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                                                         E-News from the Diocese of Louisiana

Volume 4, Issue 6                                                                               February 10 - 18, 2010

Aljuwani                                  Mardi Gras Goings-on
Temporarily                                • Saturday, Endymion Parade:
                                          Grace Church is continuing their
Replaces                                  25+ year tradition of selling hot dogs,
                                          homemade chili, nachos, tacos, enchi-

Crockett                                  ladas, and tamales, plus drinks, includ-
                                          ing coffee and hot chocolate.
                            As we bid      They’ll also have parking at $20 for
                          farewell        cars, $30 for SUVs and trucks as well
                          and thanks      as bathroom passes at $5 for all day,
                          to Carrie       or tables at $30 which includes 4 free
                          Crockett for    bathroom passes.
                          her dedica-      Grace is located at 3700 Canal
                          tion to ECS,    Street.
                          we have
                          also been        • Friday, Hermes Parade:
                          staring at       Christ Church Cathedral will host
                          the void she    a fundraiser for Heifer International during Hermes at 5:30 pm in Stuart Hall
                          will leave in   (please use the 6th Street entrance). For $6 a person, it’s all you can eat
                          her wake.       spaghetti, salad, bread and king cake. $1 soft drinks and bottled water will
  ECS’s communications needs are          be available, as well as $3 adult beverages. Join the fun at 2919 St. Charles
many, varied, and dynamic, so it          Avenue!
behooves us to take careful stock
of how best to meet the communi-           • Wednesday 11th through Tuesday 16th:
cations goals of our growing and           Mardi Gras Spirits is one of St. George’s most important fundraisers and
evolving organization.                    traditionally the income is used to fund critical capital projects.
  While we evaluate our long-term           We look forward to seeing all of you this year. All are welcome to join us at
needs, Shakoor Aljuwani will be           10 am on Fat Tuesday for a Jazz Service featuring the John Parker Trio, as
serving as ECS’s interim commu-           well as the St. George’s choir. Come fill up your soul before going out on the
nications point person. He brings         parade route to fill up your bag with beads.
great energy, strong writing skills,       For twenty-plus years, St. George’s has opened its doors and served as
and fresh ideas for our online            restaurant and respite for parade goers in Uptown during Mardi Gras. The
presence to this role, and we are         church will be open Wednesday the 11th through Tuesday the 16th — for
grateful for his willingness to serve     specific hours or more information, please call Ed Brown at 504.259.2416 or
in this capacity. Shakoor will be         the church office 504.899.2811. St. George’s is located at 4600 St. Charles
working closely with Arthur John-         Avenue.
son, who continues to have overall
responsibility for ECS’s Communi-
cations and Development work. If
you have any news items, or want
to discuss our forthcoming website
redesign, please get in touch with
  Please note that this is only one
half of Shakoor’s responsibilities,
as he will continue to work on our
federal advocacy efforts, with par-
ticular focus on Gulf Coast recov-
ery funding.
  — Nell Bolton, Executive Director
of ECS

