2nd Grade Spelling Word Lists by ynf17415

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									Unit 1 – Spelling the short a sound   Unit 3 – Spelling the short i sound
        basic                                  basic
          hat                                  pig
         bag                                   win
         as                                    is
         am                                    six
         has                                   his
         sad                                   if
         bat                                   hit
         ran                                   fix
         sat                                   pin
         bad                                   dig
         elephant                              elephant
         was                                   been
         want                                  I
        review                                 review
          a                                    did
         can                                   big
         challenge                             challenge
         mask                                  quilt
         fabric                                picnic

Unit 2 – Spelling the short e sound   Unit 4- Spelling the short o sound
         basic                                basic
         pet                                   job
         leg                                   pot
         ten                                   nod
         yes                                   top
         bed                                   not
         help                                  dot
         set                                   fox
         went                                  mop
         pen                                   spot
         wet                                   hop
         elephant                              elephant
         any                                   of
         said                                  challenge
         review                                block
         get                                   hospital
Unit 5 – Spelling the short u sound   Unit 7 – Vowel-Consonant-e spellings
         basic                                 basic
         sun                                   five
         mud                                   late
         bug                                   nine
         fun                                   made
         but                                   side
         hug                                   ate
         bun                                   fine
         nut                                   same
         bus                                   hide
         rug                                   line
         elephant                              elephant
         some                                  gave
         from                                  bike
         review                                review
         up                                    gave
         run                                   bike
         challenge                             challenge
         thunder                               mistake
         puddle                                write

Unit 6 - Review                       Unit 8 – More Vowel-Consonant-e
         from                                  basic
         mud                                   bone
         been                                  nose
         fun                                   use
         hop                                   these
         said                                  rope
         has                                   home
         yes                                   cute
         fox                                   close
         went                                  hope
         if                                    those
         was                                   elephant
         hit                                   one
         of                                    goes
Unit 9 – Consonant Clusters    Unit 11 Words with double
         basic                 consonants
         trip                  basic
         swim                  bell
         step                  off
         nest                  dress
         club                  add
         stone                 hill
         next                  well
         brave                 egg
         glad                  will
         lost                  grass
         review                tell
         flat                  review
         slip                  at
         challenge             hot
         branches              challenge
          storm                brass

Unit 10 Spelled with k or ck   Unit 12: Review units 7-11
         basic                 basic
         lake                  ate
         rock                  made
         ask                   line
         pick                  nose
         truck                 these
         black                 cute
         back                  swim
         bake                  next
         clock                 glad
         kick                  ask
         review                black
         kite                  kick
         take                  add
         challenge             well
         dock                  grass
         snake                 goes
Unit 13 Long a spellings   Unit 15 Vowel sound as in ball
basic                      basic
train                      dog
way                        paw
mail                       call
play                       saw
trail                      ball
pay                        all
sail                       draw
hay                        small
nail                       log
rain                       fall
elephant                   review
they                       best
great                      came
review                     challenge
stay                       stall
day                        claw
subway                     Unit 16 Words spelled with sh or ch
Unit 14 Long 3 spellings   chase
basic                      wish
clean                      much
keep                       chop
please                     each
green                      dish
we                         such
be                         wash
eat                        ship
tree                       elephant
mean                       catch
read                       sure
elephant                   review
the                        she
people                     chin
review                     challenge
he                         shout
feet                       lunch
Unit 17 Words spelled with th or wh   Unit 19 – Words that end with nd,ng,
basic                                 or nk
teeth                                 basic
when                                  king
then                                  thank
wheel                                 hand
with                                  sing
what                                  and
than                                  think
while                                 bring
them                                  long
which                                 end
review                                thing
white                                 review
bath                                  an
challenge                             men
mouth                                 challenge
whistle                               grand

Unit 18 – review units 13-17          Unit 20 –Words that end with s or es
basic                                 basic
train                                 dishes
play                                  dresses
hay                                   bells
rain                                  boxes
please                                beaches
tree                                  days
read                                  bikes
call                                  wishes
saw                                   things
draw                                  names
log                                   elephant
chase                                 children
each                                  review
wheel                                 cups
while                                 frogs
people                                challenge
catch                                 coins
Unit 21 –Long o spellings           Unit 23 – homophones
basic                               basic
boat                                plane
cold                                plain
go                                  tail
slow                                tale
no                                  rode
old                                 road
coat                                hole
grow                                whole
told                                elephant
show                                to
elephant                            too
toe                                 two
do                                  review
review                              see
so                                  by
say                                 challenge
challenge                           threw
coast                               through

                                    Unit 24 review units 19-23
Unit 22 – vowel sound in moon and   basic
book                                thank
basic                               sing
zoo                                 end
food                                boxes
look                                beaches
moon                                wishes
book                                slow
soon                                coat
took                                look
good                                good
room                                tail
foot                                tale
elephant                            rode
you                                 road
who                                 elephant
review                              children
clap                                two
like                                to
challenge                           who
Unit 25 Long i spellings       Unit 27 Vowel sound in cow
basic                          basic
sky                            town
find                           house
night                          out
high                           down
fly                            cow
try                            now
light                          found
dry                            how
right                          mouse
kind                           brown
elephant                       elephant
eye                            could
buy                            should
review                         review
why                            name
cry                            cat
challenge                      challenge
flight                         couch
behind                         crowded

Unit 26 Final sound in puppy   Unit 28 Compound Words
basic                          basic
puppy                          bathtub
baby                           bedtime
lucky                          myself
happy                          someone
very                           maybe
lady                           into
funny                          upon
silly                          anyone
many                           without
only                           cannot
elephant                       review
cookie                         stop
review                         flag
me                             challenge
bee                            playground
challenge                      nobody
Unit 29 Contractions         Unit 31 Vowel plus r sound in car
basic                        basic
I’ll                         car
we’ve                        start
don’t                        arm
you’re                       far
isn’t                        yard
didn’t                       part
you’ll                       barn
I’ve                         hard
hasn’t                       party
we’ll                        farm
elephant                     elephant
can’t                        are
review                       warm
it                           review
us                           cut
challenge                    fast
they’re                      challenge
wouldn’t                     large

Unit 30 Review units 25-29   Unit 32 Vowel plus r sound in store
basic                        basic
high                         store
fly                          corn
puppy                        for
very                         more
house                        or
down                         morning
brown                        short
someone                      born
upon                         story
cannot                       horn
we’ve                        elephant
you’re                       four
hasn’t                       your
buy                          review
could                        fish
can’t                        game
Unit 33 Words that end with er          Unit 35 Words with ed or ing
basic                                   basic
flower                                  liked
water                                   hoping
under                                   baked
over                                    using
better                                  chased
sister                                  making
brother                                 closed
mother                                  hiding
father                                  named
after                                   riding
review                                  review
that                                    time
shop                                    sleep
challenge                               challenge
gather                                  teasing
center                                  decided

Unit 34 Words that end with ed or ing   Unit 36 Review units 31-35
basic                                   basic
batted                                  start
running                                 barn
clapped                                 party
stopped                                 morning
getting                                 short
shopping                                better father
stepped                                 clapped
hugging                                 shopping
pinned                                  pinned
sitting                                 hoping
elephant                                chased
missed                                  riding
telling                                 elephant
review                                  are
this                                    your
must                                     telling
challenge                               four
jogging                                 missed

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