News and Updates From Jasper Engines & Transmissions                                                 September 2007

In This Issue...               JASPER 4-Speed Takes Montoya to
Customer Profile:
Preferred Auto
                                       Sonoma Victory
Care, Inc.          pg. 2       Juan Pablo Montoya utilized a JASPER         deflection between the engine/clutch and
                            4-Speed Transmission in his #42 Dodge to         transmission axis.
                            claim his first NASCAR Nextel Cup Series             The input drive to output shaft retains its
Bob Cooper:                 victory.                                         designed axis centerline to within 0.0015”
Think Each Complaint
                                Montoya passed Jamie McMurray with           under race conditions. The entire independ-
Doesn’t Have                seven laps to go to win the Toyota/Save Mart     ently aligned rotating assembly allows for
Much Effect on              350 at the 12-turn Infineon Raceway road         nearly 99% transmission efficiency under
Your Bank Account?          course.                                          dynamic loading.
You’re Kidding                  Montoya was one of eight drivers running         The transmission’s sliding clutches to
Right?           pg. 3      the JASPER 4-Speed Transmission at Sonoma        shift control assembly was redesigned to
                            that weekend. Also running the transmission      retain perfect alignment for reduced wear
JASPER Brings               were:                                            and more precise shifts.
Service Truck to                                                                 The JASPER 4-Speed also includes an
Road Course                 #20 - Tony Stewart       #00 - PJ Jones          exclusive patent pending shift control design
Races               pg. 4   #96 - Ron Fellows        #55 - Terry Labonte     that allows for reduced ratio for detent and
                            #44 - Dale Jarrett       #40 - David Stremme     interlocking components which greatly
JASPER Receives             #41 - Reed Sorenson                              improves shift reliability, quicker shifting,
Verizon Supplier                                                             and virtually eliminates a missed shift. The
Environmental                   Montoya, who jumped to NASCAR from           shifter housing can be easily disassembled
Excellence                  Formula 1 late last season, started the 110-lap  for service with very few tools.
Award            pg. 5      race 32nd, and became the first Cup driver to        Gleason Manufacturing, which manufac-
                            win on the California road coarse starting fur-  tures premier gear cutting CNC
New Car Smell               ther back than 13th. His first Nextel Cup win    machines, was selected as the pro-
Wears Off...                came in his 17th start.                          duction manufacturer of the gears
Payments Linger                 “Sonoma is one of the toughest tracks the    and shafts for the JASPER 4-Speed.
for Years           pg. 6   Nextel Cup drivers visit,” says Mark Harrah
                            of Jasper Transmissions, LLC. “Drivers com-             (continued on page 7)
                            plain about transmissions when they race at
Giving Back...      pg. 7   Sonoma, but we received nothing but compli-
                            ments about the JASPER 4-Speed.”
                                Already a proven winner on the race track
                            in the NASCAR Craftsman Series Truck with
                            Jack Sprague, along with several top-10 fin-
                            ishes in Truck and Busch races, this transmis-
                            sion, developed by JASPER, includes
Published by:               several patent pending improvements
Jasper Engines &            including the ARC input shaft design.
                            This design allows for complete isolation of
P.O.Box 650
                            spinning transmission parts to clutch/engine
Jasper, IN 47547-0650
                            components. The ARC input shaft design          Eight NASCAR Nextel Cup teams used the
Phone: 1-800-827-7455
Fax: 1-812-634-1820         allows for up to .98 degrees of dynamic         JASPER 4-Speed at Sonoma, California, this year.
                      Preferred Auto Care, Inc.

