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                       Special Offers to Spend the Most Incredible Moments in Armenia

       By Anna Harutyunyan
       Dated: Sep 27, 2007

       The article dwells upon the tourism growth in Armenia and therefore the improvement of the service quality
       in Armenian hotels. The article focuses on the special offers suggested by these hotels.

       “If I were to be asked where on the Earth one can see the most incredible wonders, I would first of all say
       Armenia”, said Rockwell Kent.

        Armenia is rapidly integrating into the world association therefore blazing the trails for high level tourism
       growth in the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations. Tourism is becoming an increasingly
       important sector of the Armenian economy, having seen rapid growth since the late 1990s when its
       development was declared a top government priority. President Robert Kocharyan has said that the country
       should be able to attract half a million visitors annually in the near future. In 2006 the number of foreign
       visitors to Armenia totaled about 320 000. Though the majority of tourists are mainly from the Armenian
       Diaspora, the number of foreign visitors greatly increased.
        To meet the demands of foreign visitors tourist services become more and more internationally accepted.
       Every day various Armenian on-line hotel reservation centers, hotels and reservation centers try to attract
       more tourists by there special offers. One of these is Armenia Marriott Hotel. Keeping the best traditions of
       Marriott International the hotel welcomes the most demanding visitors with a wide range of services,
       entertainment opportunities and season special offers available.
        “Golden Palace” Hotel, located near park “Haghtanak”, adjacent to the citycentre with magnificent
       fascinating view is designed to meet the needs of business executives by offering the travelers luxurious
       conditions with hotel amenities and services.
        The process of competition naturally fosters the improvement of the service quality which makes tourists’
       stay most pleasant and incredible.

        Author: Anna Harutyunyan
        Contact: Hovhannes Gevorgyan, President

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