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					        ORANGE HIGH SCHOOL                                                        every student, every opportunity, everyday

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                                                                                                                   PHONE: 6362 3444
ORANGE NSW 2800                                           12th March, 2009                                         FAX:   6361 3616

My Monday was another great start to a typical week at Orange             I have had a number of enquiries about this years Coonabarabran
High School!                                                              Equestrian Expo. Ms Mason is on extended leave so Mr John
                                                                          Kinghorn has agreed to manage the team this year. Mrs
My day began with a visit to the Performing Arts Centre to watch          McAnulty Principal Spring Hill (Ph: 6365 5259) is happy to
Ms Atchison and the tap class practice. It is the first time that I       answer any queries about the Expo.
have seen the Tap Troupe this year and they were very
impressive. The troupe includes students from Year 7 to Year 12.          Congratulations to our relieving Head Teacher PDHPE, Mr
It is great to see them all working together so well. I am in awe         Pickering, who has again been selected as the NSW Combined
of Ms Atchison’s energy.                                                  High School Coach of Softball. Mr Pickering’s dedication,
                                                                          commitment and expertise as a coach was recently recognized as
After the performing Arts Centre I went to the Music Centre. Mrs          a Life Member by the NSW Combined High School Sports
Mickle was working with the Strings Group. Mr Irvine was                  Association. This is a prestigious award and very well deserved.
assisting the Drum Corp and the Brass Group who were
rehearsing together. Once again the students and the teachers
involved are a credit to Orange High.

When I returned to my office I had a chat to Matt Cotton a Year
12 student about his upcoming trip to Tasmania. Matt is
competing in the Australian Triathalon representing NSW.

                                                                          A special lunch will be held for the students who have received
                                                                          10 or more merit signatures in their diaries. A large number of
                                                                          students will be rewarded for their motivated and enthusiastic
                                                                          approach to school life. The luncheon will be held each term to
                                                                          celebrate student achievement.

                                                                          As always please contact the school if you have any concerns or
A large number of other students represented our school                   suggestions. Together we can achieve anything we want for our
admirably at the All Schools Competition:                                 students.

Mrs Wilson our schools Regional Swimming Team Coordinator                 M Angus, Principal
then gave me the list of students who will be competing at the
State Swimming Titles later this term. Mrs Wilson has included a          SOUTHERN CROSS CULTURAL EXCHANGE
report in this newsletter.                                                Southern Cross Cultural Exchange, an Australian not-for-profit
                                                                          organisation specialising in international student exchange
This morning I finally finished reading the Year 7 and Year 11            programs, is seeking volunteer host families for high school
Interim Reports. The majority of Year 7 students have made a              students scheduled to arrive in Australia in July 2009 from
very successful transition to secondary school and our Year 11’s          Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Sweden,
have accepted the challenges of senior school.                            Norway, Denmark Finland, Japan, Brazil, Canada and the USA.
                                                                          Host families can choose from students staying for a range of
Whilst Monday was fairly typical it reinforced the strength of            either 3, 5 or 10 months and they all attend local high schools
Public Education and Orange High Students have the opportunity            whilst they are in Australia. The main purpose of cultural
to achieve and participate in the arts, sporting pursuits and             exchange is to challenge youth towards international
academic rigour each and every day at our school. The strength            understanding and tolerance, encourage further learning, self
of our student body is that most individuals seize the                    knowledge and awareness - invaluable characteristics in today's
opportunities available                                                   world. We organise all the flights, school enrolment,
                                                                          transportation, insurances and support systems. Just imagine your

                                                Achievement in a supportive environment
  2                                                       ORANGE HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER
son or daughter having a brother or sister for a few months from       The conditions tested our swimmers (and spectators) at times as
another country. It’s a great opportunity for Australian students to   the weather started out cold before it rained, then came wind and
learn that there is a world of variety and opportunity waiting for     at last, some sunshine! Despite the wild weather everyone swam
them – different languages, foods, sports, customs, and perhaps        their hardest and supported each other. Some swimmers were
an overseas visit to look forward to later on. To enquire, call        ecstatic to swim personal best times, while others were just happy
Southern Cross Cultural Exchange now toll free on 1800 500 501,        to have made the distance (swimming flat out is a killer if you
visit or email                    haven’t been training!).

