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Nerada Tea


Nerada Tea

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									Nerada Tea
While not quite ready to market its wares on the
internet, a tea supplier’s interest in doing business
online is reaching the boil.

The business
Nerada Tea, an offshoot of Malaysian-owned
company, Boh Plantations, is Australia’s largest
supplier of North Queensland-grown tea. It employs
five managerial staff and 20 production workers in its
manufacturing plant in Brisbane.

The company is upgrading its internal accounting and
sales systems so that it can directly interface with its
                                                           The solution
Australian retail-wholesale customers and is               Nerada Tea does not currently have a
exploring – with input from Brisbane City Council’s        website but its marketing arm believes
Business Online Initiative in a joint program with         that it should. Initially, because the
Queenland Department of State Development – the            company does not sell directly to
options available for doing some of this customer          consumers, it is planning to place its
service work via the internet.                             brochures and other information about tea
Management is also strategically planning ways in
which to further highlight the “Nerada Tea” brand          The company is also implementing a fully
name, which is a vehicle for on-selling more than one      digitised supply chain solution. In order to
million kilograms of tea produced from supplier            improve communication speeds, the
farms located on the Atherton Tablelands in far north      company is installing high-speed ADSL
Queensland.                                                links and the overseas-based software
                                                           developer has agreed to provide training
The challenge                                              and assist with the changeover.
Each member of the office staff has a computer with
email and internet access. The factory has a number        The future
of automated manufacturing processes and                   According to General Manager, Andrew
customised accounting software is used to track sales      Weavers, the successful implementation
and raw tea purchases.                                     of Nerada Tea’s current plan would place
                                                           the firm in a sound position for growth.
The company has been using modified management             “This will augur well for doing business
software, loosely based on that used by the                with our existing large Australian retail-
company’s overseas head office, for more than six          wholesalers and enhance our scope to
years. The program automates many aspects of sales         market       advanced       communication
and stock control and there is a procurement module        capabilities to other retail-wholesaler
for suppliers.                                             players in other States,” Andrew says.
Following head office’s lead, Nerada is upgrading          “Nerada’s first stage in e-commerce
this software for more efficient integration to external   development is under way. It’s a strategic
web-based procurement and sales systems. This will         decision the firm is hoping will impact
not mean less control by the local business arm, but       positively on growth and how it continues
will enable closer cooperation between each of the         to do business in the future. The next
tea manufacturing centres around the world.                hurdle is how best to influence suppliers
                                                           to do likewise.”

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