Profile        Preferred Auto Care is based in Cape
           Coral, Florida. It is a facility that provides
           all automotive and light-duty truck servic-
           es, as well as quality JASPER remanufac-
           tured products.
               In 1983, at the age of 19, Owner Wes
           Dale had zero automotive experience, and
           was in a Community College studying for
           an Engineering Degree. “I took a night
           job pumping gas,” said Wes, “and after a
           year and a half, the owner put me on the
           day shift and I was hooked.”
               Wes finished his two-year degree, but
           chose the automotive field instead. In
           1995, Preferred Auto Care was founded at
           its present address at 1119 Cape Coral
                                                            JASPER products in them as well.
                                                            “Recently we purchased an Allison 1000
                                                            Series transmission for one of my tow
                                                            trucks and are very pleased with the per-
                                                            formance and reliability,” says Wes.
                                                               As for the product itself, Wes says he
                                                            doesn’t have to be ‘sold’ on JASPER.
                                                            He’s seen the quality first-hand by taking
                                                            a recent factory tour. “Everyone from the
                                                            tour guide, to management, to Associates
                                                            and techs on the factory floor made me
                                                            feel so valued as a customer that it almost
                                                            overshadowed the quality and attention to
                                                            the detail I saw. Every person I spoke to
                                                            took so much time making me feel as
                                                            proud to sell their product as they were to
           Parkway East in Cape Coral, Florida.             build it.”
               The business is on a corner lot in the           Preferred Auto Care does not generate
           heart of downtown Cape Coral. There are          business through advertising, but by word
           four service bays under 2,000 square feet        of mouth. Wes feels the customer is his
           of work space and a small waiting room.          best form of advertising. “60% of our
           Because of city code restrictions, Wes can-      customers (including fleets) don’t even
           not physically increase the size of his          ask price... just ‘when,’” says Wes. “If a
           building, so he has focused on building his      repair is $100 or $1,000, they know that
           internal business, which over the years has      their bill reflects exactly what was needed
           increased ten-fold as compared to the prior      to get them back on the road.”
           ownership’s operation of 20 years. “We’ve            Wes and his staff make it a point to

           done this through service and honesty,”          always smile and actually listen to their
           says Wes.                                        customers. They ask lots of questions,
               “If you NEVER lie, you never have to         and try to educate customers so they can
           remember what you said... Be honest and          get the best service from their vehicles,
           straightforward,” added Wes. “We always          and his shop.
           advise the customer what it takes to get             Technical training plays an especially
           their vehicle back on the road NOW, but          important role at Preferred Auto Care.
           we also advise the customer what is need-        “Over the years, cars have become more
           ed to KEEP their vehicle on the road next        and more difficult to repair,” says Wes.
           week, month, year, etc.”                         “Technicians that don’t train are getting
               Preferred Auto Care has been a faithful      out of the field. The rest of us need to
           installer of JASPER remanufactured               educate the customer that we aren’t
           engines, transmissions and differentials for     ‘grease monkeys’ anymore. We truly are
           the past five years. His tow trucks have         professionals.”