WELFARE WORDS                                                          The fastest three swimmers in each event went through to state.
• Just a reminder to parents…if your child missed the (Year 7)         OHS will be represented by two individual swimmers and two
  Hep B or HPV (girls only) or Year 10 Boostrix vaccinations           relays. Congratulations to:
  last week, please contact me as soon as possible for                 Bridie McClure 100 m breaststroke and relay
  information on the ‘catch-up’ days. Future vaccinations to           Angus Parsons will go for an amazing nine individual events,
  complete the Year 7 schedule can then be accessed at Orange          plus a relay! (50 m, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle, 100m
  High.                                                                backstroke, 100m breaststroke, 100m butterfly, 200m and 400m
• The Varicella (Chicken Pox) needle & HPV will be delivered           medley. It’s exhausting just writing all of those events, let alone
  in May, with the 2nd dose Hep B and the final HPV injection          swimming them!!
  in September.
                                                                       Angus actually won all of his events except the 50 m freestyle.
                                                                       However, what is more impressive about Angus is his attitude.
L Middleton, Head Teacher Welfare
                                                                       He is modest and always shows great sportsmanship and team
                                                                       spirit! A true champion!! Well done Angus.

Congratulations to Tori Moore, Olivia Patterson (Year 10) and          The relay teams swam really hard and were very excited to make
Keegan Harding (Year 9) who have been selected in the Hornets          it through to state:
Touch teams.
                                                                       Girls 13 yrs freestyle relay         Zoe Smith
The Hornets teams includes players from both the Hunter &                                                   Bridie McClure
Western areas and will play in the regional championships in late                                           Gabby Thompson
April. Our players have undergone an extensive selection process                                            Caitlin Ahern
and it is quite an honour to be selected in this team.
                                                                       Boys 15 yrs freestyle relay          Zac Ahern
Well done.                                                                                                  Angus Parsons
                                                                                                            Lachlan Harris
                                                                                                            Brad Rossiter
                                                                       We look forward to hearing how our swimmers go against the
March        19    OHS Athletics Carnival
                                                                       “big guns in Sydney”. A massive thank you to the parents who
March        26    Divisional Rugby League
                                                                       supported the swimmers. As always, you made my day very easy
March        27    Divisional Netball
                                                                       and enjoyable. See you next year!
March        31    Rugby Trials
April        7     Area Netball & Boys Football Trials                 Mrs Wilson
April        8     Girls Football Trials & Boys Hockey

L Middleton

Congratulations to the Orange High School Boys Squash Team
on their win in Round 1 of the Western Area Squash Knockout
competition. The boys played against Canobolas High School in
a friendly respectful competitive manner. Nathan Kelly, Jake
Keegan, Lindsay Mahlo and Jesse Keegan each won their
matches and all their games on a fun filled extremely hot

G Deasey

Last Wednesday 19 students travelled to Cowra to represent OHS         THE ORANGE / HURLSTONE DEBATING EXCHANGE.
in the Western Area Swimming Trials. They were: Brice
Spencer, Slade Anlezark, Caitlin Ahern, Sammie Heather, Bridie         Every year Hurlstone Agricultural School and Orange High
McClure, Zoe Smith, Nina Hoffman, Angus Parsons, Ruby                  compete against each other in a 2 day debating program. This
Taylor, Zac Ahern, Lachlan Harris, Hope Samways, Olivia                year the competition was extremely close, with Hurlstone
Thompson, Gabby Thompson, Brad Rossiter, Mel Chapman,                  winning 5 – 4. The debates were between Years 7, 8, and 9. Our
Emily Hazzard, Scott Howard and Oscar Hoffman.                         competitors were Ryan Milham, Beth Clarke, Hayley Swain,
  3                                                      ORANGE HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER
Wallace, Sarah Owens, Amy Scarr, Olivia Thompson, Maddison
Wells Jordan Copnerhurst, Jackson Griffith-Bankovic, Kenan
Milham and Thomas Moad. Year 7 won their division but
unfortunately Year 8 and 9 lost their divisions.

Kodeira Backhouse


Mentoring is underway for twelve Year 10 students and their
Plan-it Youth volunteer mentors. A ’Jitters’ Session was held last
week to get to know each other and now those who have been
matched up are meeting every Tuesday morning to talk through
their plans for the future. We welcome four new mentors to the
program: Tereza Cooney, Tracey Carr, Eddie Parr and Sandy
Suellen Milham
Plan-it Youth
6292 8441

Year 6 scientists from Calare, Canobolas and Orange Public
Schools are again visiting the Science Laboratories for 5 weeks of
science explorations. The first session produced a lot of clucking
encouraged by Mr Shea and Mrs Griffen!

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