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MANUFACTURER                            BRANDS                  DESCRIPTION
Kraft                                   Country Time            Lemonade
                                        Kool-Aid                Juice drink
                                        Tang                    Drink mix
                                        Tazo                    Tea
Mott's USA (Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group)   Clamato                 Tomato juice cocktail
                                        Hawaiian Punch          Fruit juices
                                        IBC                     Root beer, cream soda, black cherry soda
                                        Mott’s                  Apple juice
Oregon Chai                             Chai Charger            Original Oregon Chai flavor drink
                                        Herbal Bliss            Dry chai, herb mixes
                                        Oregon Chai             Chai concentrates, dry mixes
POM Wonderful                           POM Wonderful           Pomegranate juices
Soma Beverage                           Metroelectro            Electrolyte Water
                                        Metromint               Flavored Water
State Street Beverage                   Fuel Cell               2 oz flavored energy shot
Sunny Delight                           Crystal Light           Low-calorie beverages
                                        Elations                Dietary supplement
                                        Fruit2O                 Flavored water
                                        FruitSimple             Real fruit based smoothies
                                        Sunny Delight           Chilled & shelf stable orange based fruit drinks
                                        Veryfine                Juice
White Wave                              International Delight   Coffee creamer
                                        Land O Lakes            Half & Half
                                        Stok                    Coffee creamer

American Licorice Company               Red Vines               Licorice
                                        Snaps                   Old time candy
                                        Sour Punch              Sweet/sour chewy candy
                                        Super Ropes             Rope licorice
Brach's                                 Brach's                 Peppermint candy, mint pearls, dessert mints, jelly mints, fruit snacks
                                        Hi C                    Fruit snacks
                                        Star Brite              Peppermint and spearmint candy
Cadbury Adams                           Bubblicious             Gum
                                        Certs                   Mints
                                        Dentyne                 Gum
                                        Sour Patch Kids         Candy
                                        Stride                  Gum
                                        Swedish Fish            Candy
                                        Trident                 Gum
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company           Ghirardelli             Chocolate candy bars
Harmony Foods                           Harmony                 Candies
Orchard Sweet                           Seneca Truly Fruit      Fruit gem candy
Perfetti Van Melle                      Airheads                Non-chocolate candy
                                        Mentos                  Mints, gum
Snyder's of Hanover                     Snyder's                White, milk and dark chocolate pretzel dips
The Topps Company                       Baby Bottle Pops        Non-chocolate candy
                                        Bazooka                 Chewing gum
                                        Push Pops               Non-chocolate candy

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MANUFACTURER                 BRANDS                         DESCRIPTION
The Topps Company            Ring Pops                      Non-chocolate candy
World Confections            World Confections              Candy sticks
Wrigley's                    Altoids                        Gum and mints
                             Doublemint                     Gum and mints
                             Eclipse                        Gum
                             LifeSavers                     Non-chocolate candy
                             Orbit                          Gum

Dry Retail Items
AJM Packaging                Modern Ware                    Paper bags in kraft (brown), bleached (white), saks and paper plates
Bell-Carter Foods            Lindsay Olives                 Domestic olives; whole, pitted, Spanish Green, stuffed, and Sicilian
Bruce Foods Corp.            Original Louisiana Hot Sauce   Hot sauce, jalapeno peppers
ConAgra Foods                Chef Boyardee                  Prepared pasta dishes, pizza sauces and kits, sphaghetti/italian sauce,
                                                            microwaveable package dinner
                             Dennison's                     Chili
                             Gulden's                       Mustard
                             Hunt's                         Ketchup
                             Knott's Berry Farm             Jam/jelly/preserves, fruit flavored syrup, honey
                             La Choy                        Oriental food items, bamboo shoots/water chestnuts, chow mein noodles
                             Libby's                        Chili/hot dog sauce, prepared dinners/entrees, canned meat, meat spreads,
                                                            Vienna sausage
                             Luck's                         Beans, canned/bottled apples, kernel popcorn
                             Manwich                        Sloppy joe sauce
                             N Rich                         Coffee creamer
                             PAM                            Microwave browning/pan spray
                             Peter Pan                      Peanut butter
                             Ranch Style                    Beans
                             Ro*tel                         Canned and bottled tomatoes, salsa
                             Rosarita                       Refried beans
                             Swiss Miss                     Hot cocoa mix
                             Van Camp's                     Baked beans, chili
                             Wesson                         Cooking and salad oils
                             Wolf                           Prepared chili
Dole                         Dole                           Juices, fruit bowls, canned fruit & juice
French's/Reckitt Benckiser   Frank's                        Hot sauce, wing sauce
                             French's                       Mustard, potato sticks
                             Lysol                          Disinfectants, air fresheners and cleaners
                             No-Salt                        Salt
Goya Foods                   Goya                           Hispanic foods
Hain Celestial               Celestial Seasonings           Gourmet tea
Handi-foil of America        Handi-foil                     Roll foils, interfold sheets, containers & lids
                             Medallion                      Roll foils, interfold sheets
Heinz                        Heinz                          Ketchup, condiments, sauces, meals, soups, seafood, snacks,
                             Lea & Perrins                  Worcestershire sauces and steak sauces
                             Starkist                       Tuna
Kellogg's                    Cheez-It                       Cheese cracker snack food
                             Club                           Crackers
                             Eat-It-All-Cones               Edible cones
                             Elf Grahams                    Graham crackers
                             Keebler                        Cookies and crackers
                             Kellogg's                      Cereal