           Because of city codes, Preferred Auto Care in Cape Coral, Florida, cannot physically grow
2          in size, but it has grown significantly in its internal business.
Think Each Complaint Doesn’t Have Much Effect
on Your Bank Account? You’re Kidding, Right?
by Bob Cooper, President, Elite Worldwide, Inc.
                                              Now let's look at the time you spend   • 25 minutes of customer
        Bob Cooper                        on the “internal” communication that         communication - $38.00
                                          comes along with each complaint. This
  has functioned
                                          is the time you spend with your techni-    • 30 minutes of internal
  as the developer,
  owner and an                            cians and service advisors discussing        communication - $45.00
  operator of some                        the cause, the resolution, and the pre-
  of the most suc-                        vention of future complaints. Here at      • Direct Marketing cost to replace
  cessful auto                            Elite we feel 15 minutes is a realistic      1 of 5 - $6.00
  repair shops in                         number when it comes to this “internal”
  North America.                          communication, and then we'll also         • Loss of productivity (30 minutes) -
  He has been                             need to consider the same amount of          $90.00
  nominated for entry into the            time, at a minimum, of your employee's
  “Who’s Who in American                  time. So your “internal” communica-        Total: $179.00
  Business.” He is a member of            tion will cost you at least 30 minutes
  the prestigious National                with each complaint.
  Speakers Association, and he is             Now let's shift gears and talk about       Now if you think $179.00 is a big
  one of the nation’s leading             the cost of customer attrition and the     number, please bear in mind we're talk-
  authorities on both personal and        cost of marketing that will come along     ing about customer “complaints” not
  career success. Today, Bob              with each customer complaint. In           warranty “repairs.” In addition, we
  speaks nationally as well as            regard to “customer attrition,” regard-    haven't taken into consideration the eco-
  internationally to many trade           less how well you handle the customer      nomic damage to your reputation, the
  associations, universities, pri-        complaint, you run a higher probability    damage to employee morale, the loss of
  vate banking groups and
                                          of losing that customer than losing an     income that's associated with the loss of
  Fortune 500 companies.
                                          otherwise satisfied customer.              the customer or the direct cost of any
                                              So going under the presumption that    repair. That's also why the industry
    When it comes to customer com-        you run a good business, and with the      superstars all follow the same path.
plaints, most shop owners and dealer-     assumption that you'll be able to retain   They invest in training, they go the
ships seem to have a sense that there's   80% of the customers that complain,        extra mile to deliver extraordinary serv-
some economic price they'll pay, but      you'll still be losing 20% of those that   ice, they use high-quality vendors like
when asked how much each complaint        do. Subsequently, you're now faced         JASPER and they follow up with each
may cost, they typically have no idea!    with the marketing cost of replacing       and every customer. They know that
So consider this... When a customer       those lost customers.                      they are far better off investing a little
complains, the first “direct cost” that       Lastly, you have what we here at       more money in their parts and people
you're going to incur is a loss of your   Elite call the “loss of productivity.”     rather than losing a fortune through cus-
“time.” This is the time you spend lis-   Simply put, while your employees are       tomer complaints.
tening to the customer, discussing the    discussing the complaint with you, they        This business-building tip provided
resolution, and following up with the     are unable to be generating additional     by Bob Cooper of Elite! To learn more
customer to assure their complaint has    income for the company.                    about how they can help you build a
been resolved. Let's call this direct         Now, based on everything we dis-       more profitable, successful business,
expense “customer communication”          cussed, here's the math that you and       call (800) 204-3548, or visit their web-
time.                                     your employees may very well find          site at:
    Now I realize the amount of time will surprising.
vary with each complaint, so let's assign                                    
25 minutes as a realistic number for your Note: The following is predicated on a
average complaint (five minutes when      shop labor rate of $90 per hour, the
the customer first calls you with a com- shop producing $180 an hour per
plaint; 15 minutes when they return for   technician, and the cost of generating a
correction or resolution and then an      new customer being set at $30.00.
additional five minutes for follow up).

 JASPER Brings Service Truck to Road Course Races

The JASPER NASCAR Driveline Service Truck provided service to Nextel Cup teams using the JASPER 4-Speed Transmission at Infineon
Raceway in Sonoma, California. The truck also attended the road course event in Watkins Glen, New York.
    At the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series           there.” But DeKemper added, “This is          says DeKemper.
event at Sonoma, California, a white          the first time that I know of where a             Unlike races on ovals, NASCAR
Jasper Engines & Transmissions truck          company has come in with a trailer and        does not mandate specific gear ratios at
and trailer could be spotted in the pits.     all the essentials, and actually worked       road courses for the Nextel Cup Series,
But it was for more than just promo-          on the transmissions.”                        so JASPER can disassemble the trans-
tional purposes. This truck was to pro-            JASPER’s 24-foot aluminum box            mission, change the setup, and
vide support, parts and help for teams        trailer is fitted with two work benches,      reassemble the unit to a team’s
using the JASPER 4-Speed                      shelving areas for parts, a wash station,     specifications.
transmission.                                 an air compressor, and basically any-             There were eight Nextel Cup teams
    “In the years JASPER has gone to          thing JASPER would need to regear a           at Sonoma who used the JASPER
race events, other companies that sup-        transmission or differential.                 4-Speed Transmission, including the
ply transmissions to race teams have              The service truck is operated by          #42 Dodge of eventual race winner
sent gears along with another team in         DeKemper, and Mark Harrah of Jasper           Juan Pablo Montoya. Each team had a
their hauler, and then basically work         Transmissions, LLC. DeKemper says             JASPER 4-Speed for their primary and
out of their hauler,” says JASPER             the support truck’s initial appearance at     backup cars, plus at least one spare unit
NASCAR Driveline Manager Terry                Sonoma was very successful.                   per team. JASPER took six units to the
DeKemper. “If one team needs some-                “Teams were really receptive at the       Sonoma race to either sell, or change
thing done to their transmission, they        idea of us being there, bringing enough       gear ratios over, if needed.
take the unit to that team’s hauler that      equipment and the ability to change to            “By being there, driver feedback is
has the gears, and make the changes           inspect and change gearing for them,”         immediate,” says DeKemper. “We are
                                                                                            in the garage talking to the drivers and
                                                                                            crew chiefs getting first-hand informa-
                                                                                            tion on how the unit is working, and if
                                                                                            anything needs to be changed.”
                                                                                                As JASPER worked side-by-side
                                                                                            with the race teams, DeKemper says
                                                                                            their work was under the constant
                                                                                            scrutiny of the NASCAR officials.
                                                                                            “Anytime a transmission is opened, it
                                                                                            must be inspected by NASCAR, where
                                                                                            they put their stamp and seal on it,”
                                                                                            says DeKemper. “They (NASCAR)
                                                                                            will check the gear ratio and record it
                                                                                            before it is installed in the race car. If
                                                                                            the unit comes back to be regeared, it
                                                                                            must be re-inspected.” Added
                                                                                            DeKemper, “They’re a pretty good
JASPER NASCAR Driveline Manager Terry DeKemper prepares the 24-foot aluminum serv-          watchdog.”
ice trailer for the next Nextel Cup road course event. The trailer includes two work sta-
tions, a wash basin, an air compressor, and shelving for additional transmission parts.

