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									The Field’s Non-Profit Sponsorship Program – Description and Contract

The following information summarizes The Field's Non-Profit Sponsorship Program. Our goal is
to offer the best sponsorship program in New York – we are very interested in getting your
feedback about the service and any suggestions you have for improvements. Please take a few
moments to read the description and contract; we have tried to focus on explaining the various
aspects of the program and responding to questions we are commonly asked. Once you have read
this document, and if you are interested in becoming a Sponsored Artist:

!   The first step is to contact Karen Bernard, Manager of the Non-Profit Sponsorship Program,
    at (212) 691-6969, ext. 13. Karen (or another staff member if Karen is unavailable) will
    answer questions and let you know when the next sponsored artist orientation will occur.
    These meetings are usually held twice a week. Artists find them helpful as a means to learn
    more about the program, hear questions from other artists, and get materials related to the
    service. If you are unable to attend one of these meetings due to time or scheduling
    constraints, please talk with Karen about alternatives.
!   When you come to the orientation, it is helpful to bring with you the contract (filled in if you
    are sure you would like to join), a biography/resume, and a brief description of the project(s)
    for which you'd like to raise funds. If you do not have these materials available, please come
    to the meeting anyway – they can be submitted later. Please note: our service is only open to
    performing artists.
!   Becoming a Sponsored Artist involves being a Field member as well. If you are not already a
    member you may become a member before the orientation meeting online at, via the mail, at our office, or at the time of the orientation meeting. Along
    with Field membership (which costs $100 for a year), a $150 fee applies to activate your
    participation in the Non-Profit Sponsorship Program. Your status as a Sponsored Artist goes
    hand-in-hand with your membership and will be in force as long as your membership is
    current (both renew on an annual basis).
!   Approval of becoming a Sponsored Artist is quick – once you have completed the contract,
    paid the fees, submitted materials, and checked with Karen, you are ready to make use of the
    program’s benefits, which are outlined next.

The Field’s Non-Profit Sponsorship Program provides you with:
! eligibility to apply for most government, foundation, and corporate grants which require
   501(c)(3) non-profit status (even when these funders say “We do not fund individuals”);
! eligibility to receive matching gifts from corporations;
! eligibility to receive contributions of both money and goods from individuals and have those
   contributions be tax-deductible for the donor;
! access to other services where 501(c)(3) status is necessary, including access to Materials for
   the Arts, the Costume Collection, and discounted rehearsal and performance space rates.

Fees: The Field's annual membership fee is $100 and the annual Non-Profit Sponsorship
Program fee is $150. Our new model of sponsorship, "Raise All You Want," has no percentage
deducted from your donations. There are two exceptions to note. Contributions received via
VISA or MasterCard on the web incur a credit card transaction fee of 3% that The Field will
deduct from the donation. If you end up applying for more than 10 grants in a year, or apply to
certain government grants, then an additional fee will apply – these fees are always discussed with
you ahead of time, and only cover staff time to process these grants.

All grant and contribution checks should be made payable to The Field and earmarked on the
memo line for the artist or company. Funds we receive in check form will be turned around to you
in two weeks – this allows us time to be sure that the donor’s check clears our bank. Funds that
are donated via credit card are turned around to you in a week. We typically mail your checks to
you; should you wish to pick up your check at the office, please call us.
In order to ensure that everyone’s written materials are of a good quality, we ask that all grant proposals, fundraising
materials, and publicity using The Field's name are submitted in advance so that we can review these materials ahead of
time. This requirement helps to make sure that funders and individual donors receive a high level of solicitation, which
protects all of our Sponsored Artists. Please submit your grants at least two weeks ahead of the deadline for review and
approval; solicitation letters and publicity materials require one week. While we try to accommodate all requests,
submitting too close to a deadline may mean that we are unable to sponsor your grant or solicitation letter.

Again, we have this review process in place to benefit all Sponsored Artists, as grant-making organizations and other
service providers recognize The Field as a sponsor of a consistently high caliber of grants. Our review covers clarity and
accuracy of materials only; we do not exercise any control over artistic content. We handle review and subsequent
consultations lasting more than fifteen minutes in one of two ways. 1) You can rework your materials on your own and
resubmit to us. 2) You can opt for a consultation with a Field staff member to help with your materials. The fee for
consultations is $40/hour, charged in fifteen-minute increments.