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MANUFACTURER                BRANDS              DESCRIPTION
Kellogg's                   Pop Tarts           Pastry
                            Town House          Crackers
                            Zesta               Crackers
Kraft                       A-l                 Steak sauce
                            Grey Poupon         Mustard
                            Jell-O              Gelatin, pudding, snacks
                            Kraft               Mac n cheese, dressings
                            Maxwell House       Coffee
                            Open Pit            Barbeque sauces
Malt 'O Meal                Malt 'O Meal        Cereal
Mancini Packing             Mancini             Olive oil, sweet roasted pepper, pepper products
Mars Foodservices           Uncle Ben’s         Rice
Maruchan                    Maruchan            Ramen noodles and Instant Lunch, instant noodle lunch in a cup
Nature's Path               Nature's Path       Organic breakfast food and snacks
New World Pasta             American Beauty     Pasta
                            Creamette           Pasta
                            Prince              Pasta
                            Ronzoni             Pasta
                            San Giorgio         Pasta
                            Skinner             Pasta
Pinnacle Foods              Armour              Assorted canned Meats featuring Vienna sausages
                            Log Cabin           Syrup
                            Mrs. Butterworh's   Syrup
                            Vlasic              Pickles
Procter & Gamble            Bounce              Fabric softener sheets
                            Cascade             Dishwasher detergent
                            Cheer               Liquid laundry detergent
                            Dawn                Dishwashing detergent and floor cleaner
                            Downy               Fabric softener
                            ERA                 Liquid laundry detergent
                            Febreze             Odor spray
                            Folgers             Coffee
                            Gain                Laundry detergent
                            Joy                 Dishwashing detergent
                            Mr. Clean           Multi-purpose cleaner
                            Tide                Laundry detergent
TW Garner                   Garners             Jams, jellies and preserves
                            Texas Pete's        Hot sauce, barbeque and honey mustard sauces

ACH National Branded Oils   Fry-Max             Deep frying oil
                            Primex              Bakery shortening, deep frying oils, all purpose oils
                            Sterling            Deep frying oil, salad oil
                            Sweetex             Bakery shortening, cake, icing shortening
                            Whirl               Pan release and grill oils
Advance Food Company        Advance             Beef, pork, turkey, chicken and other center-of-the-plate items
                            King B              Belgian waffles and pancakes
                            SmartServe          Chicken and beef products, burgers, fajita strips, pot roast
                            Steak-eze           Beef and chicken Philly-style steaks
                            Vincello            Veal and lamb

