Projet pour le Mardi Gras by ozr46981


									             Projet pour le
              Mardi Gras

Objective: Create a mask for Mardi Gras.

   10 points for the end result. 3-colors, 3-
    design, 2-parameters, 2-effort
   Each mask must reflect the individualality
    of yourself but incorporate the spirit of
    Mardi Gras.
   It must cover the forehead down past the
    nose as a minimum.
   Each object must have at least the Mardi
    Gras colors in it: gold, purple, white, and
    green. Use construction paper & magazines.
   Create confetti to glue on with the hand-held
    hole punch and string from the sides of the
    paper cut into thin ribbons. Glitter is accept-
   Filmed at the end. Put onto the Webpage
    later on.

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