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Overhaul and Repair of Explosion protected Equipment


Overhaul and Repair of Explosion-protected Equipment

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									     Reducing Risk                        Demonstrating Competence                 Training Management

Overhaul and Repair of Explosion-protected Equipment
      National Units of Competency Offered:
      UEENEEM007B - Overhaul and repair explosion-protected equipment

      Ex d; Ex e; Ex i; Ex n; Ex p; Ex tD and Ex mixed

      Statements of Attainment will be issued in Partial Completion of UEE 60107

                For further information or customised training, call MOXI on 1300 668 992

Target Audience                                     Course Content                                     Note
This course is aimed at experienced tradespersons   •   Requirements for workshop accreditation        All delegates are required to bring a copy of
and engineers whose role involves the overhaul      •   Requirements for competency to repair and      their degree or trade qualifications or licences
and repair of explosion-protected equipment.            overhaul                                       to verify pre-requisite of 2 years industrial
                                                    •   Scope of work for accredited workshops         experience.
                                                    •   Documentation required for certified repair
Course Objectives                                       and overhaul                                   This course can be delivered on site.
To raise levels of competence in aspects of the     •   Identifying the scope of repair and overhaul   Contact MOXI on 1300 668 992 for further
repair and overhaul of electrical apparatus             required                                       information.
in hazardous environments to the nationally         •   Preparation of repair and overhaul reports
recognised standard AS/NZS 4761 and AS/NZS

Competency Assessment                                                                                  Special Requirements
•    Calibrations of Test Apparatus                                                                    Participants are required to supply their own
•    Testing requirements as per Standards and                                                         personal protective safety equipment
•    Test and measure before and after the
     repair and overhaul                                                                                           Course Length:      1.5 Days
•    Recording and compare results for
     compliance                                                                                                     Taught Hours:      12
•    Report                                                                                                     Practical Content:     60%
                                                                                                              Theoretical Content:     40%

                                  For further information or customised training, call MOXI on 1300 668 992

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