FP7 Partner Profile Form by gyb19220


									                                   FP7 Partner Profile Form

                                            Date 2009 09    09             Valid until: 2010       12   30


                     Organisation                                              Contact person

Organisation                                                     Name /             Neil
Name             WWF (Worldwide fund for Nature)                 Surname            Hamilton

Department       International Arctic Programme                  Gender             X   M                    F

Address          Kristian Augusts gate 7a                        Telephone          +47 9300 5660
City             Oslo 0130                                       Fax
Website          www.panda.org/arctic                            E-mail             nhamilton@wwf.no


Research                                               Is your company a Small
organisation         Research Organisation             and Medium Sized
type                                                   Enterprise ( SME* )?                  YES                 X NO
                                                       Number of employees:             10
                 X   Other   (please specify) NGO

Description of activity:

The WWF International Arctic Programme is the leading international conservation organisation
covering the Arctic. Our work covers research, policy analysis and development, advocacy, and
field based conservation projects, covering Alaska, Greenland, arctic Scandinavia, Russia, and the
Arctic Ocean.

Activity areas include climate change, human activity in the Arctic (fishing, shipping, oil and gas,
mining, tourism), governance, conservation planning and implementation, species.

Former participation in
an FP European             YES      X NO But several staff have been involved in FP6 projects in
project?                previous positions eg FEAST II,

Project title / Acronym:

Activities performed:

* Your enterprise is an SME if:
- it is engaged in economic activity
- it has less than 250 employees
- it has either an annual turnover not exceeding €50M, or an balance sheet total not exceeding €43M
- it is autonomous
For the definition of SMEs, look at:
                              FP7 Partner Profile Form


Keywords specifying the     Climate change, human impacts, arctic, species, conservation,

Description of the          PhD-level staff with significant research expertise across numerous subject
expertise:                  areas

Commitment offered
                            X Research         X Demonstration      XTraining

                               Technology         X Dissemination    X Other: policy analysis


                            The WWF International Arctic Programme is NOT interested in coordinating the project

Interested in        X Large-scale                   X Small or medium-             Targeted         Other (Marie
participation in       integrating                      scale focused               to SMEs        Curie Actions,
                       collaborative project         research collaborative                        ERA-NET…):
Project types                                        project
                      X Coordination and                Network of                  Research for
                       Support Action                   Excellence                  the benefit
                                                                                    of SMEs

Call references

                     Quantification of climate change impacts on economic sectors in the
                     Arctic Ref: OCEAN.2010-1


Term commitment
                               Short (< 1 year)         X Medium (1 to 3 years)       X Long (more than 3 years)

Expected results for your
organisation:               Opportunities to interact with leading research and policy organisations, funding,

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