Chapter 7 Section 5 by oxr14149


									Chapter 7 Section 5
Notes Guided
Mr. Groves                               Name ________________________ pd. _______

1. European heads of governments were looking to establish _____________________ peace
and _________________________ on the continent after the defeat of Napoleon.

2. They had the goal of a new ______________________ ____________________ of collective
_________________ and ___________________.

3. A series of meetings in ________________, Austria known as the ___________________ of
_________________________ were called to set up policies to achieve this goal of peace.

4. The congress expected to last for __________________ lasted for __________________.

5. The representative of Austria at the Congress of Vienna was its _________________ minister
named Prince _______________________ ______________ ____________________.

6. Metternich distrusted the ____________________ ideals of the _________________

7. The first of Metternich’s goals was prevent future ___________________________ from
France by surrounding France with ___________________ countries.

8. Next he wanted to restore the ______________________ of _________________ so that no
one country would be a _________________ to the others.

9. Last he wanted to restore _______________________ royal ____________________ to the
thrones they had held before _ conquests.

10. The Prussian representative at the Congress of Vienna was King ___________________.

11. The Russian representative at the Congress of Vienna was Czar ___________________.

12. The Austrian representative (other than Metternich) was Emperor ___________________.

13. Both _______________ and _______________ were represented as well by their foreign

14. To surround and _______________________ France the former Austrian ______________
and the Dutch _______________ were united to form the Kingdom of the __________________.

15. A group of _________ German states were loosely joined as the newly created German
_________________________________ dominated by Austria.

16. _______________________ was recognized as an independent nation.

17. The Kingdom of ________________ in Italy was strengthened by the addition of _________.

18. The leaders of the congress were afraid if they went too far in punishing France that it might
encourage France to take _________________.
19. The victorious powers were surprisingly ____________ on the defeated nation of France.

20. France was required to give up all territories taken by _____________________.

21. France, however kept the same ________________ it had in 1790.

22. France was able to keep some of its _________________ possessions, its _______ and
independent ____________________.

23. The great powers agreed to restore as many of the rulers before Napoleon as possible. This
policy is known as _______________________.

24. The brother of Louis XVI returned to power in France. His name was _________________
and he wisely adopted a __________________ making his rule a constitutional

25. They restored the ____________ rule in Spain and in the Kingdom of two Sicilies.

26. For the first time the nations of an entire continent were cooperating to control ____________

27. The peace lasted until _________________ when the great powers engaged in the
_______________ war.

28. Unfortunately the rulers of Russia, ____________ and _____________ continued as
________________ monarchs.

29. Due to the fear of another French Revolution, Czar _______________ , Emperor
______________ of Austria and King ____________ of Prussia entered into an alliance or league
known as the _________________ _________________.

30. A series of alliances devised by Metternich called the __________________ of
________________, assured that nations would help one another if any revolutions broke out.

31. Conservatives in France were happy with the monarchy of __________________ and were
determined to make it last.

32. ________________ wanted the king to share more power with the ________________ of
____________________ and to grant the _____________ class the right to vote.

33. Revolts against Spanish King _________________ broke out in many parts of ____________
America, with only _______________ remaining loyal to the King.

34. In the colonies the royalist ____________________ wanted to restore power and control over
the land but the liberal ________________ saw it as a chance to retain and expand power.

35. The ideas of the Congress of Vienna would influence European politics for the next ______

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