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									   Menasha Corporation Employees Credit                                                                  March 31, 2006
                                                                                                         Volume 2, Issue 1
219 W Cecil St, Neenah, WI 54956 (920) 751-1357


     Chuck Gleasner
      Board Chair
                                             Phishing…Don’t Get Hooked!
       Les Simon
       Vice Chair                                                up charges on the victim’s
                             Are you getting strange emails                                          It is worth noting that these
                                                                 existing credit cards, apply for
                             from financial institutions you                                        scams are nothing new. In
      Diane Sawyer                                               new loans, credit cards, services
                             don’t bank with? Are you getting                                       particular, the Nigerian Scam has
        Secretary                                                or benefits in the victim’s name
                             emails from eBay asking you to                                         been around for decades.
                                                                 and even file fraudulent tax
       Andy Miller           update your information or risk
                             having your privileges                                                 What is new, however, is the
                             suspended? Are you getting                                             technology. The advent of
                                                                 Fortunately, there are ways to
                             letters or phone calls informing                                       personal computers and the
      Adam Tanvas                                                protect yourself and your
    Assistant Treasurer      you that you won a Canadian                                            relative ease of anonymous
                             Lottery? Are you getting emails                                        email has recently allowed these
                             from a banker in Nigeria about                                         scams to really take off.
        Paul Burke                                               If you get emails like the
                             splitting millions from the estate
         Director                                                proceeding you can protect
                             of someone you never knew?                                             Often times these “phishing”
                                                                 yourself by taking the following
                                                                                                    scams will target a group of
     Kathi Gleasner                                              steps:
                                                                                                    email users such as individuals
        Director             If the answer is yes to any of the
                                                                        Don’t open any email with business or organizational
                             above, someone is “phishing” for
                                                                           attachments that come email addresses. These
                             you! The term “phishing” refers
                                                                           with these emails as     scammers will get a block of
                             to an attempt to trick individuals
                                                                           they often contain       email addresses and blanket
          Staff              into disclosing their personal
     Scott Chicoine                                                        spyware or computer everyone with these fraudulent
                             information and financial data.
     President/CEO                                                         viruses.                 practices.
                             The fraudulently obtained                  Don’t respond to
     Rhonda Hansen           information is often used to steal            unsolicited emails askingTake steps to protect yourself
                             the individual’s identity and                 for personal data.       and your assets. Don’t be
     Office Manager
                             financial assets. Generally,               Promptly delete these “phished”!
      Kevin Winkler          identity thieves use someone’s                emails from your inbox.
      Loan Officer           personal data to steal his or her
                             financial institution accounts, run
      Leah Anthony
     Member Service

      Emily Hansen
                               Family Membership Matters
     Member Service
                             If you’re reading this newsletter, it This means that you can join and
       Ron Abitz             probably means you’re a               get same great products and
     Member Service          member of the Menasha                 experience the same great
                             Corporation Employees Credit          service that comes with being a
                             Union. If you aren’t a member, member.
                             odds are that you are reading
         Hours               the newsletter because you            Being a member of a credit
     Monday-Friday                                                                                                                  .
                             have a family member who is a union means that you’re an                            Please note
       9am-5pm               credit union member.                  owner of the credit union and                   that the
                                                                   being an owner means that you                   Menasha
                             Why not experience the benefits get the best possible products at                   Corporation
                             of membership by joining              fair and favorable pricing all with            Employees
                             yourself? In many cases,              great service.                               Credit Union
                             immediate family/household                                                         will be closed
                             members of individuals eligible       Call or stop in today to check out             all day in
                             for membership of the credit          membership requirements.                     observance of
                             union also qualify for membership                                                  Good Friday,
                                                                                                                April 14, 2006

                                                                 Staff Changes
                             An unexpected change               So…..as we embark upon a new Kevin has a great background in
                             occurred with the staff recently. NFL season, if you are looking for banking and is a very
                                                                a new team to cheer on, please experienced loan officer. From
                             Many of you had gotten to know consider the Oakland Raiders!            car loans to home buying or
                             Carla Sims these past few months                                        refinancing, Kevin will handle
                             as your credit union loan officer. Joining the staff as a loan officer your needs promptly and
                             She left the credit union at the   in March, 2006 was Kevin             professionally.
                             end of March to move to            Winkler.
                             Oakland, CA.                                                            Stop in or call Kevin for your next
                                                                Kevin, a Seymour resident was        auto, personal loan or home
“If your ship doesn’t come
                             Carla’s husband, Darryl Sims with Dairyman’s State Bank and loan.
                             had been the head coach of Miller Electric Credit Union prior to
      in, swim out to it.”                                      joining us. Kevin is originally from
                             NFL Europe’s Cologne,
                                                                the Colby area and is a
                             Germany team but he
                                                                graduate of UW Eau Claire.
      Jonathon Winters
                             recently took an assistant
                             coaching position with the
                             Oakland Raiders.

                                                   Annual Meeting Update
                             In case you missed it, your credit Apart from the great dinner and      In addition to Chuck
                             union recently held its Annual     the many, many door prizes won       Gleasner, running for director
                             Meeting.                           by members in attendance,            were 1st time candidates Paul
                                                                elections for 3 open board of
    1th Quarter Kids Club                                                                            Burke, Chris Krekowski, Debra
                             Approximately 150 people           director positions were held.
           Winner            attended the Annual Meeting on                                          Meyer and Adam Tanvas.
             Is:             Saturday, February 25, 2006 at     The 3-year terms of Chuck
     Alex Bartow             Germania Hall in Menasha.          Gleasner and Missi Knutson   Chuck Gleasner and Adam
                                                              were up for election. Chuck Tanvas were elected to 3-
                             Board Chair Chuck Gleasner was
                                                              sought re-election while Missi year terms and Paul Burke
                             the master of ceremonies for the                                was elected to a 1-year term.
                             business meeting and spoke       decided not to re-run. As
                             briefly on the positive changes well, JoAnn Siracusa vacated At the conclusion of the business
                             that the credit union has gone   the last year of her 3-year
                                                                                             meeting many members stayed
                             through recently.                term.                          to enjoy an evening of music
                                                                                                     from the credit union sponsored

                             In the past, members may not      pleasantly surprised at what your This way, if you are in the home
                             have thought about the credit     credit union can do for you!       buying or building market, you
                             union when it came time to                                           can shop and plan with
                             refinance or buy a new home.      If you are unsure of your next stepconfidence as you’ll know, up
                                                               or if you are wondering if home front, the financing costs.
                             Well, to quote a popular song     ownership will be affordable, we
                             “the times, they are a-changing”! also do a free, no-obligation,     The home mortgage process
                                                               prequalification for mortgage      doesn’t need to be a mystery.
                             From buying property or new       loans.                             Your credit union is here to help.
                             home construction to financing                                       Call or stop into today to see
                             the purchase of a new home or The mortgage prequalification          Kevin for free, no-obligation
                             refinancing your existing home, process helps you and the credit mortgage pre-qualification.
                             we think you’ll be very           union determine what mortgage
                                                               program is affordable for you.

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