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									• Pre-payment may be economical because the                Palliative Care Queensland
  funeral is paid for at today's prices, even if the       2/71 Old Cleveland Road
  funeral takes place after a period of inflation.         Stones Corner QLD 4120
• A pre-paid funeral is the best way to ensure that you    Phone: (07) 3394 3466
  get the funeral you want. If this is important to you,
  pre-payment will meet your needs.
                                                           Email: info@pallcareqld.com
                                                           Website: www.pallcareqld.com
                                                                                                                           Palliative Care Queensland
Are there any limitations to a
pre-paid funeral?                                          For more information about palliative care                      About:
                                                           services in your local area contact:
• Most plans assume that the person will die close to                                                                      Planning a Funeral Ahead of Need
                                                           Palliative Care Information Service (PCIS)
  their residence. Discuss the site of death issue with
  the funeral director. Insurance against extra                                                                            Information for clients of palliative
  transport costs is available.                                                                                            care services
• Sometimes relatives want extras such as special
  flowers, extra newspaper advertisements, extra cars
  etc, that are not in the plan. These must be paid for                                                                    March 2004
                                                           Phone: 1800 772 273
  at the time of the funeral by the person who orders
                                                           (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)                                    Why plan a funeral ahead of need?
• A contract for a pre-paid funeral is a legally binding   Website:                                                        Just as we put our affairs in order by making or
  document with serious financial implications. Make       www.palliativecareinformationserviceqld.org.au
                                                                                                                           updating a will, we can ensure that our funeral
  sure you understand it thoroughly before you sign.       Email:                                                          requirements are met by planning it, in part, or fully,
  Ask for time to study the contract at home before        info@palliativecareinformationserviceqld.org.au                 while we are able to do so. People plan a funeral
  signing and don’t be rushed into signing. Seek                                                                           ahead for a variety of reasons.
  advice from a lawyer and/or a financial adviser and      PCIS offers wide information, support and links                 • Many people find that pre-arrangement gives
  talk to your family and friends. Also make sure that     to services available for individuals and Carers                  them peace of mind because they have taken the
  you enquire about the 30 day 'cooling off' period.
                                                           throughout Queensland. This help is provided                      initiative to spare their families these responsibilities
                                                           by trained professionals who can access up-to-                    and disturbing tasks.
Are there other prepayment options?                        date information.                                               • They have been to a funeral with aspects that
You can pre-purchase a cremation (contact the                                                                                they did not like, and want to ensure that theirs
crematorium) or a grave, (contact the cemetery).                                                                             is different
Like pre-paid funerals, these assets are exempt from       Disclaimer                                                      • They have strong ideas about what they want for
the means test for pensions. The documentation             The information contained in this brochure is for general
                                                                                                                             their funeral
should be kept in a safe but accessible place, and the     guidance only. The information provided is intended to help     • They are concerned about being a financial burden
executor of your will, your solicitor and your trusted
                                                           inform patients and their family but not replace the advice       on relatives, or want to ensure that family money
                                                           of their health care provider.
group should know of the purchase.                                                                                           is spent wisely, not extravagantly
                                                                                                                           • They are concerned that, because of differences
                                                           Acknowledgement                                                   between generations or among family members,
                                                           Palliative Care Queensland acknowledges Palliative Care           decisions about funerals may cause disagreements
                                                           Victoria (PCV) as the original author of this brochure and is
                                                           grateful for PCV’s permission to reproduce the brochure with
                                                                                                                             or distress within the family
                                                           information specific to Queensland. PCQ also acknowledges
                                                           the role of Tim Connolly (Newhaven Funerals) in helping to      For a funeral to take place, the person ordering it
                                                           modify this document.                                           must provide detailed information about the person

