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									                               OUTWARD BOUND AUSTRALIA
                                   Position Description

Position title:                        Quality Risk Manager

Position objective:                    To ensure that safe, professional and quality programs
                                       are delivered across all operational areas in Australia.


   Outward Bound Australia’s mission is to provide challenging outdoor experiences that help
                  people to discover, develop and achieve their potential.

Outward Bound Australia is a not-for-profit, education organisation with a strong values base.
We deliver exhilarating personal development courses that take people on a journey of self-
discovery, giving them the opportunity to test their boundaries, and to gain greater respect for
themselves, other people and the natural world.

We are part of an international, highly acclaimed organisation that has achieved incredible
results for over 50 years in Australia. We work with youth, adults, families and corporate
groups with the aim of bringing out the best in people and helping them achieve things they never
thought possible.

Our values are:
   • Human Potential
   • Integrity
   • Responsibility
   • Resilience
   • Compassion
   • Service


    • Strategic focus
Contribute to the collaborative School Management Team to ensure the organisation’s future
direction is achieved.
    • Risk management:
Develop, monitor and evaluate Operational Risk Management practices throughout the
Organisation. Ensure risk management policies are implemented throughout the organization.
    • Occupational Health and Safety:
Aids School Management Team and Executive to oversee Occupational Health and management
throughout the organisation.

Location of work:                      Outward Bound Australia National Base, Tharwa, ACT
                                       Remote mobile base camps

Reporting structure:
Reports to:                            Chief Operations Officer
Internal Contacts:                     School Management Team
                                       Operational Risk Management Committee
                                       Team Coordinators
                                       Internship Trainers
External Contacts:                     External Risk Management Advisory Group
                                       External Program Reviewers

Roles and responsibilities:
   • Be an exemplar of the Outward Bound philosophy, mission and core values in all dealings
       with staff, business associates, clients and the public.
   • Assist in setting and working towards the operational goals and objectives within the
       School Management Team

Strategic Focus
    • Form part of the collaborative School Management Team.
    • Form part of the management team contributing to the AAS committee
    • Assist in setting the operational goals and objectives within the School Management
    • Advises Chief Operational Officer on internal incident statists to aid strategic direction of
       Operational Risk Management of Outward Bound.
    • Assist the Executive in establishing and supporting future direction
    • Oversees the processes of risk analysis , management systems, policies and procedures.

Risk Management
    • Reviews and monitors all actions taken of any Significant Incidents as they occur.
    • Monitor and ensure accurate completion of all incident related paperwork.
    • Review and enter incident information into relevant databases.
    • Reports Significant Incidents to date bi-monthly to the Chief Operations Officer, Chief
      Executive Officer and Board of Directors.
    • Coordinates bi-annual Outward Bound International Program Review.
    • Compiles annual safety report on incident statistics and risk management focal points.
    • Implement and review effective risk management strategies in line with the safety report.
    • In conjunction with the Learning and Development Manager and Team Managers
      investigate and maintain Industry Standards for Adventure Activities within Outward
      Bound Australia.
    • Manage and coordinate all internal and external safety audits (including National Base
      ropes course and climbing wall) on an annual basis and report back to the ORMC with
      recommendations, actions and time lines.
    • Update and manage Outward Bound Australia Organizational Safety Checklist.
    • Assist the SMT in updating operational policies, procedures and guidelines.
    • Document Control of Risk Management related policies and proforma’s .
    • Chair and manage the Operational Risk Management Committee.
    • Be a conduit between Operational Risk Management External Advisory Group and
      Outward Bound training and field operations.
    • Perform a support role in the Emergency Management Procedure at Outward Bound.
    • Oversees National Base Rope Course maintenance.

Occupational Health and Safety
   • Aids School Management Team and Executive to oversee Occupational Health and
       management throughout the organisation

   • Archiving and Filling of course related information
   • Distribute Course feedback to relevant departments.
   • Update course completion report into course information database in conjunction with
       Client Managers.
   • Where appropriate coach and mentor Team Coordinators and team managers on Risk
       Management practices and systems where appropriate.
   • On occasion fulfil delivery requirements
   • Fulfil on-call responsibilities


   • Minimum 5 years outdoor education experience
   • Experience in Managing Work Teams, in particular the ability to effectively delegate
       tasks and responsibilities to staff.
   • Intermediate computer literacy skills in word, excel and databases
   • Experience in compiling reports.
   • Excellent organisational skills, such as:
           o The ability to prioritise and meet deadlines;
           o The ability to work within systems;
           o Exceptional attention to detail, and
           o Excellent time management skills.
   • Strong analytical mind and problem solving skills

   • Familiarity and understanding of Outward Bound Australia specific knowledge, such as:
           o Strategic Focus,
           o Organisational Structure,
           o Operational areas and systems, and
           o The Emergency Management Plan.
   • Management experience.
   • Leaders Advanced Wilderness First Aid certificate.
   • Safe Leadership or equivalent.
   • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment .
   • Previous experience for risk management practices including knowledge of Aus/NZ 6340

  • Exemplar of Outward Bound values
  • Collaborative
  • Reliable
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Decisive
  • Strongly self motivated
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to follow
  • Ability to lead
  • Organised
  • Humility


1. Risk Management
    • Accurate recording of all incident related paperwork.
    • Ensures appropriate post-incident actions are acted upon in a timely manner.
    • Ensure Outward Bound is abreast of Industry standards.
    • Timely completion of reports and actions taken.
    • Effectively manages Outward Bound Australia organizational safety checklist
    • Effective document control of risk related current policies and proformas
2. Maintains collaborative interactions with all departments
3. Works well as part of the School Management Team
4. Be an exemplar of Outward Bound philosophy, mission and core values

Last reviewed: November 2009
Reviewed by: Quality Risk Manager, HR Manager


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