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Director’s message                           3
LEP process                                  4
BASIX changes                                4
Enterprise corridor and Port Moss Vale       4
Backflow prevention                           5
Dumping building waste – big fines            6
Access                                       7
Process improvement team                     8
Shire significant development creates jobs    9
Hedges                                       10
Sediment and erosion control                 12
Builders waste lives again                   13
Asbestos fears                               14
Resource Recovery centre product range       15
Development control staff                    16
New staff                                    18
Pre-lodgement meetings                       19
Liquid trade waste                           20
Manhole covers being buried                  20
Aerial maps for sale                         21
Complaints we have been getting              22
Council services over the Christmas period   24
Soil loss on work sites                      27


  REGULATIONS REFLECT                          there. That was it. He had his approval. Well
                                               almost. He also had to visit the owner of the
      COMMUNITY                                big Châteaux because that bloke owned
     EXPECTATIONS                              most of the town and he had to approve the
                                               external colour scheme. This local builder
Earlier this year a local builder returned     reckons that the only trade that needed
from completing a job in the south of France   a license was an electrician, so he did
where he was doing up a 400 year old house     everything except the electricals. He also
for an Australian lady. The house hadn’t       said that most people don’t lodge proper
been lived in for 75 years. He explained       plans, just a rough concept drawing on a bit
the approval process. It was amazing. First    of paper is fine. Way to go eh! No neighbour
he had to make an appointment at the           notification, no referral to the Catchment
local council where he met the Mayor. He       Management Authority or any other agency,
explained what he was doing and showed         no EIS and no BASIX. Clearly this was
the Mayor an Aussie style plan. The Mayor      the community expectation of that village
was impressed, pulled a stamp out of his       in the south of France. Our community, on
drawer and stamped the plans then and          the other hand, is becoming increasingly
                                               demanding and the regulations relating to
                                               building and development simply reflect
                                               those community expectations – they will
                                               accept nothing less.

                                               We are currently working on our new shire-
                                               wide Local Environmental Plan and a range
                                               of supporting development control plans.
                                               Our aim is to provide a set of plans
                                               that provide a sturdy foundation without
                                               being overly prescriptive and clogged with
                                               unnecessary regulation. It’s a fine balance,
                                               but rest assured, planning controls are a
                                               sound barometer of community expectation.
                                               Not sure if we will ever get back to basics
                                               like they do in the south of France though.

                                                                               Scott Lee
                Scott Lee                                       Director of Environment
                                                                           and Planning


                             NAIL BAG
                                                OUR ENTERPRISE
As from 1 October 2006, a BASIX                   CORRIDOR
certificate is required for;
                                           Work has continued on developing
• Renovation     work     valued   at      appropriate planning policies as
  $100,000 or more. From 1st July          well as marketing approaches for
  2007, this value drops to $50,000.       the establishment of the Moss
• Swimming pools (or pool and spa)         Vale Enterprise Corridor Land
  with a volume greater than 40,000        between Moss Vale and New
  litres.                                  Berrima. The rezoning of the
                                           land will be included as part
Further information can be obtained        of the Shirewide LEP. Council’s
on the BASIX website                       Economic Development Officer,                       Carl Pemberton has been engaged
                                           in numerous discussions with the
                                           potential land purchasers and
 LEP EXHIBITION DELAYED                    owners in achieving various
                                           development sites in the near
    UNTIL NEXT YEAR                        future. The council has also
                                           entered into an Memorandum of
The Council adopted the new draft
                                           Understanding with Port Kembla
shire-wide Local Environmental Plan
(LEP), which is the roadmap for            Port Corporation for the future
managing future development in the         use of some of the land to
shire, back in August this year, hoping    accommodate an inland port for
it could be put on public display before   the transfer of imported cars into
Christmas. But alas, this draft LEP        NSW. Council is in the process
is still with the New South Wales          of engaging consultants to now
Department of Planning while we wait       undertake the more detailed
for approval to put the plan on public     development control plan and
exhibition. Unfortunately it is now not    Section 94 plan for the area. These
possible for the Draft LEP to go on        are likely to be exhibited in 2007.
public exhibition until early in the new

