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									   Dog Accessories

                                                   Bags on Board (Dog)                                                                                   Buster Food Cube                  Dog Whistle - Silent
                                                   Don't leave your dogs mess                                                                            With Buster Cude your dog         A top quality Sprenger
                                                   behind to foul our streets                                                                            has to think and work to          silent dog whistle made in
                                                   and parks, always have a bag                                                                          get his food. He has to           Germany. Adustable pitch
                                                   handy with Bags on Board!          Bridle Collars and Leads                                           push, roll and run before         and complete with cover
                                                   Bags on Board Dispenser            Collars and lead are made from leather tanned in the               the reward comes. It is           and case.
                                                   comes with 12 plastic bags         traditional saddlery method. Collars have the option of            entertaining for both you
                                                   pre-installed in the dispenser     metal studs, and studs with smooth leather lining. All             and your dog.
                                                   and a 12 bag refill pack.          styles available in Red,Tan and Black.


 PET POINTS                                                                                                                                                                                Available in:
                                                                                                                                                                                           Medium and Large

From August 1, 2002 when you make a                Gumabone Products Halti Head Collar                                Hi Lite Dog                        Kong Dog Toys                     Melwood Kennels
                                                   All Gumabones and                Halti the original headcollar     Collars & Leads                    In 1976, Kong established         Being banished to the "Dog
purchase, by any method, from PETdirect                                             that STOPS PULLING. Just          A range of reflective collars      "the standard" for dog toy        House" need not be an
                                                   Gumadiscs are great fun for
you will earn three PetPoints for every            your dog and contain a           as a horse can be led by a        and leads that makes after         performance and durability.       unpleasant experience!
                                                   natural flavour enhancer.        child, a strong dog can be        dark walks that little bit         Millions and millions of dogs     Look at these unique
dollar spent*. When you have earned 300                                             made to walk and to heel          safer. Available in Blue, Red      have confirmed that Kong is       quality features of the
                                                   Gumabones will help reduce
PetPoints or more, you can redeem them             tartar build up on teeth.        without choking or physical       and Black.                         "The world's best dog toy!"       Melwood dog Kennel:
                                                                                    force - dogs simply don't
for a PETdirect Shopping Vouchers. At                                               pull against their Halti.
PETdirect, three hundred PetPoints equals
$1.50 to spend on pet products. Extra                                                                                                                      Pets-Talk Collar
PetPoints will be offered at different times,                                                                                                              Do you ever wish your pets could talk?
                                                                                                                                                           Now they can! A simple flip of the lid
on a variety of popular products, so that                                                                                                                  provides positive identification for your
you can earn PetPoints even faster!                                                                                                                        pet. Just record your name, address,
                                                                                                                                                           phone number and vital information
To claim your PETpoint rewards all you
have to do is contact PETdirect by e-mail,
fax or phone and quote your post August
1, 2002 PETdirect invoice numbers. We
                                                   No More Puddles                  Optima                            Petmate
will then "credit" your account with the           No More Puddles                  Retractable Leads                 Heavyweight Bowls
                                                   Waterproof Disposable            Optima leads have a               With rubber inserts in the
appropriate amount, or post you a                  Mats are the ideal solution      control button developed          base and a heavy plastic
voucher. If you haven't kept your invoice          for pets who are indoor-         using advanced design, that       constructions, these bowls
                                                   only, incontinent or ailing;     makes using them                  won't slide around and have
details, don't worry, it just may take a little    they're also perfect for         extremely quick and easy.         no rubber rings to slip off like
longer to calculate your points.                   puppy house-training.                                              some stainless steel bowls.
*Excluding delivery charges and GST

Bulk Buy Discount
Spend $175.00 or more on the PETdirect web
site and receive automatically an additional 2%
discount on our already discounted products.
Why not get together with your friends and
                                                  PetSafe Sonic Collar              Utility Safe-T-Belt               Sleep Ezy Dog Bed                  Stainless Steel                   Aboistop
relatives, and you will all save even more by     The collar is easy to use.        Attach the straps to the hooks    Available in 3 sizes               Non-Skid Bowls                    Anti-Barking Collar
                                                  Connect the battery inside the    included and your dog will be     The strong, durable and            Solve the problem of the          Your dog will very quickly learn
shopping at
                                                  receiver collar, and put it       securely held in the middle of    comfortable bed that               roving, overturned dish.          that when he or she barks,
                                                  around your dog's neck. When      your ute's tray. Requires a dog   keeps your pet off hard,           These heavy duty non-skid         Aboistop Sprays! Through this
                                                  your dog barks, the collar        harness, such as the Kra-mar      drafty floors. Easy to clean       bowls are made of the             harmless conditioned reflex,
                                                  emits a loud but safe sound to    Safe-T-Harness.                   and virtually indestructible.      highest quality stainless steel   Aboistop discourages your dog
                                                  distract your dog and                                                                                  for a lifetime of use.            from barking.
                                                  discourage nuisance barking.
       4                                                                                        For prices see pricing and order sheet
                                                                                                                                                                Dog Food Products

