Intimacy and Middle Adulthood by zot13213


									Intimacy and Middle Adulthood: Focus Questions

  1) How is “middle adulthood” said to be potentially the
     best stage of marriage?

  2) How is marital status found to correlate with life

  3) Why is it argued that marital happiness is likely to
     increase over long-term marriages?

  4) How are love relationship cited to change behavior
     between early middle adulthood?

  5) What is the meaning of “gender convergence” as
     discussed in this program?

  6) As discussed here what are some of the benefits of the
     “empty nest” stage of marriage? And what problems
     may emerge in the marriage at this stage?

  7) What is the meaning and significance of the “revolving
     door generation?

  8) What is the meaning and significance of the “sandwich

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