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MANUFACTURER                              BRANDS                            DESCRIPTION
Advanced Food Products                    Café Classics                     Crème Brûlée
                                          Muy Fresco                        RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                                          Real Fresh                        RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                                          Regent                            RTU cheese sauce
Allison's Gourmet Kitchens                Allison's Gourmet                 Refrigerated salads, soups
Awrey's Bakeries                          Awrey's                           Danish pastries, muffins, donuts, croissants, biscuits, cakes, brownies,
Basic American Foods                      Golden Grill                      Premium hashbrown potatoes
                                          Natures Own                       Premium mashed potatoes
                                          Potato Pearls Excel               Premium mashed potatoes
                                          Quick Start                       Home style chili
                                          Santiago                          Seasoned refried beans, vegetarian refried beans, seasoned black refried
                                          WHIPP                             Instant mashed potatoes
Bay Valley Foods                          Bay Valley Premium                Pickles, RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                                          Bay Valley Select                 Pickles, RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                                          Gracias                           RTU cheese sauce
                                          Jose Ole                          RTU cheese sauce
                                          Thank You                         RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
Bellarico's                               Bellarico's                       New York style pizza
Boboli International                      Ambretta                          Pizza crusts, crème puffs, eclaires
                                          Breadeli                          Flatbreads, stuffed breads
                                          Dutch Choux                       Crème puffs, eclaires
                                          Patissa                           Crème puffs, eclaires
                                          Tulip Street                      Crème puffs, eclaires
                                          Van Dierman                       Crème puffs, eclaires
Bosco's Pizza Co.                         Bosco's                           Pizza, mozzarella-filled breadsticks
                                                                            Pizza sauce
Bunn-O-Matic                              Bunn                              Coffee and tea filters
Burry Foodservice                         Brownberry                        Croutons
Cargill Kitchen Solutions (Sunny Fresh)   Country Gold                      Scrambled egg mix
                                          Golden Nature                     Extended shelf life liquid egg
                                          Sunny Fresh                       Diced eggs, egg entrees
                                                                            Hard cooked eggs
                                          Sunny Fresh Free                  Cholesterol free/fat free products, scrambled egg mix
                                          Value Mix                         Scrambled egg mix
ConAgra Lamb-Weston                       Crisscut, Twister, and Curley QQQ Fries
                                          Generation 7                      0 g Trans Fat french fries, diced hash brown breakfast cubes
                                          Lamb's Natural                    Skin-on potato products
                                          Lamb's, Lamb's Supreme            Potato products- traditional fries, seasoned fries, wedges, hash browns,
                                                                            mashed, oven-roasted, twice baked, formed
                                          LW Private Reserve                High quality potato products- fries, wedges, cubes, hash browns
                                          Rus Ettes                         Fries, skin-on potato products, potato pancakes, hash browns
                                          Sweet Things                      Mashed sweet potatos, sweet potato fries
                                          Tantalizer's                      Appetizers
Dole                                      Dole                              Juices, fruit bowls and parfaits
Eisenberg Sausage                         Eisenberg                         Beef frankfurters, Polish sausage, bratwurst, jalapeno & cheese sausage,
                                                                            bakery buns
Fishery Products                          FPI                               Seafood products
                                          Mirabel                           Seafood products
Foster Farms                              Foster Farms Corn Dogs            Chicken, meat, turkey corn dogs

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MANUFACTURER          BRANDS                        DESCRIPTION
Gehl's                Gehl's                        Cheese and chili sauces
                      Main Street Café              Iced lattes
Grand Prairie Foods   Grand Prairie Foods           Filled biscuits
                      John Dough                    Filled sandwiches, hoagie sandwiches, and cheeseburgers
Heartland Catfish     Heartland                     Frozen catfish and hush puppies
                      Southern Pride                Frozen catfish and hush puppies
Heinz                 Chef Francisco                Frozen ready-to-heat soups, entrées
                      College Inn                   Broth
                      Heinz                         Ketchup, condiments, sauces, meals, soups, seafood, snacks
                      Quality Chef                  Frozen ready-to-heat soups and entrées
Holten Meat Company   Thick & Juicy                 Frozen beef patties & pork patties
Home Market Foods     Cooked Perfect                Flame broiled, grilled, smoked meals
                      Home Market Foods             Dinners and entrées
                      Riverview Pit Barbecue        Heat-and-serve barbeque meals
                      Rollerbites                   Burgers for roller grills
J&J Snack Foods       Camden Creek                  Pre-sugared themed/holiday butter cookies, and fundraising dough
                      Cinnabon CinnaPretzel         Soft pretzel with Cinnabon icing, bulk and individually wrapped
                      Fruit-a-Freeze                Fruit bars with fruit chunks, variety flavors, and enrobed in chocolate
                      Gourmet Soft Pretzel Roll     Bavarian style soft pretzel roll, pre-sliced, thaw-n-serve
                      Gourmet Twist                 Sweet dough soft pretzels and nuggets
                      Luigi’s                       Sherbet, frozen custard, Italian ice
                      Minute Maid                   Juice bars and frozen lemonades
                      Mrs. GoodCookie               Pre-packaged graham crackers and individually wrapped cookies
                      Pretzel Fillers/PretzelFils   Heat-n-serve stuffed soft pretzels
                      Readi-Bake                    Frozen cookie dough, dinner rolls, proof-n-bake biscuits and breads
                      Superpretzel                  Soft pretzels bites, rods, cheese filled stix
                      The Funnel Cake Factory       Pre-formed, heat-n-serve or refry-n-serve funnel cakes
                      Tio Pepe’s Churros            Hispanic cinnamon and sugar pastry sticks
                      Whole Fruit Sorbet            Sorbet in a variety of flavors
Kraft                 Oscar Mayer                   Hot dogs
Lettieri's            Empanada                      Filled turnovers with empanada crust
                      Lettieri's                    Calzones, breakfast sandwiches, breadsticks for roller grills
                      Mac's                         Sub sandwiches and cinnamon rolls
McCain Foods          Brew City                     Onion rings, cheese sticks, breaded frozen vegetables
                                                    Beer battered fries
                      Golden Crisp                  French toast sticks, appetizers
                      McCain                        Potatoes
                      Moore's                       Onion products
                      OreIda                        Potatoes
Michael Foods         All Day Café                  Refrigerated hard cooked eggs and peeled hard boiled eggs
                                                    Frozen egg burritos and egg quesadillas
                      Better 'n Eggs                Refrigerated low cholesterol low fat eggs and no cholesterol/no fat eggs
                      Easy Egg                      Refrigerated whole eggs, scrambled mixes, egg yolks and egg whites
                      Froze'n Ready                 Frozen whole eggs, scrambled mixes, egg yolks and egg whites
                      M.G. Waldbaum                 Frozen whole liquid eggs, egg patties and scramble egg mixes
                      Michael Foods                 Refrigerated liquid egg and hard cooked eggs
                                                    Frozen precooked eggs - omelets, egg patties, scrambled eggs and mixes,
                                                    egg yolks, egg whites and french toast
                      Northern Star                 Refrigerated potatoes - mashed potatoes, russet peeled, red skin sliced, red
                                                    skin wedges, whole potatoes, sliced potatoes, French fries and hashbrowns
                      Papetti's                     Scramble mixes and liquid egg products

