WestJet Social Media Case Study by SixFourG

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									Our  flight  plan  today

  A brief intro to WestJet
  WestJet social media channels
  @WestJet Twitter case study
  Twitter as more than a sales tool.
   WestJet  took  to  the  skies Feb 29, 1996
with 200 people, three Boeing 737-­200s,
WestJet Network 1996
WestJet Network 2009
Our  vision  drives  our  purpose
Our  values  guide  our  culture
WestJet  social  media

 Extension of our culture and values
 Promote WestJet and WestJet Vacations
 Share what we are doing
 Create awareness and buzz
 Add value to the WestJet experience
WestJet  social  media  fun  facts

 Number of Facebook fans               5,800
 New Facebook fans added per day       20
 First @WestJet tweet                  21 Jul, 2008
 New Twitter followers added per day   50
 Number of Twitter followers           9,600
 Average # of Tweets per day           10
 Busiest social media day to date      17 Oct, 2009
Twitter:  @WestJet
#TweetDeal   June  28,  2009

 Objective 1: Increase revenue
 Objective 2: Increase Twitter exposure/followers
 1 day, 15% off   web only
 Promo code: TWEET1
 Travel from June 28 to October 7
 In conjunction with a free flight giveaway
 Follow @WestJet for a chance to win
#TweetDeal   June  28,  2009
#TweetDeal   June  28,  2009
#TweetDeal   June  28,  2009

 20 total Tweets over 2 days
 5 Tweets relating to TWEET1 promo

 Contest rules posted on westjet.com
 Started using #TweetDeal hashtag
Results  of  first  #TweetDeal
Objective 1: increase revenue

 Bookings tracked through promo code
 Sales overshadowed by free flight
 Promo code diluted by other Tweets
 Not as many new bookings as we
Objective 2: increase Twitter exposure/followers

   From 3085 followers to 3807 in 2 days   23% increase
#TweetDeal     August  18-­20

  Promo code: TWEET2
  3 days, 20% off
  Web only discount
  Travel from August 18 to October 31
#TweetDeal     August  18-­20
#TweetDeal     August  18-­20

  5 of 7 total Tweets over 3-day period
  Leave room for RTs
  Let the RTs do the work
  Longer timeframe for awareness
  No dilution
Results of second #TweetDeal

      Exceeded our
#TweetDeal  continues

  We continue to use #TweetDeal
  No longer exclusive to Twitter deals
  Use #TweetDeal hashtag to
  announce all seat sales on Twitter

#TweetDeal  lessons  learned

  Do one thing at a time
  Leave room for RTs on all Tweets

  Free flights = followers
  Discounts = sales
  People will tell you what they think
What  else  is  Twitter  good  for?

            listening, receiving
          feedback, sharing your
            culture & products,
          customer engagement
Twitter  listening

  Feedback will come via Twitter
  whether you want it or not
  Listen to what your followers say
  Answer their questions
  Integrate Twitter feedback
Twitter  engagement

  2-way communication with your followers
  Personalize the interaction
  Use trivia, contests, questions, etc.
  Inaugural flight trivia
  What are you thankful for: #WJThanks
Share  your  products  &  culture

  Highlight what others Tweet
  Integrate multimedia: photo and video
  Behind the scenes & sneak peeks
  Exclusive info on new products

    Every follower
     is a potential
Greg Hounslow
Advisor, Emerging Media

  @WestJet , @SixFourG

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