      PORT MOSS VALE                               BACKFLOW
                                              PREVENTION DEVICES
Plans to create an inland port in our
Enterprise Zone at Moss Vale - the             WILL BE INSPECTED
old industrial corridor that extends
from Blue Circle then out along              Council is currently compiling a
the Douglas Road area - moved                register of testable backflow
a step closer with the signing of            prevention devices, so as to
a Memorandum of Understanding                regulate    annual      inspections.
between        Wingecarribee        Shire    Homeowners         with     backflow
Council and the Port Kembla Port             devices installed at their property
Corporation. The story is that Port          are required to get an annual
Kembla is set to become the state’s          inspection carried out by a licensed
major       international      port    for   plumber         with        backflow
containerised cargo and vehicle
                                             accreditation. Common areas
imports by 2008, so Carl Pemberton
                                             where a backflow device would
has been working very hard to
establish Moss Vale as an ‘inland            be installed are rainwater tanks
port’, catering for logistics companies,     with a mains water supply backup,
among others, to set up shop in              commercial grease arrestors and
our Enterprise Zone. So far we               oil separators, as well as on
have had nibbles of interest from            commercial       and       industrial
international logistics companies, a         properties. We would like to
rail logistic company, transport,            compile a list of backflow
warehousing and storage companies,           accredited plumbers to keep at
brick and concrete manufacturing             Council so that we can refer
and a brewery. Carl is also talking          customers needing testing done.
with people in education, technology         So if you are a licensed plumber
and medical areas with a push to link
                                             with a Statement of Attainment in
with a university. We have the road
                                             backflow prevention, it would be
and rail links, so just like the old days
when people used trains, Moss Vale           appreciated if you could contact
may once again become an important           Council’s Liquid Trade Waste
transport hub linking Port Kembla            Officer, Doug Stratford with your
with Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne             details. Phone him at Council on
and all points in between.                   4868 0814.


                            NAIL BAG
  BIG FINES FOR DUMPING                   of the rail corridor. Illegal landfills
     BUILDING WASTE                       of building waste and clean and
                                          contaminated ‘fill’ is also a growing
Fines ranging from $750 to $5000          problem on farms and rural properties,
apply to both owners and transporters     with some landholders buying or
who are caught dumping builders           accepting ‘fill’ for use on their land.
waste. As well, people who permit
their land to be used as a waste          “We’ll find you, we’ll fine you and you’ll
facility will receive fines ranging from   clean it up” is the slogan for the RID
$1500 to $5000. Builders are reminded     squad and the lads intend coming
that waste must be disposed of            down hard on offenders.
in accordance with the waste
management plan set out in the land       If you spot any illegal dumping of
use application. In Wingecarribee,        rubbish, car bodies or the like, or know
Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven Shires,        of any potentially illegal landfilling you
the Regional Illegal Dumping program,     are encouraged to phone the hotline
or RID squad as it is better known, has   on 131555 and the RID squad will do
officers patrolling regularly to catch     the rest.
people doing the wrong thing. Illegal
dumping takes many forms - from
garden waste to building waste, from         MORE DEVELOPMENT
household items such as old fridges, to      CONTROL PLANS ARE
abandoned cars and old tyres. On the         NOW ON OUR WEBSITE
Southern Highlands, illegal dumping
is taking place in areas which are          We are syatematically moving
not visible or are relatively isolated,     all of our development control
including: State Forest, Crown Land         plans onto Council’s website so
and National Parks on the outskirts         you will be able to freely access
of urban areas; access road and             and download the most up to
isolated roads between villages that        the minute information.
run through bushland; open space            Free downloads available at
areas on the edges of water catchment
areas; and in areas along the length