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MANUFACTURER                     BRANDS                DESCRIPTION
Michael Foods                    Papetti's             Frozen precooked eggs
                                 Table Ready           Frozen omelets, French toast, square and round egg patties, scrambled
                                                       eggs, hard cooked eggs and diced eggs
Mission Foods                    Mission               Tortillas, tortilla chips, taco shells, wraps and tostadas
Oregon Chai                      Chai Charger          Original Oregon Chai flavor drink
                                 Herbal Bliss          Dry chai, herb mixes
                                 Oregon Chai           Chai concentrates, dry mixes
Popcorn                                                Yellow popcorn, specialty popcorn kits
Portion Pac Condiment Packets    Cary’s                Maple syrups
                                 Chatsworth            Dipping sauces and dressings
                                 French’s              Mustard, mayo, Worcestershire sauce
                                 Log Cabin             Maple syrups
                                 Mrs. Butterworth      Maple syrups
                                 Musselman’s           Apple butter, apple juice, apple sauce, juice drinks
                                 Nestle                Single serve hot fudge and chocolate sauce
                                 ReaLemon              Lemon juice
                                 Sue Bee               Honey
                                 Texas Pete            Hot sauce, honey mustard, barbeque sauce
                                 Welch’s               Jams, jellies, preserves
                                 WigWam                Maple syrup
                                 Wish-Bone             Salad dressings
Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products   Bakery Chef           Frozen biscuits
                                 Bunn Basket           Breads, rolls, buns
                                 C2B                   Wide variety of artisan breads
                                 Krusteaz              French toast, pancakes, waffles
Rich Products Corporation        Allen                 Icings, fillings and finishes; cakes and cupcakes
                                 Bahama Blast          Real fruit and concentrates for blended beverages
                                 Bettercreme           Non-dairy fillings and icing
                                 Byron's               Frozen Bar-B-Q
                                 Casa Di Bertachi      Frozen pastas, eggplant, and meatballs
                                 Coffee Rich           Non-Dairy coffee creamer
                                 Della Suprema         Pizza dough and crust
                                 Farm Rich             Snacks, appetizers, breakfast foods
                                 Fresh 'n Ready        Pizza crust
                                 Jon Donaire           Cheesecakes, moussecakes and ice cream desserts/cakes
                                 Mother's Kitchen      Cheesecakes, cakes and gourmet desserts
                                 Mrs. Rich's           Cookies
                                 Niagara Farms         Premium blend and pre-whip whipped toppings
                                 On Top                Non-dairy topping
                                 Productos Rich        Hispanic inspired icings, fillings, glazes, cakes and desserts
                                 Rich’s Whip Topping   Non-dairy topping
                                 RichLife              Health conscious breads, rolls, toppings, cookies, cheesecakes and
                                 SeaPak                Shrimp
                                 Smokehouse            Bar-B-Q
                                 Tiki Bay              Cocktail Mixers
Rosina Food Products, Inc.       Celentano             Meatballs, frozen filled pasta, eggplant cutlets and rollettes, frozen entrees,
                                                       specialty pasta
                                 Rosina                Meatballs, frozen filled pasta, eggplant cutlets and rollettes, Italian
                                                       sausage, pizza toppings, specialty pasta
Ruiz Foods                       El Monterey           Mexican foods
Sara Lee Bakery                  Chef Pierre           Pies