Final Reports: In the event a grant is awarded or individual contributions are received, artists are responsible for
keeping track of actual expenses and income for the project. In the case of grants, artists first submit the final report to
The Field for review before sending this to the funder. It is imperative that final reports and any other items requested by
the funder be submitted in the stipulated time frame for the awarded grant, as artists who do not complete final reports
jeopardize every other artist’s chances of getting funding from that source. Individual donors also appreciate hearing
about how the project went, and so letting them know this after the project is finished accomplishes this goal and also lays
the foundation for future solicitations.

The Field will send you a simple form every six months that asks you to account for any grant money/individual
contributions that you have received. In addition, we ask that you send along any documentation about your project,
including programs, flyers, reviews, etc. These materials help us substantiate your activities and sponsorship to The
Field’s Board of Directors.

Funder Acknowledgment: Artists are responsible for sending thank-you letters to their individual contributors. As
mandated by law, The Field will send thank-you letters to individual contributors who give $250 or more. For
contributors who give less than $250, their canceled check or credit card receipt will serve as their receipt for the IRS.
The Field will send acknowledgments to all grant makers and individuals who contribute goods.

Taxes: You or your company will receive a 1099-misc form if you earn more than $599 through The Field in a calendar
year. When you sign a contract with us, we collect either the artist’s social security number or a Federal Employment
Identification number (used for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and non-profit corporations). The entity whose number
we have on file will receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year if more than $599 was raised through the service
during the calendar year. The IRS recognizes this 1099 as taxable income. Please contact the appropriate experts (tax
accountants or the IRS) regarding how to file at tax time. Keeping track of receipts related to how you are spending this
money will be crucial to your filing – most artists do not pay additional taxes because they deduct their art-related
expenses from this 1099 income.

Individual Solicitations: In your solicitation letter, please include the language about The Field in italics below. Please
have your individual donors send their contribution checks to your address; once you have collected them, mail or drop
them off in batches at The Field’s office, attention Karen. If you are dropping off checks, they can be given to a staff
member at the office or put in an envelope with Karen’s name and “The Field” and put through the slot of The Field’s
office door – access to the office building is available on a 24-hour basis.

The Field is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the New York City performing arts
community. Contributions made to The Field and earmarked for (artist/company name) are tax deductible to the
extent allowed by law. For more information about The Field contact: The Field, 161 6th Avenue, New York NY
10013, (212)691-6969, fax: (212)255-2053, e-mail: A copy of The Field’s
latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from The Field or from the Office of the Attorney General,
Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

What follows is the official contract. It puts the information in the description you’ve just read
into contract form.
Sponsored Artist Contract: Letter of Agreement

Performance Zone Inc. d.b.a. The Field (hereinafter “The Field”) and
                                                                           (hereinafter “ the Artist”) agree as

    A. Subject to parts B and C below, The Field agrees:

            1. To deposit any funds received from or earmarked for the Artist in an account segregated on The
               Field’s books, and to disburse to the Artist funds earmarked for the Artist after two weeks from
               date of receipt of contributions made by check, and five business days from receipt of credit card

            2. a) If the Artist is not part of his/her own tax-exempt organization, to sponsor the Artist in
               seeking tax-deductible grants and contributions to the extent permitted by law; and, where
               necessary, to write to funding sources explaining the relationship between the Artist and The Field,
               and to provide copies of The Field’s 501(c)(3) letter of determination and other supporting
               materials to funding sources.

                b) To sign grant contracts, process approved grants promptly, and acknowledge contributions from
                any government, foundation or corporate sources; provided that such grants and contributions are
                made payable to The Field.

                c) To advise and assist in the preparation of grant proposals, budgets, and financial reports related
                to the Artist’s artistic work on a pro-rated fee basis of $40 per hour.

                d) To issue an IRS 1099 form for any funds disbursed by The Field to the Artist totaling over $599
                during any calendar year.

            3. Not to impose The Field’s artistic judgments on the Artist.

            4. That all rights and titles to ownership of the Artist’s {artistic work}, and all income derived
               therefrom shall belong to the artist.