Plenty of local shops deprive
themselves of a stack of business
by not being access friendly. That
was one of the many messages
coming out of an Ability Challenge
                                           Councillors and staff supported by
held around the Bowral streets. Some
                                           members        of    Council’s     Access
of our Councillors and staff joined up     Committee took to the Bowral streets
with representatives from the Access       earlier this year to get a first hand taste
committee to hit the streets of Bowral     of the difficulties encountered.
to do business in wheelchairs, or
visually impaired with special glasses.
At a debrief after the time spent moving   and irritating. But it is a lot less
around the Bowral CBD, a long list         expensive and traumatic than having
of issues was compiled and it makes        to make changes once the building
interesting reading – narrow footpaths,    is constructed. There are building
rude shoppers, poor shop access,           guidelines that are enforceable by
dangerous ramps and overstocked            Council and new building plans are
shops were some of the issues              brought by council officers to its
observed. The object of the exercise       Access Committee for assessment.
however, was not to point fingers, more     The Committee is made up of people
to focus on identifying the problems       representing a range of disabilities with
and seeing how to address them. In         practical knowledge of the difficulties
defense of the shop owners, some           that can be encountered with access,
of the premises are old, they have         as well as a wealth of detailed
space problems and it would cost a lot     information on the legal aspects of
to bring things up to speed in many        accessible building codes. If you are
cases. Making adjustments to building      ever in doubt about access
plans to allow for access at the           requirements, don’t hesitate to contact
design stage may be time-consuming         Council’s development control staff.


                             NAIL BAG

The General Manager has initiated
the Process Improvement Team (PIT)
to review the current development
assessment process from pre-
lodgement through to determination.
The team members are Manager
Development Control Peter Mitchell,
Town        Planner    Peter     Malloy,
Development Engineer Geoff Wood,
Senior Building Surveyor Bob Hall,
Director Environment & Planning Scott
Lee, Cr Nick Campbell-Jones and            Director, Scott Lee and Development
Administration Officer Lynne Morrison.      Control Manager, Peter Mitchell and are
The PIT has met a number of times          on the PIT crew.
to examine the process utilizing a
nine step improvement plan. To assist
the team, Greg Fisher the Director of      constraints to the efficient processing
Corporate Services from Wollondilly        of development applications. “The
Shire Council, has been used as a          process involves identifying issues and
facilitator in a number of sessions.       opportunities for further improvements
                                           or adjustments to meet the needs of
“The PIT has been a valuable exercise      customers,” he said, indicating that a
to all members and part of the             number of items of a procedural
process has involved a number of           or staff training nature have been
feedback sessions with Architects,         identified that can be addressed
Draftsmen, Development Consultants         relatively quickly. “Many issues
and Developers who operate within          however will require a longer term
the area,” said Development Control        view with considerable demand for
Manager, Peter Mitchell, explaining        extra resources, changes to systems
that Development Control staff were        or council committee structures and
also involved in discussions to identify   arrangements.”

The PIT will result in a report to
the General Manager in December.             SHIRE SIGNIFICANT
Further changes will be announced             DEVELOPMENTS
when implemented however some                  CREATE JOBS
suggestions will rely upon resources
being committed by Council.              Earlier this year the Council created
                                         a category for shire significant
                                         development, recognizing that
       Changes that have                 certain development types are of
    already occurred in the              a scale to impact on the shire’s
                                         economy and these should be
    past two years that have             given a more certain timeframe
       enhanced service.                 for assessment. The assessment
                                         process is no less vigorous, but
 • Fast track development application    resources are allocated to ensure
   service for development that is not   the applications move through the
   notified/referred to government        system as smoothly as possible. So
   authorities and of a streamline       far we have approved two major
   nature.                               shire significant developments and
                                         both are in the Braemar area – a new
 • Written advise of DCU meetings        Bunnings store, which will create
                                         120 new jobs and an expansion
   with computer terminal in DCU
                                         of the Rocla factory, which will
   room available for distribution of
                                         employ an additional 30 people. We
   information during DCU’s.
                                         currently have several other large
                                         shire significant developments in
 • Additional Development Engineer       the pipeline and if approved, many
   appointed (advantages of this         more local jobs will be created.
   diminished by high turnover of        If you need to know more about
   staff).                               shire significant developments,
                                         contact our development control
 • Internal procedural changes to        staff or check the council website
   spread workloads more evenly          (, where you
   to keep applications moving.          will find a more detailed document
                                         setting out the protocol and outlines
                                         what sort of development satisfies
                                         the criteria.