JASPER Receives Verizon Supplier Environmental
Excellence Award
    Jasper Engines & Transmissions                                                        changing its cleaning processes as
was the recipient of the Verizon                                                          much as possible with water-based
Supplier Environmental Excellence                                                         cleaners; followed by a sodium bicar-
Award for 2006. JASPER National                                                           bonate product in an enclosed abrasive
Accounts Manager, Bob Boeglin,                                                            blasting unit vented to a dust collector
accepted the award on the company’s                                                       to achieve 99% efficiency.
behalf during Verizon’s awards presen-                                                        JASPER was also nominated for its
tation May 21st in Basking Ridge, New                                                     reduction of solvent usage from 22,000
Jersey.                                                                                   gallons prior to 2000, to a current usage
    JASPER was nominated by Verizon                                                       of 5,000 gallons annually.
Environment Management for several                                                            JASPER was recognized by Verizon
reasons, including a closed-loop recov-                                                   for its use of a highly alkaline solid
ery program that integrates the return,                                                   sludge by-product from its Kolene salt
refurbishing and re-purchase of engine                                                    bath cleaning process to replace caustic
and transmission “cores”, including a                                                     soda in its wastewater treatment facili-
“core credit” that supports cost efficient                                                ties. JASPER reduces hazardous waste
recycling; effective and cooperative                                                      and disposal expenses by using this by-
data reporting to support Verizon’s                                                       product for wastewater treatment and
reporting to both mandatory and volun-                                                    reduces purchase expenses by replacing
tary recognition/awards programs, and                                                     the purchase of caustic soda.
exemplary environmental initiatives and                                                       JASPER recycled nearly 92% of its
achievements at it’s own facilities that                                                  trash (over 4,300 tons recycled of a
are confirmed by regulatory compli-          JASPER National Accounts Manager Bob         possible 4,700 tons of trash) in 2006.
ance and customer audits.                    Boeglin (center) accepts the Verizon 2006    This includes over 4,000 tons of scrap
    As part of its nomination for the        Supplier Environmental Excellence Award      metal, 161 tons of wood product, 73
award, Verizon touted JASPER for its         from Elaine Schwartz, Verizon Corporate      tons of cardboard, 12 tons of office
                                             Sourcing (left) and Ben Larkey, Manager of
efforts to reduce air pollutants by          Verizon Environment Management (right).      paper and seven tons of used oil.

                                                                     E-Commerce Portal Drawing
 Comments to JASPER                                             July was the first month of JASPER’s E-Commerce Portal
    It is absolutely commendable to be able to sell a       Drawing. There were a total of 171 units ordered on the web during
product that I feel is of top-notch quality, while          that month. The winner for July was Midway Tire and Muffler of
having a company that will back its products and            Oak Harbor, Washington. They selected the $400 rebate coupon to be
stand behind them time and time again.                      used towards future JASPER purchases.
                                                                Don’t forget, when you order through JASPER’s fully-customized
    I know that when I sell a JASPER product, the           E-Commerce Portal, your business will be entered into a monthly
customer is truly best served in both value and             drawing. Winners will be announced and your business will have the
quality. Thanks JASPER for the attention to detail          choice of:
and serving the customers above and beyond. That
in and of itself is a sale time and time again.             • One day of deep-sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico
                                                              for one person (includes lodging).

