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									               Volume 39, Number 5   Department of Agricultural Economics " Texas A&M University

Inside this Issue                                                            AgEco Calendar
! From the Head Office                                                       February 4th
                                                                             • 12:30 p.m.-Brown Bag Seminar
! February Birthdays
                                                                             •   3:00 p.m.-Faculty Professional
! Faculty Professional                                                           Development Series, Lecturer
  Development Series                                                             as a Professional Career: Roles,
                                                                                 Titles, and Responsibilities
! Celebrating Arab Cultures
  Week                                                                       February 5th-9th
                                                                             • SAEA Meetings
! Position Announcements
                                        It’s Mardi Gras Time!

From the Head Office
This weekend the Southern Agricultural Economics Association’s annual meeting is beginning in Little
Rock. I am excited that two members of our faculty will receive awards this year. John Siebert will be
recognized for Outstanding Teaching of a Course for his teaching of AGEC 340. He has pioneered in
teaching approaches and does a great job for the Department and for the students. Also, Wade Griffin will
join those being recognized for the SAEA Lifetime Achievement Award. His continuing program of
research and policy analysis on the fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico has been widely recognized in
government and industry circles. We join the SAEA in congratulating John and Wade for the excellence of
their program. Many of our faculty are also presenting papers and serving the SAEA in other ways. Thanks
to all for contributing to the profession. Speaking of thanks, I also want to note that Kerry Litzenberg and
John Siebert, made a splash on campus with a well received lead presentation on their research relating to
motivating students. It is nice to know that our faculty are leading in the profession and on campus.
This week I am at Arizona State University as a member of an academic review team for the ASU Morrison
School of Agribusiness. The preparation included review of a lengthy self study report with a site visit this
week. The time involved is well worth it, because it provides significant insight into how other programs
grapple with issues similar (in some ways) to what we have in our Department. I hope I can learn what’s
good and not so good here, and bring some ideas back home. The sun is shining here; hope I can bring that
back to College Station, too. JPN

  Thank You!!!
  Thanks to the Commons Committee for providing the First Friday Pancake
  Breakfast. They served all faculty, staff, grad students and student workers
  freshly made pancakes and bacon. It was GREAT!!!
Spring 2005 Faculty Professional                                       Help Celebrate Arab Cultures Week
Development Series                                                                  The International Programs Office at
The Office of the Dean of Faculties and Associate                                   Texas A&M works with student
Provost is offering a seminar series entitled “Creating a                           groups each year to present cultural
Culture of Excellence”. The first seminar was held last                             programs to raise awareness of a
Friday, and the second seminar, “Lecturer as a                         particular country, region or continent to
Professional Career: Roles, Titles, and                                audiences on campus and the community. This
Responsibilities, is February 4th at 3 p.m. in 701                     year, Texas A&M is “Celebrating Arab World
Rudder Tower. “Irreconcilable or Reconcilable                          Cultures” February 7-13, 2005. For more
Differences: How to Recognize and Manage Conflict,”                    information logon to
the third seminar will be held Friday, February 18th at
10 a.m. in 701 Rudder Tower. For more information                      February Birthdays
contact the Office of the Dean of Faculties and                        John Siebert   2/1
Associate Provost at 845-4274 or logon to                              Fred Boadu     2/18                                     Ronald Griffin 2/18
                                                                                            Happy Birthday!

                                               Position Announcements

Assistant Professor/Associate Professor and Extension Economist - Management and
Marketing,12-month (non-tenure track), located at the Research and Extension Center, Weslaco,
Texas. Closing Date for Applications: February 15, 2005, or until position is filled. Interested parties
contact Gene Nelson at

Assistant/Associate Professor-Environmental Policy, Michigan State University. This is an
academic-year appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor although in some cases a more senior
appointment would be considered. Interested parties should mail applications and letters of reference
to Jack Liu, ESPP Search Committee, Environmental Science and Policy Program, Michigan State
University, 274 Giltner Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824-1101.

Senior Research and Development Analyst, Research and Commodity Services, Iowa Farm
Bureau Federation. The responsibilities of this position include: conducting research on business
development issues and projects, rural vitality issues, state and national legislative environmental and
regulatory issues as well as prepare research reports for elected leaders, Management Team,
Government Relations and Communications staff and other Federation staff. Interested parties should
contact David Miller at

Assistant Professor-Energy Economics and Policy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This is
a nine-month, tenure-track position in teaching, research, and outreach. The individual will be
responsible for developing an effective research, instructional, and outreach program targeting
domestic Energy Economic and Policy. Interested parties should contact Dr. Steven E. Kraft at

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Business, Ohio State University. This is a 12-month, tenure track
position. Teaching responsibilities include courses in business and economics as applied to agriculture
and related disciplines. Interested parties should contact Emil Miller at

                  Faculty, staff, and graduate students are encouraged to submit articles and photos on current
                  events. Deadline for all submissions is noon, Thursday. Please send your information to

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