                              NAIL BAG
In recent times we have seen an
increase in press and TV coverage
in Sydney, of high hedges creating
grief between neighbours around the
country and overseas. The problem
became so serious in the United
Kingdom that the Anti-social Behaviour
Act was extended to allow victims of
excessively high hedges to address
their loss of amenity such as sunlight
and views. Hedges are becoming so
massive that they are causing social,
economic and environmental stress
within communities.                         • Will it take views and landscapes
                                              from      other   residents,  the
So before planting any new hedge on           community… or me?
your suburban, village or rural block,
please ask yourself these questions:        • Will it adversely effect nearby native
                                              vegetation, depriving it of light,
• How high and wide will my hedge be          nutrients and moisture?
  in 5 years, 10 years, at maturity?
                                            • Will it slow the wind as desired, or
• Can I afford the time and money to          just create a wall and turbulence,
  maintain it to a reasonable height?         funnelling the wind elsewhere?

• Will it take light from my neighbour      • Will it become a fire hazard, impinge
  ….or me?                                    on power lines or sewer pipes?
                                              Create heavy shadows and ice
• Will its roots take water and nutrients     patches on roads? Obstruct vision
  from our gardens?                           on roads?

All good nurseries and landscapers
will advise on suitable screening          BOOK YOUR BUILDING
plants for gardens and larger               INSPECTIONS EARLY
properties, keeping in mind the above
points. Further information on efficient   Builders, plumbers and civil
windbreaks which will also enhance
                                          contractors are encouraged to
the local ecology and landscape can
                                          plan to have their projects ready
be obtained from CMA / Landcare /
                                          for inspection prior to Thursday 21
WSCouncil,         Department        of
Agriculture.                              December as that will be the last
                                          day for routine inspections until
Wingecarribee       Shire     Council     Tuesday 2 January 2007. The
successfully moved a motion at the        morning of Friday 22 December
recent 2006 Local Government              will be reserved for emergency
Association     of    NSW     Annual      inspections only. Council requires
Conference seeking the Department         24 hours notice when booking
of Local Government to recognise that     an inspection and the booking
“vegetative screen plantings” can be      hotline number is 4868 2857.
defined as a type of development to        There will be no Development
be included in the land use tables        Coordination Unit appointments
of a Local Environmental Plan and         made in the week before the
that in some circumstances it is          Christmas break, or the week
appropriate to require the lodgement      after. For people planning to
and assessment of a Development           lodge landuse applications in the
Application. And also that the
                                          week prior Christmas, you are
Association be requested to work with
                                          reminded we add two weeks to
the NSW Department of Planning to
                                          the normal neighbour notification
formulate a planning control which
allows Councils to control the height     period in these cases to give
of all hedge planting (irrespective       neighbours a fair chance to make
of species) in their respective Local     submissions, so if you want to
Government urban and rural areas.         avoid this delay it is best to get
                                          your application in early.


                             NAIL BAG

Council’s Environment Protection
Officer, Tracey Poulter keeps an eye
on erosion and sediment control
throughout Wingecarribee Shire and
she is always happy to provide advice
on worksites. It won’t cost you money
and it could save both you and the
environment from problems later on.

“Install sediment and erosion controls
early if possible,” is one of the most
important messages, according to
                                              Environment Protection Officer,
Tracey, who suggests developers
                                              Tracey Poulter
consider staging the works, so that only
small areas are disturbed, because it is
easier to control sediment and erosion     up the catchment area. Ensure that
over a smaller area, rather than large     controls are in place at the end of
area. Placement of sediment controls       each working day on site and also
should be determined in the planning       during rain or storm events. Ensure
stage of the project after initial site    also that the controls are effective,
visits have been undertaken, they          if more are required or if they need
shouldn’t be an after thought. Do          replacing. Maintenance is another
not rely on a single control such          important     issue.    Accumulated
as a sediment fence or hay bales           sediments should be removed from
downstream of the site, because            controls such as sediment fences,
more than likely it will not be able       hay bales and sandbags. And all of
to adequately control the flow of           these controls should be in good
stormwater and suspended sediments,        condition so they don’t become a
particularly concentrated flows. It is      potential source for sediment and
better to have a series of controls        other unwanted material to enter the
upstream and downstream, to break          stormwater system.


