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					                                                     Mission Statement                                    69 Webster St
     Principal             Loreto Nedlands inspires and empowers students to strive for excellence,     Nedlands WA 6009
  Jennifer Healey                               to be of service to others and                              9386 7009
                                   to confidently embrace life in the spirit of Mary Ward    

   11 December 2008                                                                                           Vol 22 No 39

                                                                                             Dear Parents
2009 TERM DATES                        Prayer for Christmas
                                                                            The 2008 school year has been rewarding
      Semester 1                            Lord Jesus                      and fulfilling for our school community. We
Term 1: 2 Feb – 9 Apr              The celebration we wait and              celebrated the installation of the Mary Ward
Term 2: 29 Apr - 3 Jul                                                      Sculpture in our beautiful new Mary Ward
                                  prepare for at Christmas is not
      Semester 2                about your coming in the past nor           Courtyard and introduced new initiatives in
Term 3: 21 Jul – 25 Sept                                                    the Pre Kindergarten and the small group
                                     your coming in the future.             literacy and numeracy programs. We have
Term 4: 13 Oct – 17 Dec
                                 It is about your coming here and           achieved excellent results in the NAPLAN
                                  now … a lived presence in our             national testing and have continued to
    Students                                                                excel in the area of        Performing Arts,
commence Monday                                lives.
                                                                            Music, Public Speaking and Sport. We
 2 February 2009                                                            have witnessed to and celebrated our Faith
                                            Lord Jesus                      through the sacraments of Penance,
   Uniform Shop will            Your birth heralded a new way of            Eucharist and Confirmation, our Prayer
        be open                 being … the Kingdom of God here             Services, Gatherings and Masses.
  Friday 30th January                     among us now.
  10.00am – 12 Noon                                                         It is with true thankfulness that we can
                                 Yours is a Kingdom of peace and            reflect on 2008 and on our School
                                         love towards all.                  Community.
                                                                            I thank you, the parents, for your support in
                                           Lord Jesus                       so many and varied ways. Your generosity
   16 December
 Mass & Thank You               Your humble birth was celebrated            of time is very much appreciated. The
  Parents Morning                by some and went unnoticed by              students are to be commended for their
        Tea                                  others.                        enthusiasm to learn, to contribute and to
                                                                            embrace each opportunity.
      9.00am                         The Angel’s message has
  Final Gathering               resounded throughout the years.             The Loreto Nedlands staff are dedicated
      1.30pm                     “I bring you news of great joy.            and committed to doing all that they can to
                                 Today a Saviour has been born.             assist each child in their care. I thank them
                                                                            for all that they do to enable Loreto
 Term 4 concludes                    He is Christ the Lord.”                Nedlands to offer the educational
   for students                                                             experience that nurtures and enhances our
     Tuesday                                Lord Jesus                      students’ learning journey.
   16 December                  Wonder-Counsellor, Mighty God,
                                                                            I wish each of you a very Happy and Holy
                                         Prince of Peace.
                                                                            Christmas, a safe and enjoyable holiday
                                This Christmas may we celebrate             and God’s continued blessing in the New
                                    your presence in our lives,             Year.
                                  live the message of peace and                          Yours sincerely
                                 goodwill to all, and stay in our
                                   hearts …Today is born our
                                    Saviour, Christ the Lord.
                                                                                            Jennifer Healey
                                               Amen,                                           Principal
Farewells                                               Graduation
We farewell Anne Finn as coordinator of the             The Year 6 and Year 7 students conclude their time
Canteen and thank her for her work. Anne will be        at Loreto Nedlands with their Graduation Prayer
continuing as Teacher Assistant in the Pre              Service and Award Ceremonies this week. The
Kindergarten in 2009.                                   Year 6 and Year 7 students are to be commended
                                                        for their contribution to many aspects of Loreto
Jennifer Hateley leaves to prepare for the birth of     Nedlands in 2008.
her first baby in February. We thank Jennifer for her
work in the Kindergarten this year as Teacher           Next Tuesday they will receive a special blessing at
Assistant and wish her all the best for the birth of    the Thanksgiving Mass at Holy Rosary Church at
her baby.                                               9.00am. This will be followed by the Final Assembly
                                                        at 1.30pm and placement of the Time Capsules.
We thank Kerry Bullock who has worked as
                                                        Congratulations to the Loreto Nedlands graduating
Teacher Assistant in the Junior Years this year. We
                                                        students of 2008. We pray God’s blessing be with
wish Kerry all the best for the future.
                                                        each of you as you enter High School.
Brooke Brophy established and resourced the Pre
                                                           Graduation Poem by Consuela Robb
Kindergarten and commenced the Three Year Old
Program at Loreto Nedlands. We thank Brooke for                          I came to Loreto
the successful inauguration of the Pre Kindergarten                      When I was four
program and wish her well for the future.                            I made many great friends
                                                                        We had fun galore.
We thank Andrea Goodison for her dedication and
commitment to teaching the Year 3 students this                          As I grew older
year. Andrea’s energy and enthusiasm are much                          More friends I made
appreciated. We wish her all the best for the future.                   Together we learnt
                                                                       We were never afraid
We farewell Brady Leckie after nearly four years at               Through the spirit of Mary Ward
Loreto Nedlands. We thank Brady for his work and                      We learned to forgive
commitment to the Physical Education Program                     Through the community of Loreto
and for the contribution he has made our school.                       We learned to give
We wish Brady every success in his new role at
Christ Church.                                                         A school like Loreto
                                                                    Makes a student feel strong
Student Leadership 2009                                              A community like Loreto
Thank you to the Year 5 students who nominated                       We’re all proud to belong
for Student Leadership for 2009. The speeches                               Thank You
delivered for the Head Boy and Head Girl elections
were also of a very high standard. Congratulations!
The Student Leadership Team for 2009 will be
                                                        Music News
announced at the final assembly on Tuesday.
                                                        The     Loreto  Nedlands   Music    Program,
                                                        performances and the Loreto Nedlands Private
Past Pupils Scholarship                                 Music School continue to go from strength to
The Loreto Past Pupils’ Association Scholarship is      strength.
awarded to the student who has displayed a high
level of: Involvement; Leadership; Effort in study;     Thank you to all staff, parents and students for your
Service; Willingness and for being a positive           support with the music program throughout the
influence in the life of the school community. The      year. Thank you also to all students in the Leading
winner will be announced at the conclusion of the       Choirs for the Graduations.
Thanksgiving Mass on Wednesday.                                                              Rebecca Dean
                                                                                          Music Co-ordinator
Sacraments     2009                                     Thank You
31 May         Confirmation                             Kathryn Horton would like to thank sincerely all the
14 June        First Holy Communion                     families who have supported her this year with their
14 November    First Reconciliation                     kindness and generosity.

