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                                                 NEWSLETTER                                                                              December 2007

 EL2 Relay                                                                   Pump Control - Standard Module

 The EL2 relay is designed to provide detection of                           The Pump Control standard Module provides submersible pump control.
 earth fault currents in a power system using an                             It monitors the current used by the pump and differentiates between load
 external CT. Compact EL2 Protection module is                               and no load currents. An adaptive control algorithm is used to vary the
 suitable for all AC applications using VSD circuits.                        pause and run cycle times for effective automatic pump control.
 May be used with core balance and transformer
 backup protection systems.                                                  Features:
                                                                             • The PCM module in DIN rail or rear panel
                                                                             • One CT covers four selectable ranges with 200:1
                                                                               CT supplied
                                                                             • Easy Installation
                                                                             • Adjustable snooze current level with LED
 Key Features include:                                                         indication of above or below snooze setting.
 • 16 bit microprocessor core                                                • Six snooze curve timing selections
 • Adjustable trip time                                                      • LED indications for Power, Run, Pause
 • Test button – to test all features                                        • Output relay for Run
 • Adjustable trip delay time
 • Sensitive earth fault CT connected check                                  Ordering Code:               A01018             Pump Control STD
 • Inhibit function for 11 X over current
 • Latching trip or auto resetting                                           Outlet Test Unit – O.T.U

 Ordering Code:                       A00962 EL2                             The Bramco Outlet Test Unit is designed to
                                                                             provide the statutory Earth Leakage test on an
Control & Protection Module                                                  outlet without opening the cubicle. The test
                                                                             incorporates a highly accurate timer to record
– CPM1micro +                                                                the time taken to isolate the power to the outlet.
                                                                             The unit provides the complete test of:
CPM1m+ is the latest product in the CPM
range. Improved features include:                                                     • Checking the earth leakage device for accurate operation.
                                                                                      • Timing of the power interrupt time to the outlet, not just the earth
• Upgraded microprocessor                                                               leakage device.
• Wider range of protection
• Faster Operation                                                           The O.T.U now has a new and IMPROVED design. It is more compact,
• Megger test facility                                                       more robust and allows more information to be displayed, with a battery
• Plug in Modular features                                                   management feature now included.
• Leading edge technology
• Revised screen functions                                                   It includes test settings for 1000V, 415V/240V and 110V. Phase Rotation
• Enhanced user friendliness                                                 Indication and Line Power indication are also key features of the O.T.U.
• Backward compatible
                                                                             Ordering Code:              A01022             OTU PLED Battery operated
                                                                                                         B00032             Optional Hard Carry Case
    Module Features                  Micro Processor Features
    Earth leakage protection               120 unit fault logging

   Heavy duty switching outputs      Highest peak current log per cycle
  Active passive barrier for logon
   control and earth fault lockout     Upgradable from earlier versions

  Earth Continuity/pilot or remote       Instantaneous load current
              control                      continuously displayed
                                     Easily configured latch/non latch and
         Multiple OL Curves
                                        fail safe/non fail sale operation                   45-47 Orlando Road
        Ethernet Interface                   Fail Safe Operation                                 PO Box 15
     Auto fan interlock control          Plug in module for ease of                        LAMBTON NSW 2299
       Megger Test Control             Fan interlock selectable feature
                                                                             Telephone 61 2 4952 5366 Facsimile 61 2 4952 4600
Ordering Code:                       A00531 CPM1m+
                                 NEWSLETTER                                                                    December 2007

     Can you believe its December already!! 2007
     has been a big year for updates, improvements
     and new additions at Bramco.                                          Merry Christmas
     We will have staff working during the break to
     cover any emergency customer issues needing
     attention.                                                   and a Happy New Year
     May we take this opportunity to thank you for
     your valued business throughout the year and
     look forward to being of service to you in 2008
     and beyond!
                                                                            from Everyone at
     From all of us at Bramco Electronics
     we wish you and your families a very
     Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy                                 Bramco Electronics
     & prosperous New Year.

                                                    We are pleased to welcome the following new face to the
                                                    Bramco team...

                                                    Deon de Jager
                                                    As the Technical Support Manager Deon will be managing
                                                    Bramco’s new Service Division which provides field
                                                    support to our growing sector.Deon
                                                    This includes customer support, equipment audits,
                                                    preventative maintenance, equipment upgrades, project
                                                    execution management, commissioning and
                                                    CHRISTMAS CLOSURE NOTICE

                       Deon DeJager                 During this Christmas period, Bramco will be closed
                 Technical Support Manager          between: Friday December 21, 2007 and Monday
                                                    January 7, 2007

                                                    Engineering and technical concerns during
                                                    this time can be directed to either:

                                                    Deon DeJager:               0416 185 197        On Site
                     ELECTRONICS                    Richard Franke:             0400 330 182        Dawson Project

               45-47 Orlando Road                   Chris Bird:                 0402 067 345 -      Technical enquires
                    PO Box 15                       Bramco - South Africa       2716 314 5064
              LAMBTON NSW 2299
                                                    Customers may also leave contact details on the
                   AUSTRALIA                        dedicated Bramco phone message service. These will
Telephone 61 2 4952 5366 Facsimile 61 2 4952 4600   be cleared regularly and returned. Call: (+61) 2 4952 5366
                                                                                                         Until next time - cheers from
Email         Sales Enquires: everyone at Bramco Electronics

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