A veritable mountain of 5,500 tonnes
of masonry was systematically being
crushed at our Resource Recovery
Centre earlier this year to create
three products for resale. The larger        Congratulations to Manager Miles
aggregate will be used for drainage,         Lochhead and all of the staff at
while the smaller 20 mm material             our Resource Recovery Centre on
                                             being named Southern Highlands
ends up as roadbase. But this is
                                             Business of the Year for 2006.
just one of the many things going            Well done!
on at what resembles a giant ants
nest, as council staff and contractors
scuttle around industriously each day
converting items others have tossed
out, into useful products for resale. So   successful are their efforts, coupled
                                           with the recycling habits of local
                                           residents, that only around 40% of
                                           waste generated in Wingecarribee
                                           Shire is going into landfill these days.
                                           The rest is recycled or lives again
                                           to be reused by someone else. As
                                           Manager, Miles Lochhead says, “the
                                           only tragedy is that most marketers
                                           and manufacturers are still not being
                                           held responsible for the wasteful
Mount Gingenbullen in the background
- Mount Masonry in the foreground -        volume of unnecessary products and
creating plenty of fill and rubble for      packaging they produce in the first
building and construction sites.           place.”


                             NAIL BAG
    CONCERNS ABOUT                          implementation of these new safety
  ASBESTOS COMING INTO                      measures, any material that resembles
                                            asbestos or may contain asbestos will
     OUR RESOURCE                           be deemed to be asbestos unless it
    RECOVERY CENTRE                         is stamped ‘Asbestos Free’ or comes
                                            with an approved Clearance Certificate.
We      are    becoming     increasingly    Anything else that resembles
concerned about asbestos coming into        asbestos will not be accepted at the
the Resource Recovery Centre causing        Resource Recovery Centre. We will,
very expensive contamination for            however still receive material containing
Council to remediate. Some time ago we      asbestos that has been wetted down
introduced changes to the procedures        and suitably wrapped in accordance
before builder’s waste, demolition waste,   with the Department of Environment and
masonry products and timber are             Conservation requirements for handling
allowed into the Centre. An information     asbestos. (Full details in a brochure
campaign began last year wherein            available from the Resource Recovery
a flyer and Safe Handling brochure,          Centre).
from the Department of Environment
and Conservation, were distributed to       All loads will be inspected by a Resource
regular customers and local contractors,    Recovery Centre attendant and the
outlining the new procedures for            customer must now wait for clearance
acceptance of materials at the Resource     before depositing waste and leaving the
Recovery Centre. Following the              Centre.

                                            If asbestos or suspected asbestos is
                                            found in a mixed load where it cannot be
                                            easily or safely removed then the entire
                                            load may be deemed contaminated
                                            and will then need to be removed and
                                            treated by a licensed contractor who
                                            is approved to handle such materials.
                                            This could be a costly exercise for the
                                            person concerned.

                                            These added procedures should ensure
                                            the protection of Council staff the
                                            general public and the environment.

Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Resource Recovery Centre has a number of products
for sale including garden organics, wood waste and concrete waste into high quality
products such as mulch and drainage products.

             A variety of mulch for gardeners and landscapers

Premium Mulch at $15 cubic metre, premium woodchip at $16.50 cubic metre,
premium compost $28 cubic metre and manufactured woodchip at $5 cubic
Other products available upon request.
Discount of 10% applies to orders over 100 cubic metres, please enquire about
availability as demand is high.

             Fill and rubble for builders and construction sites

Screened concrete road base     <25mm        $10 tonne
Concrete rubble                 25-40mm      $14 tonne
Concrete rubble ballast         75mm         $12 tonne
Discount of 10% applies to orders over 100 tonnes, please enquire about
availability as demand is high.

  If transporting any of the above materials to your desired location presents
  a problem to you then don’t despair as delivery is available. Just phone the
  Resource Recovery Centre and they will tell you the cost of delivery of the
  product you want to the location you need it.

                 For more information please call the
               Resource Recovery Centre on 4868 0555.


