cartridge recycling program
  13. Recycles batteries and has designated someone to return them to an
      appropriate recycling program.
  14. Recycles cellular telephones and receives
      money for the telephones from recycling
      companies that work with schools.
  15. Observes Earth Day in some way in April
  16. Art classes at the school have a poster
      contest to support ecology concerns and a
      school-wide display in conjunction with
      Earth Day activities.
  17. Has science projects in which students do home energy improvements, such
      as turn down hot water heaters, install home window insulation kits, clean
      coils on home refrigerators, and install draft guards for doors.
  18. Has an ecology club
  19. Visits internet sites where clicking saves rainforest habitat
  20. The school sets a goal of 5% less energy usage, and works with local power
      utilities to see progress toward the goal

                                Take a Stand!

                                If you think your school is eligible for the “green
                                school” award, look at the list above and write 10
                                things your school does. If you think your school
                                is NOT eligible for the “green school” award, list
                                10 things your school can do.


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