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New book
to share
taxi tales
Lisa Edgerton                                                Questions asked in the survey
                                                           address why people became taxi
VICTORIAN taxi drivers are be-                             drivers and the best and worst
ing asked to share their stories as                        moments they have had driving a
part of Taxi Project, an initiative                        cab.
aimed at changing the conver-                                Passengers are also invited to
sation between taxi drivers and                            share their positive taxi experi-
passengers.                                                ences.
 Project       creator      Rachael                          Often targets of bad press, taxi
Guthridge is hitting the streets                           drivers are extremely hard-
and asking taxi drivers to fill out                        working and deserve respect, Ms
a questionnaire designed by re-                            Guthridge said. She plans to
searchers from the Taxi Project                            produce a 100-page book, to be

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 COLOUR: CMYK
team.                                                      released early next year.
 ‘‘These men and women pick                                  ‘‘People from all walks of life
people up 24/7,’’ Ms Guthridge                             and all different mental and                                 Daisy Bloumis’ daughter, Karen, made her a racetrack-inspired hat for Oaks Day.   Picture: RICHARD SERONG. N20MS403
said.                                                      physical states get into a taxi,’’
 ‘‘They see a diverse cross-                               Ms Guthridge said.
section of life and some of them                             ‘‘I really want to learn about
have the most incredible tales to
tell. It’s like the Wild West out
                                                           what that would be like and hear
                                                           from drivers or passengers about
                                                           what has happened to them.’’
                                                                                                                        Unique race-day hat turns heads
 Ms Guthridge said she was                                   Taxi Project is sponsored by                               THERE was no need for Bentleigh’s      more appropriate than Flemington         Mrs Bloumis said she was thrilled
inspired to start the project after                        Silver Top Taxis, 13CABS,                                    Daisy Bloumis to head down to the      racecourse?’’ Ms Magrath said.         at her daughter’s crafty creation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PAGE: 7
encountering an Indian taxi                                UNIGAS, the Victorian Taxi As-                               racetrack this Spring.                  The traditional boater-style hat        ‘‘It looks terrific,’’ she said.
driver with a great life philos-                           sociation and Taxi Talk maga-                                 She had one on top of her head        was given a Flemington-style             Ms Magrath, who dabbles in cer-
ophy.                                                      zine.                                                        instead.                               makeover with fake grass, fencing,     amics, scrapbooking and painting,
 ‘‘He said, ‘I am great because I                            Proceeds from the sale of the                               Bentleigh’s Mrs Bloumis’ fanciful     a small Melbourne Cup trophy           said the hat was made to stand out.
choose to be great, that is how I                          book will go to the Very Special                             creation was made by her daughter,     replica and even roses hand sewn         ‘‘It is on the loud side,’’ she said.
choose to live my life’,’’ she said.                       Kids foundation.                                             Karen Magrath, for an Oaks Day         on to the top.                         ‘‘If you’re going to do something
 ‘‘Taxi drivers often have such                              Passengers and taxi drivers                                lunch at Alma Bowling Club.             ‘‘I tried to replicate one of the     like that it’s never going to be
good stories to tell about their                           who wish to share their stories                               ‘‘My mother had needed a hat for      Flemington racecourse signs too,’’     subdued. If it’s fun you’ve got to go
journeys.’’                                                can go to                                    the bowls club, so what could be       Ms Magrath said.                       all out.’’

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