                                                                  2009 Enrolment Forms for the Private
Student Reports for Semester 2 will be sent home                  Music School are due by 12 December
on Friday 12 December.
LORETO NEDLANDS STAFF 2009                   Physical Education News
Leadership Team                              Swimming Lessons
Principal              Jennifer Healey       Swimming lessons finish tomorrow, with the beach
Deputy Principal       Claudia Di Biaggio    providing a great environment for the students to
Assistant Principal    Gill Holmes           develop their skills further. Certificates will be given
                                             next week. Thank you to the classroom teachers
Administration                               for their help during the past fortnight.
Business Manager     Darrilyn Hunter
School Administrator Ellie Brooksby          What an amazing year we’ve had at Loreto. It really
                                             has been an exciting year watching all the talented
Support Staff                                students at Loreto blossom. Every student has
Grounds person         Preston Crothers      improved since the beginning of the year,
Canteen                TBA                   developing skills they once found difficult.

Specialist Teachers                          There are great challenges ahead for all and it is
Library             Peta Gray                with sadness that I won’t be around to see the
                                             development of all students in 2009.
Computer               Robert Falloon
                                             Malcolm S. Forbes once wrote, “… Education's
Music                  Rebecca Dean          purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open
                                             one”. I hope during my time at Loreto that students
Physical Education     Andrew Boxsell        can reflect on and continue to use the philosophies
                                             they have learnt, whether they are in a physical,
Education Support      Alison Sillence       emotional or social setting.
LOTE (Italian)         Jenny French          Thank you to all of you who have helped me during
                                             my time at Loreto, I really feel I am leaving a family
Class Teachers                               behind. Finally, thank you for the gift - which is
                                             your children, because at the end of the day that is
Pre Kindergarten                             why we are all here.
Teacher      TBA
Anne Finn              (Teacher Assistant)                                          Brady Leckie
                                                                  Physical Education Co-ordinator
Justine Jacobs
Judy Nadilo            (Teacher Assistant)   Computer News
Jennifer Shepherd      (Teacher Assistant)                         As we draw to the end of the
                                                                   year it is wonderful to see how
Pre Primary                                                        the children have progressed,
Claire Ludley                                                      gaining skill and confidence on
Coral Fyfe-Bortfield   (Teacher Assistant)                         the computer. Year 1's have
                                                                   started to learn touch typing
Year 1                                                             whilst some of the Year 6’s
Jessica Knowles                                                    and 7’s can now type at over
Melina Dichiera        (Teacher Assistant)   50wpm with very high accuracy! The middle school
Year 2                                       have been enjoying solving some creative thinking
Claudia Di Biaggio     (0.8FTE)              puzzles on a site called "Fantastic Contraptions" go
Rob Falloon            (0.2FTE)              to to play.
Sonia Dowson           (Teacher Assistant)
                                             Our new computers have certainly made a
Year 3                                       difference to life in the lab this year and children
Gill Holmes            (0.8FTE)              now have a much better computing "experience"
Peta Gray              (0.2FTE)              whilst using them.