    Bonnie Dog Foods                              Dog Treats -                              Love'em Liver Treats                  Science Diet                                      Pro Plan
    Bonnie dog foods are                          Pressed Rawhide                           Treat your dog with a taste           The Science Diet® Healthy Defense™                Pro Plan offers formulas made
    manufactured in Australia                     Nice chewy pressed                        sensation. Just sprinkle on their     System is the most significant advance            with real chicken, real turkey and
    using top quality Australian                  rawhide bones for your                    normal food. Available in Pork        in pet nutrition in the last 50 years. Its        real lamb - in fact real meat or
    ingredients to produced a                     little dog to munch on.                   and Beef flavours.                    superior package of antioxidants help             poultry is the primary ingredient
    food which provides a                                                                                                         protect your pet against the risk of              in most of our formulas. Not
    balanced diet for your dog.                                                                                                   disease.You can rest assured that every           corn, Chicken by-product meal, or
                                                                                                                                  day you're providing your pet with the            lamb meal, like many of the other
                                                                                                                                  superior nutrition he needs to live               leading premium brands.
                                                                                                                                  longer and stronger.

                                                                                                                                                     Dog Health Products

Advantage                            Drontal                         Sentinel Flavour Tabs                   Heartgard Plus                     Interceptor for Dogs                   Protect-A-Dog Flea &
Advantage may be used                Drontal is the broadest         There are five nasty parasites that     Chews for                          Interceptor Flavor Tabs prevents       Tick Collar for Dogs
monthly as the only product for      spectrum de-wormer available-   threaten your dog: fleas,               Dogs 23-45kg                       deadly heartworm disease,              Double Action Band provides
flea control as it breaks the life   working to remove parasites,    heartworms, hookworms,                  Heartworm Disease is               while at the same time                 5 months protection against
cycle and kills all fleas emerging   not just control them.          roundworms and whipworms. Only          100% preventable with              protecting your dog against            fleas and ticks. One of the
from the environment to                                              Sentinel Flavor Tabs can protect        Heartgard Plus!                    roundworms, hookworms (A.              most effective products in the
reinfest the dog.                                                    against all five parasites at once.                                        Caninum) and whipworms.                Australian market.

Value Plus Canine                    Valuheart for Dogs              Frontline Topspot for Dogs              Missing Link                        ProHeart for Dogs                       Revolution
                                     When quality counts and the     Unlike other products which work        Missing Link® for Animals is the    ProHeart treatment is proven            Just a spot once a month in
All Wormer
                                     price matters.Valueheart        only after fleas or ticks have bitten   best kept secret of breeders,       safe and effective in preventing        front of the shoulder blades
Value Plus Canine All Wormer
                                     Canine Heartworm                your pet, Frontline kills them soon     trainers and vets! This super       infection with heartworm in all         is all you need for
controls Roundworm, Whipworm,
                                     treatment is the answer.        after contact.The flea and tick life    supplement is made to target the    breeds, ages and classes of             protection against fleas,
Hookworm and Tapeworm
                                     Controls canine Heartworm       cycles are then broken because          gap between what animals need       dogs including breeding                 heartworm and other
(including Hydatid Tapeworm).
                                     with a monthly tablet.          the adults die before they can lay      for optimal health and what they    bitches, stud dogs and even             parasites.
Bulk buy at the best price!
                                                                     any of their eggs.                      get from processed food.            heartworm infected dogs.

the Labrador
      The origins of the Labrador are rather                the smaller as the lesser Newfoundland or                today the Labrador is one of the most
      obscure but two types of dog were known               Labrador. In 1814 Labradors were taken to                popular breeds throughout the world
      in Newfoundland - a large heavy dog used              England where, in a book "Instructions to                and it is said that once a Labrador gets
      to pull boats into land and a lighter,                Young Sportsmen", the breed was                          hold of your heart it will not let you
      smoother coated variety used by                       described as "by far the best for every kind             escape. An adaptable and devoted
      fisherman to retrieve game and fish. They             of shooting" and in fact all who came into               companion with a kindly nature
      were both known as Newfoundland dogs                  contact with him sang his praises.                       Labradors easily adopt the role of
      and it was not until 1812 that the larger                                                                      children’s playmate or elderly
      breed was known as Newfoundlands, and                 Very quick to learn, eager to please and a               persons pet.
                                                            manageable size with an easy care coat,                                                                    The Lab


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