                             NAIL BAG
                     DEVELOPMENT CONTROL STAFF

          The Manager of Development Control is Peter Mitchell

                                                     BUILDING            DCU DAY
    DISTRICT          TOWN PLANNER ENGINEER         SURVEYOR            (8.30am to
                                                    (inspections)        10.30am)
                        Commercial, industrial,       Detached           By prior
                          medium density and        residential and    appointment
                        subdivision applications     outbuildings         only
    SOUTH                Michael       Geoff Wood   Daniel Cleland       Tuesday
   Moss Vale,         Carpenter and                                       Michael
Southern Villages,    Shannon Webb                                     Carpenter and
  Canyonleigh,                                                          Geoff Wood
 Burrawang and
  Fitzroy Falls

CENTRAL EAST           Peter Malloy      Sugule     John Parkinson      Wednesday
Bowral, Burradoo,                       Mohamed                       Peter Malloy and
  Kangaloon,                                                              Sugule
   Robertson                                                             Mohamed
      NORTH           Graeme Hewat     Peter Nunn   Heather Michie   Thursday
Mittagong, Berrima,                                   and David    Graeme Hewat
   New Berrima,                                        Herring     and Peter Nunn
 High Range and
Northern Villages.

          Building Surveyor                             David Herring
             (Shire wide)

        Senior Building Surveyor                       Warren Hodder
             FIRE SAFETY
               (Shire wide)


                  (For detached residential and outbuildings).

                 SOUTH AND EAST                                     Evonne Cole (3 days)
 Moss Vale, Southern Villages, Berrima, New Berrima,              Catherine Froome (2 days)
 Canyonleigh, Burrawang and Fitzroy Falls, Robertson,
             Kangaloon and High Range
              BOWRAL AND NORTH                                            Robert Hall
            Bowral, Burradoo, Mittagong,
               and Northern Villages.
            FAST TRACK ASSESSMENT                                        Darren Morris
                   (Shire Wide)

                Aggregate       Road base      Premium Compost     Wood Mulch
               $14 per tonne   $10 per tonne      $28 per m^3      $18 per m^3

               Nutrimulch         Ballast          Pine Mulch      Premium Mulch
              $18 per m^3      $12 per tonne     $16.50 per m^3     $15 per m^3



                              NAIL BAG
                            OUR NEWER FACES

Sugule Mohamed                               Sharon Makin
Development Engineer                         Environmental Review Officer

Wingecarribee Shire Council is a world       Up until two years ago when Sharon
away from a small town in Somalia,           Makin elected to have a lifestyle
but our newest development engineer          change, she had worked her way
Sugule Mohamed reckons he feels              through the ranks, initially with BHP,
right at home here in Australia - friendly   then BHP Biliton and finally Bluescope
people, a beautiful country and a safe       Steel in an impressive 18 year career
distance away from the decade of             looking at a range of environmental
anarchy that has ripped Somalia apart.       management issues in Australia and
After migrating to Australia, Sugule         around the world. After collecting a
completed years 11 and 12 at the             Bachelor of Environmental Sciences
Granville TAFE, then knocked over his        degree at Wollongong University,
engineering degree at the University         Sharon began in the basement of the
of Western Sydney, graduating in             BHP Works doing water sampling,
2004. Since then he has worked
                                             then was involved in “turning the
for a construction company and a
                                             steelworks green” and ended her
private consulting firm involved in land
                                             career as part of a team overseeing
development, before joining Council.

environmental management in 15            PRE LODGEMENT MEETINGS
countries including New Zealand,               ARE GOING WELL
USA, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand,
Taiwan and others. “I loved the job
                                          In July this year we changed the old
and I miss the chocolate shops in
                                          DCU meetings into a more formal
Brussels, but I don’t miss the travel,”
                                          pre-lodgement process. There is a
she said, conceding that with two
young children it was time to change      $150 fee ($500 for shire significant
her lifestyle and spend more time on      developments), but for that fee,
the family’s Robertson property.          applicants receive a written report,
                                          which provides more certainty and
We will be using Sharon’s immense         eliminates any confusion about what
skills and extensive background to        transpires at the meeting. Applicants
investigate      and       develop        come away from meetings with a clear
environmental management systems          understanding of their responsibilities,
and sustainability concepts for           a better understanding of the
council.                                  timeframes involved and some useful
                                          documentation to work with. The fee
                                          needs to be paid before the meeting
  LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL                     and naturally you will need to make
     PLAN IS ON WEB                       a booking so that we can arrange
                                          the appropriate staff to be available.
If you’re interested in accessing         For pre-lodgement bookings or more
the current Wingecarribee Local           information contact Susan Combes
Environmental Plan 1989 without           or Amanda Smith on 48 680 755.
buying a copy from Council, it
is now available on one of the
Government websites. You can find
a link on the Council website at . Just go to the             Before booking an
first dot point about NSW legislation        inspection always ensure
in force and click on it, then search       that the work is complete.