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MANUFACTURER            BRANDS                         DESCRIPTION
Sara Lee Bakery         Sara Lee                       Bakery products including muffins, pies, bars
Sara Lee Meat           Ball Park                      Hot dogs
                        Best Kosher                    Hot dogs
                        Briar Street Market            Corned beef
                        Bryan                          Smoked sausage, bacon, hot dogs, corn dogs
                        Galileo                        Italian meat products
                        Hillshire Farms                Beef, smoked sausage, ham, other pork
                        Jimmy Dean                     Breakfast sausage, bacon
                        Kahn's                         Franks and wieners, brats, lunchmeats, ham
                        Rudy Farm                      Breakfast sausage
                        Sara Lee Carver's Collection   Turkey
                        Sara Lee Premium               Turkey and pre-made sandwiches
                        State Fair                     Corn dogs
Schwan's                Coyote Grill                   Southwestern entrees
                        Heidi's Gourmet Pies           Gourmet pies
                        Minh                           Asian stir-fry, appetizers, spring rolls, egg rolls
                        Mrs. Smith's                   Frozen pies
                        Proof Perfect                  Pizza dough
                        Red Baron                      Pizza, breakfast singles, bakery products
                        Tony’s                         Pizza
                        Zings                          Appetizers
Simplot                 Classic                        Fruits and vegetables
                        Culinary Select                Vegetables and vegetable blends
                        Idahoan                        Potatoes
                        RoastWorks                     Flame-roasted potatoes, vegetables, fruit
                        Simplot                        Avacado- guacamole, pulp, halves, slices, dices
                        True                           Instant mashed potatoes
Stefano Foods           Stefano Foods                  Stuffed breads, calzones, stuffed pizza
Sugar & Sugar Packets                                  Extra fine granulated, powdered, and brown sugars
Sugar Foods             C&H                            Sugar
                        Crisp 'N Fresh                 Anti-oxidant powder for salad bar items
                        N Joy                          Dry mix salad dressings, seasonings, grated cheese, bacon bits, non-dairy
                        Nu-Salt                        Salt substitute
                        Nutra Taste                    Economic aspartame sweetener
                        Sugar Foods                    Croutons, bread crumbs, cracker meal, stuffing mixes, snacks
                        Sugar in the Raw               Turbinado sugar, natural specialty sugar
                        Sweet ‘N Low                   Sugar substitute
Taste Traditions        Mann's Taste Traditions        Entrees, side dish items, macaroni & cheese, soups, and Mexican entrees
Tyson Poultry           Tyson                          Poultry, beef, pork
Tyson Prepared Foods    Bonici                         Pepperoni
                        Pizzano                        Pizza toppings, Italian style pork
                        Topper                         Pork, chicken, beef pizza toppings
                        Wilson                         Bacon bits, Canadian bacon, pork rolls and roast, deli meats, pizza
Ventura Foods           Chef's Pride                   Pan & Grill, flavor bases, canola oil, dressings
                        Classic Gourmet                Salad dressings and bases
                                                       Soup, sauce, gravy flavor bases, salad dressings
                        Extend                         Liquid deep fry shortening
                        Gold-N-Sweet                   Pan & Grill, nonstick cooking spray
                        Hidden Valley                  Dry dressing mixes

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MANUFACTURER                 BRANDS                           DESCRIPTION
Ventura Foods                Hidden Valley                    Gallon salad dressings
                             Kaola Gold                       Cholesterol-free, all-vegetable solid griddle shortening
                             Lou Anna                         Peanut oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil
                             Marie's                          Premium gallon salad dressings
                             Mel-Fry                          Liquid fry shortenings
                             Savory                           Liquid butter alternative
                             Sun Glow                         Margarines
                             Trail Hand                       Barbeque, buffalo wing and cayenne pepper sauces
                             Ultra-Fry                        Clear liquid shortening
                             White Cap                        Pure vegetable, Kosher baking release
Windsor Foods                Bernardi                         Ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni, manicotti, shells, cannelloni, rigatoni, pasta
                                                              sheets, lasagna, rollups, sandwiches, meatballs
                             Butcher Boy                      Burritos, CN label burritos, enchiladas, tacos
                             Cripple Creek                    BBQ beef, BBQ pork
                             Emerald Garden                   Egg Rolls, spring rolls, pot stickers, wontons, Siew Mai, Cha Su Boa
                             EZ Eats                          Microwaveable appetizers in a cup
                             Fred's                           Breaded & battered cheese sticks, onion rings, vegetables, stuffed jalapenos
                             Golden Tiger                     Egg rolls, spring rolls, pot stickers, wontons, Siew Mai, Cha Su Boa
                             Hickory Hollow                   BBQ beef
                             Jose Ole                         Burritos, enchiladas, taquitos, appetizers
                             Little Juan                      Burritos
                             Marquez                          Burritos
                             Original Chili Bowl              Chili, hot dog, taco filling
                             Posada                           Burritos, enchiladas, taquitos, empanadas, appetizers
                             Rotanelli's                      Ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni, manicotti, shells, pasta sheets, meatballs