    B. Subject to Part A above and Part C below, The Artist agrees:

            5. To advise The Field of any material changes in its purposes or activities put forth in its fundraising
               materials submitted to The Field.

            6. a) To submit to The Field copies of materials relating to the Artist, his/her purpose and activities
               and related fiscal matters including, but not limited to, copies of programs, reviews, flyers,
               correspondence, proposals, solicitation materials, contracts, agreements and other documents
               relating to grants and contributions. To submit funding proposals two weeks prior to the grant
               deadline, and solicitation materials one week prior to the proposed date of mailing.

                b) To have all grants and contributions he/she seeks through the sponsorship of The Field made
                payable to The Field.

                c) To file all reports, including final reports, required by funding sources and to supply The Field
                with a copy of each such report for The Field’s approval prior to sending it out.

                d) To acknowledge every contribution and grant with a personalized thank you letter to the
                contributor or funding body.
Sponsored Artist Contract: Letter of Agreement, page 2

          7. That The Field shall deduct a 3% fee for credit card contributions to cover the cost of each credit
             card transaction.

          8. To supply, in writing, details about projects for which the Artist wishes to solicit individual
             contributions under the sponsorship of The Field and to supply a copy of the solicitation letter,
             which must be approved before the Artist proceeds with the solicitation. This letter must include
             the following:

              The Field is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the New York City
              performing arts community. Contributions made to The Field and earmarked for (Artist’s name)
              are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about The Field contact:
              The Field, 161 6th Avenue, New York NY 10013, (212)691-6969, fax: (212)255-2053,
     e-mail: A copy of The Field’s latest annual report may be
              obtained, upon request, from The Field or from the Office of the Attorney General, Charities
              Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

              This same paragraph must appear in solicitations in programs or on a website. The Field must be
              notified in writing and give consent before the Artist may use The Field to solicit any individual

          9. That neither the Artist nor anyone who works for the Artist shall be considered an employee or
             agent of The Field, nor shall he or she make claims against The Field for unemployment
             compensation, workmen’s compensation, or disability benefits. All such persons shall be agents,
             employees or consultants of the Artist only. This agreement does not constitute a contract of
             employment between The Field and the Artist or any other person. The Artist is being served as an
             independent contractor and is not an employee of The Field. In particular, the Artist warrants that
             the Artist is an employee of him or herself, not The Field, and pays his/her own unemployment,
             disability insurance and any other insurance or taxes for him/herself to the extent such payment is

          10. To abide by all of The Field’s policies and procedures set out in the guidelines attached and such
              other policies and procedures as may be adopted by The Field and stated from time to time, either
              orally or in writing. The Artist shall cause all persons acting with respect to the Artist to comply
              with the terms of this agreement.

          11. That all publicity, news releases, websites, programs and other published documents relating to
              the Artist will give proper credit to The Field and supporters in this manner:

              This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field, (and if
              applicable), with funding provided by (funders).

          12. That The Field may use the name and description of the Artist and any project that the Artist is
              involved in for promotion purposes and information.
Sponsored Artist Contract: Letter of Agreement, page 3

    C. The Field and the Artist agree:

             13. The Field may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying the Artist in writing (a) if the
                 Artist fails to comply with any of its requirements as set out herein, or (b) at The Field’s sole
                 discretion if The Field reasonably determines that such termination is in the best interests of The
                 Field or the Artist.

             14. The Artist may withdraw from this Agreement at any time by notifying The Field in writing.

             15. The Artist agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Field from any and all claims, costs,
                 awards, damages, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of
                 any claim, demand, action or proceeding, which may be made or instituted against The Field by
                 reason of a breach of any warranty or representation made by the Artist in this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly executed this Agreement on the day and year written below. By
signing below, the Artist understands this Agreement and agrees to its terms.

For the Artist:



Company Name (if applicable)__________________________________________________________


Mailing Address________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Phone_________________________________

Alternate Phone_________________________________


E-mail _________________________________________

Social Security Number or FEI Number______________________________________________________

Make checks for you/your company payable to_________________________________________________

For The Field:



The Field, 161 Sixth Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY, 10013, (212) 691-6969,

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