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Parking Alternatives Map – secca

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									                          Parking Alternatives Map – secca

                                  4          ARE
                      2        Harold Boas


     Car Parking Facilities:

1)      Harbour Town – Paid Parking
2)      Wellington Street – City of Perth Parking
3)      Mayfair Street – City of Perth Parking
4)      Delhi Street – Ticket Machines, Paid Parking

For those that haven’t been to City West Lotteries House, the address is 2 Delhi Street,
West Perth. There is ticketed street parking along Delhi Street, at $2.40 per hour
(approximately $17 a day), there are also parking facilities at Harbour Town carpark (take
the Market Street exit off the Freeway if heading north; take the Wellington Street exit if
heading south).

You can walk through the Harbour Town complex and exit at the Coffee Club. City West
Lotteries House is about 50 metres towards the subway underpass. There is a white gate
at the side entrance, go through there and walk the length of the building to the main
Reception entrance.

City West Train Station on the Fremantle Line is located on our doorstep. Disabled access
is available.

There is also a City of Perth multi-storey car park in Hay Street just past Colin Street.
There is no parking available in the car park attached to City West Lotteries House
Building. Best option would be a ‘Park-n-Ride’ ticket if possible. Do not park underneath
the Sci-Tech Building on Railway Street. It is a wheel-clamping area, incurring a fine of

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