Frozen Retail Items
B.C. Bundt                   B.C. Bundt, Walk-Away Parfaits   Bundt cakes, slice cakes, parfaits
ConAgra                      Banquet                          Frozen dinners, pot pies
                             Healthy Choice                   Frozen entrees
                             La Choy                          Asian sauces and vegetables, chow mein noodles, complete meals, egg rolls
                             Marie Callender's                Frozen dinners, pot pies, family-serve meals, fruit cobblers
Goya Foods                   Goya                             Hispanic foods
Heinz                        Bagel Bites                      Frozen bagel snacks
                             Boston Market                    Frozen meals, side dishes
                             Delimex                          Frozen Mexican foods
                             Ore-Ida                          Frozen french fries, tater tots, hash browns, onion rings
                             Smart Ones (Weight Watchers)     Healthy frozen meals
                             TGI Friday's                     Frozen pre-cooked snacks
Johnsonville Foods Company   Johnsonville                     Sausage, bratwurst, breakfast sausage
                             Webber                           Sausage
King's Hawaiian Bakery       King's Hawaiian                  Thaw & sell bread and rolls
Kraft                        Boca                             Meat alternative
                             Cool Whip                        Imitation whipped cream
                             Oscar Mayer                      Hot dogs
Nestle                       Lean Cuisine                     Frozen meals and entrees
                             Stouffer’s                       Frozen meals and entrees
Pinnacle Foods               Aunt Jemima                      French toast and pancakes, pancake batter
                             Bagel Shoppe                     Bagels
                             Big 'N Crusty                    Bagels
                             Great Starts                     Frozen entrees

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Pinnacle Foods        Hungry-Man          Frozen dinner entrees
                      Lender's            Bagels
                      Swanson             Frozen entrees and pot pies
Schwan's              Freschetta          Pizza - brick oven and ultra thin
                      Minh                Egg rolls
                      Red Baron           Pizza, breakfast singles, bakery products
                      Tony’s              Pizza
Tyson                 Crispitos           Heat & serve entrees
                      Tyson               Chicken, patties, tenders, nuggets, bites and wings

General Merchandise
Procter & Gamble      Duracell            Batteries
Warren Distribution   Mag1                Automotive oil and lubricants
                      Polar               Antifreeze and windshield wash
                      STP                 Automotive oil and lubricants

Health, Beauty & Wellness
Cadbury Adams         Halls               Cough Drops
Convenience Valet     Convenience Valet   Individually packaged Health, Beauty & Wellness products
Johnson & Johnson     AlternaGel          Intestinal relief
                      Aveeno              Lotion
                      Band Aid            Bandages
                      CareFree            Feminine care
                      Clean & Clear       Facial cleanser
                      GasAid              Intestinal relief
                      Imodium             Intestinal relief
                      Johnson's           Shampoo
                      KY Brand            Personal lubricant
                      Lactaid             Intestinal relief
                      Monistat            Feminine care
                      Motrin              Pain reliever
                      Mylanta             Stomach relief
                      Mylicon             Infant intestinal relief
                      Nizoral             Dandruff shampoo
                      OB                  Feminine care
                      Pepcid              Stomach relief
                      Purpose             Skin care
                      Reach               Oral care
                      Red Cross           Bandages
                      Rembrandt           Oral care
                      RoC                 Skin care
                      Shower to Shower    Body powder
                      Simply Sleep        Sleep aid
                      St. Joseph          Pain reliever
                      StayFree            Feminine care
                      Tena Serenity       Underwear liners
                      Tylenol             Pain reliever
                      Viactiv             Dietary supplement
Pfizer                Actifed             Cold remedy
                      Benadryl            Skin irritation remedies
                      Bengay              Muscle therapy