E-DoLA Staff
The Rev’d Canon Mark Stevenson
Canon to the Ordinary                                                              [photo courtesy of John Massarini]
Rebecca Todd Pitre                         St. Martin Church in Metairie hosted a “Souper Sunday” before the
Publications Coordinator                   Superbowl, bringing in soup for Second Harvesters. Pictured are David
Kenn Elder                                Reeves, the Rev’d Priscilla Maumus and Trip Trask, who led the effort to
Web Coordinator                           reach the “souper goal”.
What’s So                                 Lent Means Gumbo
About Grace?
                                          at St. James
                                            by Philip Wright
  “Amazing Grace” is one of the             For the 59th year, St. James Ba-
most requested hymns for many             ton Rouge, will host “Gumbo during
occasions — for many it brings            Lent” starting on February 19th and
comfort and encouragement. The            going on every Friday through Lent.
Grace of God has changed the              Dine-in meals of chicken or shrimp
lives of many people, but do we           gumbo, sensation salad, homemade
really understand the power of the        bread, dessert, and drink are served
Grace of God and how it has or can        from 11 am to 1 pm on decorated
change our lives and the lives of         tables in Bishops Hall, at Fourth and Florida Street.
those who seek it?                          Emily Kay, Gumbo Chair, says: “I truly enjoy opening the doors to the down-
  A mixed retreat at SECC will focus      town community for a wonderful jazz-infused lunch.” The new logo captures
on the power of God’s Grace that          the essence of ‘pass a good time’ St. James style.”
has been experienced in stories             To-go and drive-thru meals account for about 35% of over 500 meals served
from Holy Scriptures and in our           weekly. Sancy McCool has been involved with “Gumbo” for 35 years, most of
lives. Those attending should bring       the time with take-out orders. Orders can be phoned in on Fridays beginning
their prayerbooks and bibles.             at 8 am. — simply call 225.387.5141.
  This retreat is February 19th-            “It’s a wonderful way to meet other church members as volunteers span
21st and will be led by the Rev’d         several generations,” Sancy reports, “and it’s a wonderful way for those in the
Ernie Saik. The cost is $210 and a        larger community of Baton Rouge to enjoy a delicious meal, accompanied by
$100 deposit is required.                 live music and smiling faces.”
  Sign up at!             For several years a group of 5th-graders from St. James Day School have
                                          joined the 50-plus parishioners as ‘workers’ on Fridays. Quart containers of
 EYC @ Christ Church, Slidell             gumbo are sold on Sundays for take-home to serve, or freeze and enjoy on a
 invites you to join them every           cold winter night.
  Wednesday in Lent for their               The Rev’d Mark Holland says, “Gumbo offers St. James an opportunity to
                                          show our hospitality and is an important part of our downtown ministry in Ba-
      Light Lenten Supper.
                                          ton Rouge.”
                                            Profits are used to support the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and for
 The cost is $7 per plate and all
                                          outreach projects in our diocese and beyond.
      proceeds will benefit
   their Osage Mission Trip.
    The program starts next
      Wednesday at 6 pm.                      Save the                                       Trinity
  Home delivery available upon request.         Date                                         Music
                                                      MARCH 20, 2010                  • Due to the Mardi Gras Parades:
                                              “Safeguarding God’s Children”           Feb.11: No Evensong
Corrections                                           Train the Trainer
                                                Christ Church, Covington
                                                                                      Feb. 14: No Concert
                                                                                      Feb. 15: No Taize
 • The ECW Northshore Deanery                                                         Feb. 16: Mardi Gras Celebration, but
                                           Over the past several years the
meeting is scheduled for Saturday,                                                   no organ or labyrinth
                                          Diocese of Louisiana has held a
March 6th, not March 7th.
                                          number of training sessions to certify
 • Bishop-Elect Morris Thomp-                                                         • The Trinity Artist Series will pres-
                                          individuals across the diocese to train
son will be the keynote speaker                                                      ent a wonderful concert on Saturday,
                                          others in the Safeguarding God’s
for the ECW annual meeting,                                                          Feb. 20th at 3pm: “From Bach to
                                          Children program. We currently have
March 14th and 15th. He will also                                                    Blues”, with Sophie Kuhn, soprano
                                          14 trainers certified for this important
be celebrating the Eucharist, install-                                               in recital. Harry Mayrone, pianist
ing officers, and receiving the UTO                                                  and other special guests will perform
                                            It would be wonderful if each con-
Spring Ingathering. There will also                                                  features such as “Habañera” from
                                          gregation and school could nominate
be presentations by Kathy Alber-                                                     Carmen, “On My Own” from Les
                                          at least one person for this training.
gate, St.Paul’s, N.O., about the                                                     Miserablés and selections by Duke
                                          Larger institutions might consider
Red Thread mission to Haiti, and                                                     Ellington.
                                          more than one nominee so that they
someone from Trinity, Morgan City                                                     Donations for Grace Child Center or
                                          might be of service to the whole dioc-
about their medical mission to Haiti.                                                Loaves and Fishes, Africa are wel-
                                          esan community.
 • Happening # 65 is Friday, Feb-                                                    come at the door.
                                           Registration materials will be mailed
ruary 26th through Sunday, the
                                          shortly to all parishes and schools
28th at the SECC. Registration is                                                     • Also, please note that Bach Around
                                          within the diocese. You can also find
between 5 and 6 pm, with dinner                                                      the Clock starts Friday, March 19th at
                                          these materials on the Resources
at 6. It’s important that the kids get                                               7 pm snf continues all day Saturday
                                          page of
there on time, because the actual                                                    March 20th, ending at Midnight. Over
                                            For more info, please call
Happening won’t start until every-                                                   200 performers — music, dance,
                                          (225.706.6634) or email (jhirstius@
one is present.                                                                      yoga, theatre, poetry and more!
                                 Jennifer Hirstius

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