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                                        Earth Day Project
        On Earth Day, April 22nd, your advisory class will have a guest speaker whose
occupation relates to the environment; your advisory class will be responsible for
presenting the information that you learn to the other advisory classes. After all of you
have seen each others webpage presentations you each individually will be responsible
for creating a book that displays the information you have learned about each of the
seven environmental occupations.

For your book: All content needs to be typed and neat or will not be accepted.
    1. Table of Contents: page number, presenter’s name, organization and website.(10 points)
    2. Font cover decorated (10 points)
    3. Each page of the book must have at least 3 pictures that relate to the subject, be
       numbered, correct spelling and grammar, and have a completed thinking map and
       curriculum assignment. (10 points page = 70 points)
    4. Each groups has a thinking map and Integration Requirement:
           a. Kawaihae: Bubble map – the students will include at least 6 different ways the
               lakes department preserves the environment. Curriculum- paragraph history of
               the lakes department
           b. Quackenbush: flow map - Students will show cause effect relationship between
               presenter’s education, work experience, and current job using the flow map.
               Curriculum – Correct citations for research, mechanics, and organization of ideas
               and fluency of written information in books.
           c. Campbell: multiflow map: Evolution of Hybrid Cars/Pollution
           d. Devos: Circle map- The students will include information about his job such as
               environmental duties, educational background, duties etc… Curriculum – a bar
               chart of the population of fish for a lake over a time period
           e. Booker: Tree map - identify three important idea that were presented on the topic
               of Green Wise and Go Organic. They will then explain 3 details about each idea
               and explain the benefits to our health and the earth for following these idea
           f. Wallace: double bubble map-compare and contrast the results of the tests which
               will include pH, nitrate level, turbidity, and positive or negative presence of
               coliform bacteria. Curriculum – using an adobe/computer program to make
               information in the book.
           g. Charlton: bridge map -Create a bridge map using an analogy of factors that affect
               water quality compared to factors that affect a healthy human body. Be sure to
               list the relating factor between the two analogies. Curriculum -Macroinvertebrate
               Mayhem; it is a game that illustrates how tolerance to water quality conditions
               varies among macroinvertebrate organisms. The game helps to get the point
               across of population diversity and provides insight into the health of an

    5.    Devos: Fisheries Biologist
    6.    Campbell: Hybrid Cars
    7.    Kawaihae: Lakes Department
    8.    Booker: Green wise/Publix
    9.    Quackenbush: Demicio Barnett – Energy Star Certifier; Hulbert Homes
    10.   Wallace: water monitoring test
    11.   Charlton: limnologist (Fisheries Biologist/aquaculturist)

                     At least 4 graphics /      Three graphics /        Two graphics /        Fewer than two
                     pictures are included.     pictures.               pictures              graphics /
   GRAPHICS          All relate well to the   Relates to the            Improvement needed Graphics do not
                     purpose of the topic and topic.                    in how they relate to relate to the
                     make it easier to        Understandable.           the topic and make it topic. Not
                     understand.                                        more understandable. understandable.
                     Presentation is            The Presentation is     The Presentation         The Presentation
                     exceptionally attractive   attractive in layout,   needs some               is messy, poorly
ATTRACTIVENESS       in terms of layout,        design, neatness.       improvement to make      designed, not
 / CREATIVITY        design, neatness.          Good creativity.        it acceptably            attractive. Not
                                                                        attractive.              creative.
                     Highly Creative!                                   Somewhat creative.
                     No grammatical /           One or two              There are 3 to 5         There are more
                     spelling errors.           grammatical or          grammatical or           than 5
    FONT /                                      spelling errors.        spelling errors.         grammatical or
  LANGUAGE           Font color and size make                                                    spelling errors.
  MECHANICS          poster exceptionally     Font color and size       Font color / size need
                     easy to read.            are good.                 improvement.

                     Four or more accurate      Three to four facts Two to three facts           Fewer than two
                     facts are displayed and    are displayed and   are displayed and            facts displayed
  CONTENT /          discussed in detail.       discussed.          discussed. More              and discussed.
  ACCURACY /                                                        detail needed.
   RESEARCH          More than three            Three resources                                  Only one
                     resources cited.           cited.              Two resources cited          resource cited.
                     Students demonstrate       Students                Knowledge of subject     Knowledge of
                     excellent knowledge of     demonstrate good        needs improvement.       subject poor.
                     the subject. Can           knowledge of the        Can answer some          Students cannot
  KNOWLEDGE          accurately answer all      subject. Can            questions related to     answer any
    GAINED           questions related to       answer most             the topic. More          question related
                     topic. Well prepared.      questions related to    preparation needed.      to the topic. Not
                                                the topic. Good                                  prepared.
                     Students make              Students make good      Improvement needed       Students make
                     excellent eye contact      eye contact and can     in eye contact with      poor eye contact
PRESENTATION         with the audience and      be heard and            the audience and         and cannot be
    SKILLS           have excellent voice       understood through      voice quality.           heard or
                     quality during report.     most of the report.                              understood,

   Webpage Rubric:
     1 The webpage should include information about the career, education required,
        how it influences the environment, your presenters’ name, etc…
     2 Everyone needs to participate in the presentation; each person needs to speak.
     3 You will have time and access to computers to work on your presentations in
        Quackenbush and Kawaihae’s class.

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