                                                                                                01/09 page 10
Pfizer             Desitin                 Foot care
                   Dramamine               Motion sickness preventative
                   Listerine               Breath therapy
                   Lubriderm               Skin lotion
                   Luden's                 Cough remedy
                   Neosporin               Skin irritation remedies
                   Purell                  Hand sanitizer
                   Rolaids                 Stomach relief
                   Sudafed                 Cold remedies
                   Visine                  Eye care
Playtex            Baby Magic              Lotion, baby wash and creamy oil
                   Banana Boat             Tanning oil, sun block and aloe
                   Hawaiian Tropic         Tanning oil, sun block and aloe
                   Playtex                 Femcare products and baby bottles
                   Wet Ones                Hand sanitizers
Procter & Gamble   Always                  Femcare products
                   Crest                   Toothpaste
                   Daisy                   Disposable women's razor
                   Dry Idea                Women's deodorant
                   Fixodent                Denture cream
                   Gillette                Blades, razors, toiletries, electric shavers
                   Good News!              Disposable razor
                   Head & Shoulders        Shampoo and conditioner
                   Herbal Essence          Shampoo and conditioner
                   Ivory                   Bath soap
                   M3 Power                Men's razor
                   M3 Turbo                Men's razor
                   Mach 3                  Men's razor
                   Noxzema                 Skin cream
                   Nyquil                  Medication
                   Old Spice               Deodorant
                   Oral B                  Toothbrush
                   Pampers                 Diapers
                   Pantene                 Shampoo and conditioner
                   Pepto Bismol            Stomach medication
                   Pert Plus               Shampoo and conditioner
                   Puffs                   Tissues
                   Safeguard               Bath soap
                   Scope                   Mouthwash
                   Secret                  Deodorant
                   Sensor                  Women's razor
                   Sinex                   Nasal spray
                   Tag                     Body spray
                   Tampax                  Femcare products
                   Vicks                   Nyquil, Dayquil, 44D, 44M, 44, cough drops and vapor rub
                   Zest                    Bath soap
Ricola             Ricola                  Herbal cough drops
Schering-Plough    A&D                     Skin care
                   Afrin                   Upper respiratory
                   Claritin                Upper respiratory
                   Coppertone/Solarcaine   Sun care
                   Coricidin               Upper respiratory

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MANUFACTURER                 BRANDS                  DESCRIPTION
Schering-Plough              Dr. Scholls             Foot care

Refrigerated Retail Items
ConAgra Foods                Blue Bonnet             Margarine/spreads/butter blends
                             Egg Beaters             Egg substitute
                             Hebrew National         Frankfurters, mustard, breakfast sausage/ham
                             Move Over Butter        Margarine/spreads/butter blends
                             Parkay                  Margarine/spreads/butter blends
                             Reddi-wip               Aerosol whipped toppings
                             Snack Pack              Prepared pudding
                             Swiss Miss              Pudding/mousse/gelatin/parfaits
Kraft                        Jell-O                  Gelatin, pudding, snacks
                             Lunchables              Pre-packaged lunch combinations
                             Oscar Mayer             Bacon, bologna, turkey and hot dogs
                             Philadelphia            Cream cheese
Land O' Lakes                Land O' Lakes           Cream cheese, butter, margarine, all varieties of cheese
Reichel Foods                Reichel Foods           Individually packaged apples & dip, carrots & dip, pickles & dip
Sargento                     Sargento                Dips, cheese
Upstate Niagra Cooperative   Breakstone's Select     Cottage cheese and sour cream
                             Light'n Lively          Cottage cheese
                             Upstate Farms           Sour cream, cottage cheese, whipping cream, creamers and yogurt

Meat Snacks
ConAgra Foods                Pemmican                Dried meat snacks
                             Penrose                 Dried meat snacks
                             Slim Jim                Dried meat snacks
Thanasi Foods                Frank's Red Hot         Beef jerky
                             Jim Beam                Beef jerky
                             Stubb's                 Beef brisket and jerky snacks
The Inventure Group          TGI Friday's            BBQ, Buffalo and Original meat snacks

Salty Snacks
ConAgra Foods                ACT II                  Microwave popcorn, ready-to-eat popcorn/caramel corn
                             Andy Capp's             Flavored fry snack
                             Crunch 'n Munch         Ready-to-eat popcorn/caramel corn
                             DAVID                   Sunflower/pumkin seeds
                             Fiddle Faddle           Ready-to-eat popcorn/caramel corn
                             Jiffy Pop               Microwave popcorn
                             Orville Redenbacher's   Microwave popcorn, rice/popcorn cakes, ready-to-eat popcorn/caramel
                             Poppycock               Ready-to-eat popcorn/caramel corn, snack nuts
Diamond Walnut               Emerald                 Snack nuts
French's/Reckitt Benckiser   French’s                Potato sticks
Hain Celestial               Terra Snacks            Vegetable chips, vegetable snacks
Harmony Foods                Harmony                 Snacks
Kangaroo Brands              Kangaroo                Pita chips
Kellogg's                    Cheez-It                Cheese cracker snack food
                             Keebler                 Crackers
Kraft                        Cornnuts                Snacks