                                                                                                                                                   Palliative Care Queensland
who has died, their parents, spouse and children.          Often couples make their arrangements together. If       The funeral plan is backed not only by State
Finding this information from birth certificates or        you are single you may wish to discuss the matter        Government approved reputability of the
extended family is not easy to do in a hurry. Every        with a close friend. Your adult children may not be      organisation, but also by stringent government
household ought to have an up to date list of              the best choice for this task.                           conditions and regulations designed to protect and
personal details of all members. Keep this in a safe                                                                guarantee the prudent investor.
but accessible place known to a trusted group of           Arranging your own funeral in great detail can be
                                                           emotionally draining. Leave some of the detail for       You can cancel the agreement within 30 days of
several people including close family, the executor of                                                              signing the agreement, if the provider receives
your will, your solicitor and one or two others.           others to decide. It can help mourners to be
                                                           involved in the funeral arrangements.                    written cancellation from you within 30 days of the
Even if you do not plan your funeral in detail, it will                                                             agreement being signed. This is called the ‘cooling
help those who order it if you write down whether          A funeral pre-arranged with a funeral director is not    off’ period. If you cancel before the 30 day cooling
you want to be buried or cremated, and the site of         binding, and sometimes relatives want to alter it. If    off period ends, the provider must refund the whole
burial or placement of ashes. It will also help if you     you wish it to be binding, refer to the arrangement      amount less a cancellation fee within seven days of
prepare, and keep updated, a list of people you want       in your will and make financial provision for it. Your   receiving your notice. Funeral providers are entitled
to be invited.                                             executor will then see that the pre-arrangement is       to charge a maximum cancellation fee of $50.
                                                           followed. Make sure your trusted group knows that
Other elements you can specify include the choice of       the will contains funeral instructions and where an      There is no state-wide register of pre-paid funerals
funeral director, the name of the minister or celebrant    accessible copy of it is kept.                           so it is very important for you to tell the executor
and the rite or ceremony to be used.                                                                                of your will, your solicitor and your trusted group
                                                           Things to consider when planning a funeral:              that the funeral has been paid for, who the funeral
In this multi-cultural and largely secular society, the                                                             director is, and where the documentation is kept.
choice of funeral observances is almost endless. For       •   Choosing the right director
                                                                                                                    Give them a copy of the signed agreement so
some, membership of a particular religious                 •   Wills
                                                                                                                    they can make arrangements and not spend
community removes the need for any further details.        •   Flowers
                                                                                                                    money unnecessarily.
For others, planning a funeral that is a unique            •   Coffins
expression of their own attitudes and beliefs is           •   Poetry and readings
demanding but rewarding.                                   •   Memorialisation                                      What are the advantages of a
                                                           •   Urns                                                 pre-paid funeral?
An informal funeral plan is not legally binding. It is
                                                                                                                    • Payments are excluded from the means test for
an indication of your wishes and a guide for your
                                                           What is a pre-paid funeral?                                pensions. Pensioners in some circumstances can
family or executor.
                                                           A pre-paid funeral is both pre-arranged and paid for.      actually increase their allowance from Centrelink
Do not be nagged or bullied into planning a funeral        The pre-paid funeral plan is a legally binding             by purchasing an approved funeral plan.
if you don't want to. Prepare your list of personal        contract that can only be changed if both you and        • In certain circumstances a Funeral Fund can
details and leave the rest.                                the funeral director agree. Most families prefer to        enhance your overall strategic financial plan as
                                                           make a lump sum contribution equal to today's              the investment is not subject to tax assessment.
What is a pre-arranged funeral?                            funeral cost but the plan may be designed to meet        • A pre-paid funeral gives many people peace of
                                                           particular financial capabilities. The money is placed     mind. The person who would otherwise have to
A funeral director provides this service free of charge.   in trust and the funeral director must provide you         order the funeral is relieved of this burden at a
They will take you through the details and estimate        with details of where the money will be invested,          difficult time.
costs. They will give you a copy of their pre-arranged     how secure it is and what will happen if the provider    • The person ordering a funeral is responsible for
funeral notes. Tell your trusted group where this          goes out of business. You can also specify that the        payment. Pre-payment relieves them from
document is kept.                                          funds can be used for whichever one of a couple            worrying about the financial burden of a death
                                                           dies first.                                                in the family.

    Palliative Care Queensland

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