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									                             Cape Coral Canals
              A Public Conference on Water Quality and Quantity
                          Saturday, March 25, 2006, Cape Coral High School

Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, the City of      9:00 Registration (Doors will open by 8:30)
Cape Coral and others are hosting this free Public          9:15 Welcome and Introductions: Connie Jarvis,
Conference because we want to know what you think. With             City of Cape Coral; Mayor Eric Feichthaler;
400 miles of canals in 116 square miles and a rapidly               Maran Hilgendorf, Charlotte Harbor
growing population, water issues are on the minds of many           National Estuary Program; Valerie Tutor,
in the City of Cape Coral.                                          Valerie Tutor & Associates, Inc.
During this day-long public conference, three topics will   9:30    The Nature of Cape Coral’s Water
be addressed in sessions that will include brief                    Expert: Dr. William Hammond, FGCU
presentations from experts, facilitated small group         10:30   Break
discussions and verbal reports. Final consensus and         10:45   Water Quality
summaries reached at this conference will be funneled to
                                                                    Expert: Dr. Stephen A. Bortone, Sanibel-
proper committees and government officials with follow
                                                                    Captiva Conservation Foundation Marine
up attention!
           This conference is sponsored by:                 11:45   Lunch, Networking and Displays
                                                            12:45   Water Quantity
                                                                    Expert: Susan Sylvester, South Florida
                                                                    Water Management District
                                                            1:45    Break
                                                            2:00    Prioritizing Concerns and Suggestions to
              Johnson Engineering, Inc.                             Protect the Health of Cape Coral’s Canals
Thanks to. . .
conference sponsors:
Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
City of Cape Coral
Johnson Engineering

Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife
Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
City of Cape Coral Environmental Resources Division
Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association - Riverwatch
Lee County Extension Services Florida Yards & Neighborhoods
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves & Charlotte Harbor Preserves State Park
Friends of the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves
Johnson Engineering, Inc.
Lee County Natural Resources Division
Lee Soil & Water Conservation District Mobile Irrigation Lab
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Marine Lab
Southern Data Streams
Southwest Florida Watershed Council

door prize donors:
All Native Garden Center
Cape Coral Eco Park - Four Mile Cove
Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Native Plant Nursery
Scuba Quest
Venture Out Trading Company
Water 911
City of Cape Coral Environmental Resources Division
South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)

Cape Coral Breeze

Cape Coral Garden Club
The Cape Coral High School Key Club

and to many others who helped promote the conference and volunteered the day of
the conference.

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