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MANUFACTURER                 BRANDS                       DESCRIPTION
Kraft                        Planters                     Peanuts
Lita's Gourmet               Giant Roasted Corn Nuggets   Giant roasted corn nuggets
Nonni's                      New York Style               Deli snack chips, bagel chips
Procter & Gamble             Pringles                     Chips
Sargento                     Sargento                     Dips
Snack Factory                Ciabatta Crisps              Twice-bake Italian toasts
                             Pretzel Crisps               Pretzel chips
Snyder's of Hanover          Snyder's                     Pretzels, salty snacks
Thanasi Foods                Jim Beam                     Sunflower seeds
The Inventure Group          Boulder Canyon               Chips
                             Burger King                  Chips
                             Poore Brothers               Kettle Chips
                             TGI Friday's                 Potato skins
Uncle Ray's                  Uncle Rays                   Potato chips

Sandwiches/Roller Grill
Advance Food Company         54th Street Deli             Sandwiches
Buddy's Kitchen              Buddy's                      Sandwiches
Deli Express                 Deli Express                 Ready-to-eat sandwiches
                             San Luis Burritos            Ready-to-eat burritos
Don Miguel                   Don Miguel                   Burritos, hot pockets
                             Grandito                     Burritos, chimichangas
                             Lean Ole                     Low-fat burritos
                             Pinata                       Burritos, hot pockets
                             XLNT                         Chili, tamales, tortillas
Eisenberg Sausage            Eisenberg                    Beef frankfurters, Polish sausage, bratwurst, jalapeno & cheese sausage,
                                                          bakery buns
Grand Prairie Foods          Grand Prairie Foods          Filled biscuits
                             John Dough                   Filled sandwiches, hoagie sandwiches, and cheeseburgers
Home Market Foods            Cooked Perfect               Flame broiled, grilled, smoked meals
                             Home Market Foods            Dinners and entrées
                             Riverview Pit Barbecue       Heat-and-serve barbeque meals
                             Rollerbites                  Burgers for roller grills
Hot N Spicey                 Bahama Mama                  Hot dogs, polish sausage, roller grill items
John Morrell                 John Morrell                 Ham, bacon, hot dogs
                             Kretschmar                   Deli meats
Johnsonville Foods Company   Johnsonville                 Sausage, bratwurst, breakfast sausage
                             Webber                       Sausage
Kraft                        Oscar Mayer                  Hot dogs
Kronos                       Kronos                       Kones, gyro's, appetizers, pita bread, cheese, olives
                                                          Gyros, pita bread, appetizers, entrees, fillo dough
                             Titan                        Beef and lamb gyrokones
Lettieri's                   Empanada                     Filled turnovers with empanada crust
                             Lettieri's                   Calzones, breakfast sandwiches, breadsticks for roller grills
Nestle Handheld              Hot Pockets                  Frozen stuffed sandwiches
                             Lean Pockets                 Frozen stuffed sandwiches
                             Roller Stix                  Frozen stuffed roller items
Pride of Iowa                Sandwichville                Value-priced sandwiches

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Ruiz Foods                  El Monterey       Mexican foods
Sara Lee Meat               Ball Park         Hot dogs
                            Best Kosher       Hot dogs
                            Hillshire Farms   Beef, smoked sausage, ham, other pork
                            Kahn's            Franks and wieners, brats, lunchmeats, ham
Windsor Foods               Butcher Boy       Burritos, CN label burritos, enchiladas, tacos
                            EZ Eats           Microwaveable appetizers in a cup
                            Jose Ole          Burritos, enchiladas, taquitos, appetizers
                            Posada            Burritos, enchiladas, taquitos, empanadas, appetizers

C-Store Disposables/Supplies
Evergreen                   Evergreen         Napkin bands and register rolls, POS register rolls
Handgards                   Handgards         Gloves in PVC, poly, latex vinyl, synthetic and nitrile, Food storage bags
Handy Wacks Corp.           Handy Wacks       Deli wrap paper, pan liners, patty paper
National Checking Company   A-Line            Guest checks: single part, two part, three part, sales books, delivery forms
                            N-Line            Guest checks, register rolls, removable & dissolving labels, portion bags
Procter & Gamble            Bounty            Paper towels
                            Charmin           Toilet tissue
                            Puffs             Facial tissue
Spectrum Plastics                             T-sacks, can liners
Tolco Corporation           Tolco             Janitorial cleaning and safety products

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