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					                                                              OPEN AFTERNOON ‘LEARNING JOURNEY’:
             Our Lady of Mercy                                The school will be having an ‘Open Afternoon’ on
                                                              Wednesday, 8 April 2009 from 3.00 – 4.30pm. Children
              Primary School                                  will invite their parents or grandparents etc to come to the
              “Integrity and Gentleness”                      school and go on a ‘learning journey’ with them in their
                                                              classrooms. We urge parents to have someone from the
Phone: 9342 4509            Fax: 9343 1998
                                                              family (a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent) attend
Email: admin@olom.wa.edu.au
                                                              on that day. This is a time for your child to share his/her
Newsletter 5/2009                                             learning with you. Please remember an appointment needs
                                                              to be made with the teacher to discuss a child’s progress.
     Tuesday, 31 March 2009.                                  This is not a day for parent/teacher meetings. The P&F
  this Sunday’s (5/4) readings Are:                           will be running a cake/coffee/tea/milo afternoon tea, so if
Isaiah 50:4-7; Philippians 2:6-11; Mark 14:1—15:47 or         you need some light refreshment before venturing into the
15:1-39                                                       classrooms stop at the canteen for that much needed

                                                              THE SYMBOLS OF EASTER:
                                                              The Cross:
 When you put your Faith in My                                Reminds us of Jesus’ death on the cross. Appears on
                                                              cards and hot cross buns. Thought to be a protection
   Son Jesus, I entered into an                               against evil.
 agreement with you that cannot                               Easter Eggs:
                                                              Represent new life because from an egg hatches a
   be broken, and this is what I                              chick. Shows that fast of Lent is over.
          promise to do:                                      Hot Cross Buns: Before the buns are baked, a cross is
                                                              added to each one to mark Jesus’ death.
 I will work within you, creating                             Easter Bunny: Brings Easter Eggs to the children.
 the desire and power to walk in                              The Lamb:
 My ways. I will delight in doing                             The Bible refers to Jesus as the ‘Lamb of God’ and
                                                              Jesus asked his disciples to care for ‘his lambs’.
 you good and giving you all the                              The symbol of the lamb also comes from the
    blessings I have promised.                                Jewish Passover at which the Jews sacrificed a lamb.
                                                              Lamb is often eaten at Easter time.
                                                              Lights and Candles:
                                                              These mark Easter celebrations in some lands. Many
                                                              churches put out all their lights on Good Friday. On
                                                              Easter Eve, a paschal ( from the word ‘Passover’ ) candle
                                                              is lit and this is used to light all other candles in the
Dear Parents,
This being the final newsletter for the term; I would like
to express my gratitude to all community members- staff,      DATES TO REMEMBER
students, parents and parishioners for the wonderful          Friday      3 April         First Friday Mass 5B
support you have given Our Lady of Mercy Primary              Thursday    9April (11am) Holy Thursday Paraliturgy
School. I have greatly enjoyed my first year here at                                      2B & 2W
OLOM and have come to fully appreciate the exceptional                                    Last day of Term 1
high caliber of care and professionalism the students         Thursday    30 April        Term 2 Commences
receive here for their pastoral and intellectual needs. A     Mon – Fri   11 – 15 May     NAPLAN TESTING
huge thank you to you all and keep safe in the risen Lord     Mon - Fri   11 – 22 May    Yr1&2 Swimming Lessons
over the Easter break and school holidays. All parents        Sunday      31 May          Year 7 Confirmation
and friends are most welcome to join us for our Easter        Fri - Sun   12-14 June      Archbishop’s visit
reflection at 11.00am on Holy Thursday in the undercover

Please make special note of the fact that the students        VICTORIAN BUSH FIRE APPEAL
return to start Term 2 on THURSDAY 30th April.                Once again Our Lady of Mercy’s community has shown
                                                              their generous spirit. We collected $550.35 in donations
Take care and God bless,                                      from students, and the sale of second hand books in the
Drew Jago                                                     Library raised $131.80, giving us a grand total of $682.15.
Principal                                                     Thank you very much to all!

