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Name the Duck
The Sommers Festival of Cricket has announced the mascot for the
event …. only one problem … he doesn’t have a name.
Event organisers have announced that a blue duck – the duck-defying duck – will be the
mascot for the Festival.                                                                                  Our Supporters

Who is the world’s only duck-defying duck!

He is the duck with “batter-tude”, refuses to leave the crease. The tail-ender who smashes
a six over out of the ground and always saves the game.

He stares down the pitch facing the oncoming ball with certainty knowing he is a lean
mean run scoring machine. The only problem is… he remains nameless!

Local cartoonist, Roger McAuliffe from Parody Cartoons is the artist behind the creation. “It was
an interesting project as we had to ensure he was just right – full of attitude and determination
but also a little bit cheeky”, said Mr McAuliffe.

Festival of cricket organisers are asking children up to the age of 17 years to name the
duck. The person who suggest the winning name will win a Glenn McGrath autographed
Sommers bat, a copy of Atari’s new RickyPonting game, a Festival of Cricket merchandise
pack and VIP treatment at the Sommers Festival of Cricket.

Event Director, Elizabeth Nichols, is looking forward to the suggestions that will come
through the competition. “We have tried to think of a name for quite a few months
but none seemed quite right”, said Mrs Nichols. “We then thought – we shouldn’t
name him anyway. It should be up to the kids”.

Entry to the “Give the Duck a Name” competition is limited to school children, aged up to 17
years. In a coupon in the News, they will be asked to name the duck and, in a few lines,
explain why they chose that name. The competition closes on September 29 at 10am. The
winner and runners-up will be announced on the 1st October at 10am at the Sommers Festival
of Cricket.

To enter, see the entry form in the Southern Highland News on Monday. Wednesday and Friday.
Kids can enter as many times as they like.

What is the Sommers Festival of Cricket?

The World’s first Festival of Cricket will be held in Bowral on October 1 and 2 this year. It is
everything about the game, without a game being played. The Festival covers every aspect
of the game and will be a Mecca for cricket lovers of all ages.

Many of the great game’s secrets will be revealed at the event but one of the big
unanswered questions remains – “What is the name of the Duck - the Festival’s mascot?”

For more information on the Sommers Festival of Cricket or the Duck-defying Duck
please visit For photo opportunities please contact Elizabeth
Nichols on (02) 4861 7100.
Photo of Roger McAuliffe from Parody Cartoons with the Duck attached.

Festival of Cricket
PO Box 2031, Bowral, NSW 2576   p (02) 4861 7100   f (02) 4861 7199   e

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