Quick Reference Guide to Services for Maintenance by fkj92926


									                              Quick Reference Guide to Services for
                             Maintenance, Operations & Transportation

1.1 Introduction

The Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Division is in place to respond to the District’s
support services requirements. Maintenance, Operations (custodial & security), Transportation,
Fleet, and Property Management are the departments that comprise the Division. This quick
reference guide will give school staff a concise list of which department, and who to contact to
request work or get information that is needed.

1.2 Components of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

Each of the five primary departmental areas serves the district in a very specific manner. Below is a
matrix of what each department is responsible for and how the department is organized.

     Target Area &              Department             Who to Contact            Organizational
        Definition                                                                 Structure
MOT Administration             Maintenance,        Toby Smith                  • Director of MOT
Defined as:                     Operations &       252-3000 x344               • Secretary
Administration for MOT.        Transportation
General information,                               Debbie Britt
Disaster Preparedness                              252-3000 x341
Fire Drill Reports,
Earthquake Drill
Coordination, Use
Permit Oversight,
Energy Conservation,
Safety Committee.
Work Control Desk               Maintenance        Fredie Long                 •   2 Secretaries
Defined as:                     Department         252-3000 x359
Management, control,
information & issue of all                         Kathy Vyfvinkel
maint. work orders, use                            252-3000 x360
Maintenance                     Maintenance        Earl Gifford                •   Maintenance
Defined as:                     Department         252-3000 x352                   Supervisor
Repair/maintenance of                                                          •   2 Maintenance
school site areas:                                                                 Leads
Carpentry,Electrical,                                                          •   14 Craftworkers
Fencing. Some minor
construction and PM.
      Target Area &          Department           Who to Contact        Department
        Definition                                                       Make-up
Grounds                        Grounds         Mario Pinheiro      •   Grounds
Defined as:                   Department       252-3000 x354           Supervisor
Repair/maintenance of                                              •   10 Grounds
school grounds areas:                                                  Workers
playfields, planters,
trees, shrubs, vegetation
and irrigation system.
District Safety              District Safety   Toby Smith, Chair   •   13 committee
Defined as:                   Committee        252-3000 x344           members inc. the
A district-wide safety                                                 chair
committee is in place to
ensure a safe
Custodial                     Operations       Gus Cole            •   Operations Mgr.
Defined as:                   Department       252-3000 x348       •   Assistant Mgr.
Cleaning and upkeep of                                             •   54 Custodians
all school buildings and
Security                      Operations       Gus Cole            •   Operations Mgr.
Defined as:                   Department       252-3000 x348       •   Assistant Mgr.
Evening patrol,                                                    •   4 Security Guards
monitoring, door/window                        Art Renteria
lock checks and                                252-3000 x349

Transportation               Transportation    Diane Leech         •   Transportation
Defined as:                   Department       252-3000 x384           Mgr.
Provide bus service for                                            •   Dispatcher
Spec. Ed., ELD,                                                    •   Scheduler
Overflow & Field Trips,                                            •   Bus Driver
& limited fee-based to                                                 Instructor
some schools.                                                      •   31 Bus Drivers

Fleet                        Transportation    Chuck Houser        •   Fleet Manager
Defined as:                   Department       252-3000 x375       •   Fleet Spvr.
Repair and maintenance                                             •   2 Auto Mech.
of the bus fleet, service                      Diane Leech         •   Equipment
fleet and all mechanized                       252-3000 x384           Service Person
equipment.                                                         •   Tools/Materials
                                                                       Service Person
Property Management           Property         Toby Smith          •   1 Property
Defined as:                  Management        252-3000 x344           Analyst
Manage all leased            Department
property. Purchase,                            Mike Veloria
lease, and installation of                     252-3000 x373
all modular classrooms.
Playground equipment
installations. Collect
Developer fees.
Maintain Plans Library.

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