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					                 Community Housing Regional Resources

1.   Fred Kretlow
     VP - Community Development Manager
     SunTrust Bank Southwest Florida Region
     Phone: (941) 951-3302
     Fax: (941) 951-3245

2.   Amy L. Yearsley, Planner
     City of Cape Coral
     P.O. Box 150027
     Cape Coral, Florida 33915-0027
     Phone: (239) 573-3182 ext 1182
     Fax: (239) 574-0594

3.   Peggy T. Cabe
     Cabe Community Advisors, Inc.
     11763 Warbler Court
     Naples, Florida 34119

     (ph) 239-596-6155
     (internet fax) 858-300-5355
     (fax) 239-596-3605
     (cellular) 239-293-8481

     A consultant specializing in serving nonprofit affordable housing providers, but
     primarily interested in participating in your organization as a private citizen. Most of
     my client base is in the upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain West. A former banker
     with commercial real estate lending and Low Income Housing Tax Credit

4.   John P. Hazelroth

     A Housing Consultant who has worked with Goodwill and other agencies in SW
     Florida over the past several years in writing grants and helping to develop
     affordable housing. He would be interested in staying active and would like to be
     kept in the loop on your meetings. He would like to serve as a community
5.   Ericka B. Cousley, Executive Director
     City of Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency
     1700 Medical Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33907
     239-337-4111 x 210; 239-332-6667 (fax)

     An affordable housing provider very interested in being a part of this Committee.

6.   Rosalind "Roz" Wegryn
     ResortQuest Real Estate/ PMR
     13831 Vector Ave. # 105
     Fort Myers, FL 33907
     Toll Free: 1-800-447-5112
     Office: 239-482-5112
     Cell: 239-246-1234

     Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee of the Realtors Associations-
     Realtors Political Action Committee

7.   Mark White, Executive Director
     560-4534(c) or 334-2220(w).

     Executive Director of DIAD,INC. DIAD is the non-profit that represent the City
     of Fort Myers in the affordable single family homes.

8.   Karen B. Hawes
     Director, Department of Human Services

     2440 Thompson Street
     Fort Myers, Florida 33901

     Phone: 239-533-7930
     FAX: 239-533-7960

     DDHS is working specifically on supportive housing for persons with disabilities.
     DDHS also runs the Homeless Coalition and will be working on a development
     plan for permanent housing and a drop in center.

     Every one is welcome to attend the Homeless Coalition meetings. DDHS will
     have a specific sub committee for the development of supportive affordable
9.    Ericka B. Cousley, Executive Director
      City of Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency
      1700 Medical Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33907
      239-337-4111 x 210
      239-332-6667 (fax)

10.   Lois M. Healy
      Mortgage Consultant
      8695 College Pkwy., Suite 314
      Ft. Myers, FL., 33919
      Phone: 239-415-2416 Fax 239-415-2418
      Cell: 239-872-8977

      Huntington Mortgage goal is to help to make housing obtainable for everyone
      through creative and functional affordable mortgage products, utilizing the
      Florida Bond Program and SHIP funds, as well as several other products.

11.   Lynn Sasso

      Counselor and Education Coord. for Consumer Credit Counseling Service. CCC
      is a local United Way agency and a HUD approved counseling agency. CCC
      offers pre-purchase, post-purchase, delinquent rent/mortgage counseling as well
      as reverse mortgage counseling.

12.   Leonardo Garcia
      Executive Director
      SWFL Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
      10051 McGregor Boulevard Suite 204
      Fort Myers, Florida 33919
      Office 239-418-1441
      Fax 239-418-1475
      Cel: 239-560-2035

13.   First Home Builders of Florida
      Bruce Robb
      Chief Operating Officer
      First Home Builders of Florida
      1870 Colonial Blvd.
      Ft, Myers, FL 33907
      14. Richard Lloyd Faris
          Dept. of Human Services
          2440 Thompson Street
          Fort Myers, FL 33901

          phone (239) 533-7958
          (239) 652-7958
          (239) 652-7960

15.      National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)
         727 15th St., NW, Suite 6th Floor
         Washington, DC 2005-2168
         Phone: 202-662-1530
         Fax: 202-393-1973