The Year 2s will be leading us in prayer on Thursday, 9       Please remember there are only 9 days left of this term, so
April at 11.00am. All families are invited. Please remember   please return your Project Compassion boxes by Wednesday,
that this is a prayer service and not a play. We will         8 April 2009. This is a great opportunity to teach your
observe a few minutes of silence to reflect about Holy        children the need to assist others in need around the
Week.                                                         world. Please be generous!!
WINTER UNIFORM: ( Start of Term 2 )                           EASTER EGGS
Girls:                                                        10 Days to Good Friday
-Blue check dress, navy lycra tights or white socks &         The P&F are asking for donations of Easter Eggs from all
black school shoes, school woollen jumper, royal blue hat.    families for this years Easter raffle. If you can help please
                            or                                hand these into the office by Monday, 6 April 2009.
-Grey trousers, blue shirt with school logo, white socks &
black school shoes, school woollen jumper, royal blue hat.
                                                              PARENTING TIPS
- Grey trousers, blue shirt with school logo, grey socks &    School Holidays Ideas for Primary School Kids
black school shoes, school woollen jumper, royal blue hat.    Some activities, which are low in cost or have no cost
Sports(Unisex):                                               involved, include the following;
-Black shorts (long line) or royal blue track pants, House     Mini sports day- go to your local park and take some
shirt (Ferrie – yellow), royal blue windcheater (with           basic sports equipment ie. soft ball, skipping rope,
printed school logo), red or white socks, sneakers (not         badminton racquets. You could also play games such
boots).                                                         as hopping races, three-legged races and chasey.
                                                               A DIY picnic- prepare a picnic lunch by getting your
                                                                children involved with preparing a menu of what they
ENROLMENT INTERVIEWS                                            would prefer to eat.
Enrolment interviews for Our Lady of Mercy                     Create a Tent- by pegging old sheets or blankets over
Kindergarten will be conducted next week, from Monday           the washing line or weighting them in the corners to
until Wednesday. If you have a child or know of a child         create a tent. Put it on the ground and let your
who turns four before 30 June and have not yet submitted        children put their favourite toys, books and a few
an enrolment form, please contact the office as soon as         snacks.
possible.                                                      Create a show- give your children a theme (reflecting
                                                                their interests eg. pirates and fairies) and send them
                                                                off to create a show. You could create a big event by
                                                                dimming the lights, making tickets, putting up a
Year 7 Confirmation:                                            makeshift curtain and preparing refreshments such as
Pentecost Sunday, 31 May at 11.00am – Our Lady of               popcorn and ice cream.
Mercy Church.                                                  Memory Lane- sit down one day and create a book or
                                                                photo album of pictures of your children growing up.
First Holy Eucharist:                                           It’s a great way to talk with your children about
Sunday, 23 August at 11.00am – Our Lady of Mercy                different stages of their life.
Church.                                                        Get crafty- stock up on paper, felt pens and paints.
First Reconciliation:                                           You may even consider buying simple activities and
Tuesday, 10 November at 7.00pm – Our Lady of Mercy              puzzle books to bring out when there’s nothing else to
Church.                                                         do.

These are very important dates for our school community
so please mark them on your calendar.                             Mercy College is a well established vibrant, Catholic
                                                              coeducational College that caters for over 1500 students from
                                                                             Kindergarten to Year Twelve.
Parish Priest: Father Tony Vallis                                          ACADEMIC AND MUSIC
Assistant Priest: Father Rainier Fernandes                                  SCHOLARSHIPS 2010
Pastoral Assistant: Sister Cecelia Murphy OP
                                                              Academic and Music Scholarships are being offered to
Telephone: (08) 9342 3562
                                                              students entering Years Seven or Eight in 2010 and will be
Fax: (08) 9343 0765
                                                              held at the College on Saturday 9th May, 2009.
Father Tony’s Emergency Mobile: 0417 995 844
                                                              Academic scholarships cover full tuition fees and are
Mass Times:       Saturday   6.00 pm
                                                              awarded primarily on academic merit. Music scholarships
                   Sunday    8.00 am and 9.30 am
                                                              cover full instrument/vocal tuition fees. Applicants need
Reconciliation:   Saturday   5.00pm – 5.45pm
                                                              not to be currently studying Music to apply.
Holy Week Service Times
                                                              These scholarships are available to students not currently
Thursday 9 April – There will be NO morning mass.             attending Mercy College.
‘Mass Of The Lords Supper’ at 7.00pm followed by
                                                              Scholarship applications are available from the Mercy
Adoration till midnight.
                                                              College website: www.mercy.wa.edu.au
Friday, 10 April – Stations of the Cross at 10.00am in the
church grounds. The Lord’s Passion at 3.00pm.                 For more information about these scholarships, please
Saturday, 11 April – Easter Vigil service at 8.00pm           contact the Enrolments Officer, Mrs Jan Cooper (9247
followed by a reception for the new Catholics in the parish   9223)
centre. Everyone is welcome to join us for supper.
                                                                     Applications close on Friday 24th April 2009
Sunday, 12 April – Easter Sunday masses at 8.00am &
 9.30 am.                                                     Mercy College Corner Beach Road and Mirrabooka Avenue,
Monday, 13 April – Mass will be at 9.00am – Please make a                         Koondoola WA
note!                                                         PO Box 42 Mirrabooka WA 6941. Telephone: 9247 9247
                                                              Fax: 9247 1868

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