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					  10        July 16, 2008                                                              COMMUNITY                                                                         CALOUNDRA WEEKLY

Katie’s feeling just beautiful
Ten-week program helping Coast’s young                                                                                                                                 THE PROGRAM
women shake the blues and be happy again                                                                                                                        Public speaking.
                                                                                                                                                                Poise, posture and body
Caloundra’s Katie Tidswell’s story      self-improvement and life skills                                                                                        language.
is one many girls her age will be       mixed in with fashion, hair styling                                                                                     Make-up artistry.
familiar with.                          and make-up advice.                                                                                                     Social and business skills when
   A teenage girl struggling to find       What Katie took from the                                                                                             dining.
an identity feels like an outcast at    10-week course was a major boost                                                                                        Mobile phone etiquette.
school and finds her confidence at      in her self-confidence.                                                                                                 How to dress like a goddess on
rock bottom.                               So much so that by the time she                                                                                      a budget.
   It’s a story played out on a daily   started Year 12 she had gone from                                                                                       How to apply for jobs –
basis across the                                          feeling like an                                                                                       including a class on resume-
Coast and Australia,                                      outcast among her                                                                                     writing sponsored by East
but the difference                                        peers, to choosing                                                                                    Coast Human Resource Group.
with Katie’s tale is
that it has taken a
                         ‘My confidence has               to become a
                                                          student leader.
                                                                                                                                                                How to dress for success.
                                                                                                                                                                How to deal with hurdles in life
positive turn which
has resulted in a
                         risen so much.’                     “Before the
                                                          course I thought
                                                                                                                                                                such as drug and alcohol
                                                                                                                                                                addiction and eating disorders.
happy ending for the                                      ‘there’s no way I’m                                                                                   Discussions about skin cancer
Year 12 student.                                          going to be a                                                                                         and education on tanning,
   When she was 16, the Kawana          student leader’,” Katie said.                                                                                           anorexia, bulimia, self-harm
Waters State College student felt          “But then after the course I just                                                                                    and relationship building.
she wasn’t part of the “cool” set       thought ‘alright, now I’m ready to                                                                                      How to express emotions in a
and, as a result, her confidence        be a student leader in Year 12’.”       Beautiful Minds founder Marina Passalaris with Caloundra’s Katie                positive way.
was at an all-time low.                    According to the founder and         Tidswell.
   “I always felt like an outcast at    principal of Beautiful Minds,
school,” she said.                      Marina Passalaris, it’s all about       impression, poise, posture and          positive thinking among the girls
   “I didn’t have the right clothes     moulding young minds in a               body language, the program leaves       with mantras such as “we teach         wardrobe styling as one final
and the right look so I felt I didn’t   positive mentoring environment.         no stone unturned.                      people how to treat us” and “value     indication they are ready to take
fit in.”                                   “A lot of girls are really nervous      There are lessons in make-up         what you have and have only            on the world with a new positive
      With the pressures of Year 12     when they first start the course;       artistry, the art of self promotion,    things in your life you value”.        outlook and self-assurance.
on her daughter, Katie’s mother,        they have a real fear factor,”          dress sense, goal setting, positive       “I think it was about the third or     “After the course I felt like a
Robyn, was keen to offer as much        Marina said.                            thinking, relationship issues,          fourth class where I started           new person. I now walk around
support as she could to make               “However, we push them outside       conflict resolution, social etiquette   noticing a difference and thinking     with my head held high. I am me,”
Katie’s life as easy as possible.       their comfort zone.                     and much more.                          ‘wow’,” Katie said.                    Katie said.
   And when an opportunity in the          “What we find is, after the             It teaches girls how to apply for      “I was very self-conscious but         “My confidence has risen so
form of the Beautiful Minds             course girls have better                jobs, how to deal with hurdles in       then Marina taught us to believe       much and I feel I can take what
program presented itself to Katie,      relationships and boundaries, and       life such as drug and alcohol           in ourselves.”                         the world throws at me.”
at her school, she jumped at it.        a stronger map on what to do in         addiction and eating disorders.           The courses, which are held in         Beautiful Minds has a few
   The first and only course of its     life.”                                     There are even lessons in how        Maroochydore, end with a photo         places left in the upcoming course.
kind, Beautiful Minds, is                  Starting with an introduction to     to express emotions in a positive       shoot. But, unlike other courses,      Call Marina on 0410 424 701 or 5493
specifically aimed at girls aged        public speaking, which focuses on       way.                                    for the shoot the girls are expected   2463 or visit
12-18, which teaches them valuable      the importance of a first                  All the while the course, instils    to do their own make-up, hair and

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