Year 4                                       Don't forget that children should be supervised
Judy McNeill                                 whilst using the internet.
Year 5
                                             Finally I would like to wish all families a safe and
Keith Shackleton
                                             blessed Christmas and look forward to seeing you
Year 6                                       all next year.
Catherine Rowe                                                                        Rob Falloon
                                                                                 ICT Coordinator
Library News                                            Class Parents 2009
Christmas is almost upon us and we have focussed        Thank you to the following parents who have
on the season of Advent in the library with children    volunteered to act as Class Parents in 2009:
discussing and creating symbols such as the star,
angels and the Advent wreath. We have learned           Kindergarten:    Liz Dumas
about the stories of Jesus’ ‘family tree’ from the                       Stephanie Keogh
creation up to his birth with the decorations hanging   Pre-Primary:     Lisa Lawrence
on the ‘Jesse Tree’.                                                     Tracy Enslin
Our library stocktake is almost over and once again     Year 1:          Jacinta Willans
with the help of our marvellous parent helpers,                          Elizabeth Hamer
especially Amanda Webb (James), Sandy Davis,            Year 2:          Jennifer Pike
Michelle O’Dea and Bernie Tan, a massive task                            Alisa Fassetta
has been made manageable. Thank you so much             Year 3:          Margie Martin
to all the parents who have supported us in the                          Anne McAuliffe
library this year. You are truly wonderful.             Year 4:          Sally Jones
                                                                         Deb Anderson
Passports have been sent home with the children         Year 5:          Michelle Grist
for the Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge                               Elissa McKee
2008-09. This is a fantastic way for families to        Year 6:          Libby Danckert
share good books and for children to keep up their                       Joy Marsh
reading skills over the summer break. For more                           Nicola Hanlin
information and a list of great books go to:                             Lee Andrews                                Cheryl Oprandi

                                        Peta Gray
                                  Teacher Librarian
                                                            The Loreto Nedlands P&F Association
             Birthday Celebrations
             Congratulations and best wishes to
                                                           extends a warm invitation to all Loreto
             the following children who will be                           families
             celebrating their birthday between                        to attend our
             now and the end of the year.                     2009 Welcome Sundowner/Picnic.

14 Dec         Molly Haskett
               Harry Xavier
16 Dec         Sienna Murie
18 Dec         Matty McGrath
19 Dec         Amelia McAuliffe                                      FRIDAY 20 FEBRUARY
               Matthew Danckert                                             5-8PM
               Adele Raad                                         IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS
20 Dec         Henry Longden
24 Dec         Yachna Smith Castillo
               Shibi Doss                                                                     Margie Martin
25 Dec         Jolie Sertorio                                                                    President
28 Dec         Jordan Kestel
29 Dec         Samuel Ng
                                                        Canteen Roster
                                                        Fri 7th Dec          Caroline Chi
                                                                             Sally Anne Sweeney
                                                        Mon 10th Dec         NO CANTEEN

                                                        Thank You
Secretary for P & F Required                            Thank you to all the parents who have supported the
Due to Monique Harpur’s generous offer to oversee       canteen this year through volunteering your time and
the Uniform Shop, a vacancy has arisen for              through ordering lunches. Your assistance has been
Secretary for the P & F. The role basically involves    very much appreciated.
taking notes at the meetings. Please see Keli
Sertorio (0418 915 238) or Ellie in the office.                                                 Anne Finn
                                                                                      Canteen Co-ordinator
Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop will be open Friday 30th January
10.00am – 12 Noon.

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