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									List Your Raleigh Business in the Google 7 Pack for More Leads

When it comes to improving your web presence in Raleigh, Google can be a tremendously
powerful asset for your local business. While Google may be known for its popularity as a search
engine, it has many other features that business owners can utilize to see marketing gains. The
great thing about what they offer is that most of it is at little or no cost.

There are plenty of other companies out there looking to attain their place in Google returns so
you want to make sure that you jump on the opportunity quickly. You also want to make sure
you understand exactly how their features work and how you can take advantage of them.

The Google 7-Pack

Even if you have no idea what the Google 7-Pack is, chances are you have seen it and possibly
even used it many times. Rather than be content with being a simple search engine, Google has
branched out to offer many different services. By combining their popular shopping search
feature with their renowned maps they have the ability to return to a browser the location,
description and even reviews for any business they search for.

The relevant businesses appear beside the small map at the very top of the search returns in what
has become known as the 7-Pack, much like the image below. These seven listings are prized
among businesses for not only being in a small group together, but for being the first thing a
person sees in their results.
Tips for Getting Listed

While Google probably already has information on your business in their directory, it will take
more than that to get in the 7-Pack so you will need to start an account with the Google Business
Center. They haven't released any information on what makes for a successful listing, but there
are some general tips that have proven to be effective.

   1) Claim a listing and fill it out completely. The business listings require you to fill out
      several sections that are all very important. Be sure never to use anything but the business
      name in the Title as doing so might get you in trouble.

   2) The keywords you use in the Categories section are limited and should be researched
      thoroughly for popularity. Make sure you fill out each section completely and honestly.

   3) The more reviews the better. Google loves customer reviews because they inspire
      confidence in the browser clicking the links. If your reviews are positive and numerous,
      you will have even more chance of appearing in the listing.

   4) Professional site rankings. If you're listed positively with directories like the Better
      Business Bureau, you can expect Google to be more inclined to promote you. Since the
      7-Pack is reserved for top-performing businesses a professional site giving positive
      feedback is invaluable.

While the Google 7-Pack is basically just a convenience for browsers, it can work to great
advantage for any business owner who can get listed there. Being on the first page of Google
returns is a big boon, but being listed in the 7-Pack can be even better for a business.

However, it is no easy ordeal to get in the 7-Pack and stay there. While you will have to
constantly tweak your listing to maintain your spot, you will definitely find that a 7-Pack listing
can greatly improve your visibility and web presence. Better yet, hire out those kinds of services
to an expert online marketing consultant in Raleigh NC like Triangle Local Search Solutions.

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