Sincerely,                                                  • Two race tickets & hospitality at one of the JASPER
                                                              NASCAR Incentive Races in 2008 (lodging NOT
Bryan Kelley,                                                 included).
Valley Automotive Electric
                                                            • A $400 rebate coupon to be used towards future
Maple Valley, Washington                                      JASPER purchases.

                                                               Transportation to and from all activities is the
                                                            responsibility of the winner.
New Car Smell Wears Off - Payments Linger for Years
Repowering Your Engine May Be Key to Long-Term Financial Happiness
    Everybody wants a new car. You             a new car, can be an excellent way to      remanufactured engines are even better
see a nice car pass you on the highway         cut costs and keep the vehicle.”           than the new engines installed at the
and think, ‘Why can’t I have that?’                “When a car or truck suffers major     factory. That is because the original
However, financial planners think keep-        engine damage, often the first reaction    factory engine problems have been
ing your current car may help you in           of most consumers is to buy a new or       redesigned or repaired with better qual-
the long run with your goal of financial       used vehicle, but the cost to repower an   ity parts. They are dependable, reliable
freedom, according to the Engine               engine is a drop in the bucket compared    and backed by excellent warranty pro-
Repower Council (ERC).                         to the monthly payments on a new car,”     grams that also usually cover installa-
    “We advise our clients that if they        according to ERC Chairman Tom              tion expenses.
want a ten-percent increase on their           Schrader. “The bottom line is that a           The Engine Repower Council is a
investments every year, they need to cut       repowered engine makes a vehicle more      non-profit organization dedicated to
down on their expenses,” says Terry            dependable, more fuel efficient, less      educating consumers about the eco-
Mulcahy, vice president of investments         polluting and more valuable.               nomic and environmental benefits of
for R.W. Baird in Mequon, Wisconsin.               With repowering, your engine or an     remanufactured engines. The Engine
“A new automobile is for most people           identical one from another like-vehicle,   Repower Council supports the “Be Car
their second biggest investment next to        is completely remanufactured. Also,        Care Aware” consumer education cam-
a home, so a great way to save money           unlike installing a used or junkyard       paign. For more information about the
and increase financial assets is to hang       engine, critically important internal      Engine Repower Council and where to
onto their current vehicle rather than         parts get replaced with new ones that      find qualified remanufactured engines
buy a new one every few years. Re-             meet or exceed original equipment per-     and installation providers, visit:
powering an engine, rather then buying         formance standards. Frequently,  

A Letter (and Pictures) from A Satisfied JASPER Customer

    Dear Michelle,

    I have been a long time writing to you about the engine that I purchased
    and had installed in my 1995 Buick Riviera.

    I am sending copies of the work and invoice from Dargie Automotive, who
    installed the JASPER engine for me. I have driven the car over 4,000 miles
    and it is doing great.

    I took a lot of pictures, that I am sending to you and your company, to
                                                                                   Out with the old...
    show the work of Dargie Automotive, of Richmond, Indiana. Bruce Dargie
    did a great job of installing your engine.

    I am sending a copy of the letter that I have sent to the ROA office telling
    them about your engine. I am a member of the Riviera Owners

    You should be proud to have Dargie Automotive and Bruce as an installer.

    I look forward to visiting your office sometime soon.

    A Very Satisfied Customer,

    Robert N. Malone
                                                                                   In with the new... a remanufactured JASPER
    Centerville, Indiana                                                           engine, installed by Dargie Automotive of
                                                                                   Richmond, Indiana.

   Giving Back: JASPER’s Involvement in Youth Outreach Program
    When you give, it's nice to know                                                       ticket to a small college town far from
when there is give-back.                                                                   home. It was kind of scary that first
     For nine years now the JASPER                                                         year but I knew I was on the right path."
Baltimore branch staff and customers                                                           Today Tom D. himself performs
have been supporting the Youth Outreach                                                    charity fund raising. As a professional
Foundation through the Jasper Engines                                                      businessman and college graduate Tom
and Transmissions Annual Golf                                                              D. has become a ‘go-to guy’ when his
Tournament.                                                                                former aftercare worker and then proba-
     Fund raising golf tournaments typi-                                                   tion officer, needs a witness to speak
cally do not raise a lot of money.            In the past nine years, the JASPER Golf      with the kids who are sitting right where
However this tournament is a little differ-   Classic has raised over $150,000 for the     Tom D. once sat.
ent. Over the past nine years JASPER          Youth Outreach Foundation.
                                                                                                “I tell them to look around. How
customers and tournament sponsors have        knows what it's like to be in trouble as a   many successful drug dealers do you
been able to contribute $150,000 to the       youth.                                       see on the streets over thirty years old?
Youth Outreach Foundation.                        Hal had a little too much energy as      The answer is none. You may have the
    There are JASPER customers who            well when he was growing up; but he          good life (the nice car and jewelry) for a
come out to enjoy the day in support of       learned to channel it through wrestling      short time until someone comes and
the cause. There are also many other          in order to stay out of trouble and even-    takes it away from you. Then you find
great customers who don't even play           tually became a championship wrestling       yourself sitting in jail with nothing - or
golf, but sponsor the event knowing that      coach. Tom D. sees Coach Sparks as           dead. I tell them to relax, because there
their contribution will be helping our        his life saving hero.                        are a lot of doors they can open. You
troubled youth. From Youth Outreach               Tom D. was heading toward a life-        can have all of that without needing to
Foundation's gang tattoo removal pro-         time of cycling in and out of jail, as       look over your shoulder all the time,
gram to college aid, the money raised         were some of his peers, and he knew it.      waiting for them to come and take it
goes toward helping those young people        Tom D. remembers thinking that he did-       away. There are ways to get it legally,
who no longer wish to live in a destruc-      n't want that to happen, but there really    but you have to be serious about doing
tive manner and are trying to find a new      wasn't anything else for him to look for-    it first."
path in life.                                 ward to. His family couldn't afford col-          Not all of them are ready to listen to
    Young people like Tom D. who was          lege even if he would have graduated         what Tom D. has to tell them, but one
sitting in a juvenile detention center        high school. As a young man, Tom D.          thing is for sure, Tom D. will reach
when Hal Sparks found him. As                 didn't think to look much past his cur-      many of them in his lifetime because he
President of the foundation, Hal Sparks       rent circumstance and just accepted his      is very excited about where his life is
                                              lot in life. That was until the day that     going and that's contagious. Yes, it's
                                              Coach Sparks came in to speak with the       nice to know that when you give there is
      (continued from front page)
                                              young men.                                   give-back.
                                                  Coach Sparks knew that many of the           Thank you one and all for helping
     Main case rigidity is greatly
                                              kids were not ready to listen at first.      young people like Tom D. get to a point
 improved without sacrificing weight
                                              They weren't really ready to believe that    in life where they too can give back.
 through the use of aircraft compo-
                                              there was anything else for them in life.    And thank you, Tom D., for giving
 nent manufacturers. The case is
                                              So Coach arranged a field trip for them.     back.
 designed for stand-alone mounting,
                                              An aviation training day that was near a
 which means a transmission mount is
                                              college. That is some of the behind-the-
 not needed with proper engine sup-           scenes work that Coach does. Some of
 port. All mating surfaces are O-             the kids got to actually fly a small plane
 ringed for quick assembly and disas-         and also were able see what a college
 sembly. JASPER then designed and             campus really looked like. "Coach
 manufactured a state-of-the-art eddy         opened my eyes to what I didn't realize
 current dynamometer, allowing units          was available to me," Tom D. said.
 to be tested under loads up to 10,800            "It's never too late to change" Coach
 RPM.                                         tells the young men. Tom D. recalls
                                              Coach Sparks explaining that, "You can
    For more information, contact             do or be anything you want, but you
 Jasper Transmissions, LLC. at 800-           have to be serious about doing it first."
 476-8270, extension 101 or via cell              So upon obtaining his GED Tom D.         The Youth Outreach Program helps young
 phone at 336-253-3963.                                                                    people who no longer wish to live destruc-
                                              took Coach up on the offer to send him       tive lives, and find a new path in life.
                                              to college. "Coach gave me a one way
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                        Installers and Fleets.

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