                           NAIL BAG
     SOME RESIDENTS                      of new properties, manholes are
     ARE BURYING OUR                     often covered or buried during
     MANHOLE COVERS                      the landscaping stage by property
                                         owners or contractors who do not
Council is having a real problem         have a clear understanding of the
with people landscaping over sewer       purpose of manholes. The Local
manhole covers across the shire.         Government Act prohibits anyone
We have already unearthed over           from damaging or hindering access
seventy covered manholes in East         to Council’s water and wastewater
Bowral alone and the work is             assets. Council has embarked on
continuing. However it is not just       a program of regular inspection
at East Bowral, but right across our     of manholes and is presently
sewerage reticulation system. This       considering recovering the cost
is an expensive exercise for Council.    from property owners of raising the
In some cases we have to raise           manholes.
the manhole at considerable cost
– around $1000 for each manhole.            APPROVAL IS NEEDED
The purpose of a manhole cover              TO DISCHARGE LIQUID
is to provide access to the sewer               TRADE WASTE
main at regular intervals and critical
points for maintenance purposes          Wingecarribee Shire Council has
such as cleaning and unblocking          adopted a new liquid trade waste
mains. If people cover them up,          policy, following the Department of
not only are they hard to find, but       Energy Utilities and Sustainability
they also cause water to infiltrate       guidelines. Liquid trade wastes
the sewerage system. For those not       mean all liquid other than domestic
familiar with a manhole cover, they      sewage, and of course domestic
are a circular concrete lid with about   waste from a hand wash basin,
a 720mm diameter, constructed            shower, bath or toilet. As part of
at regular intervals (approximately      the implementation of this policy,
every 80 metres) along Council’s         Councils Trade Waste Officer, Doug
sewer main system. In the case           Stratford, will be inspecting existing

commercial and industrial premises
in the shire to confirm compliance         AERIAL MAPS FOR SALE
with existing approvals and possible
need for new approvals. Doug will be     Our mapping staff can provide
providing guidance for dischargers       aerial maps of any part of the
seeking approval. If people wish         shire for a very reasonable fee.
to discharge liquid trade waste          You can have an aerial shot of
to the sewerage system they first         your neighbourhood, your farm,
must, under Section 68 of the Local      your business or your village.
Government Act 1993, obtain prior        The choice is yours. If you would
                                         like to see some examples of
approval from Council. Discharging
                                         what is available and arrange a
liquid trade waste without an
                                         personalized map for yourself,
approval is an offence under Section
                                         just drop into our customer
626 of the Act. Developers,
                                         service centre at the Civic Centre
contractors       and       plumbers
                                         in Moss Vale and the staff will
undertaking work on commercial           be happy to assist. Maps range
premises and business owners             in price from $60 for a big AO
are encouraged to contact Doug           sized map down to $20 for A3
Stratford on 4868 0814 to see if an      size. They would make a great
application will be required and         Christmas gift for a friend or
what discharger category the             relative.
business or premises falls under.
There will be ongoing regular
inspections of dischargers to ensure
compliance with Department of                CHANGED DETAILS
Energy Utilities and Sustainability
guidelines. Expect a visit soon. You    If you wish to have us change any of
will be asked for receipts of pump-     your details on the NAILBAG mailing
outs of grease arrestors and used       list, or know anyone who would like
oil collected so it will be useful to   to be included just contact Susan
have that sort of information on        Combes on 48 680 755


                           NAIL BAG

As you would imagine, members of          condition, particularly after a rain
the community are often quick to          event. It doesn’t take long and can
get onto the Council when things          prevent hassles later on. Notices and
are annoying them on building and         fines can be issued under Protection
construction sites. Neighbours are        of the Environment Operations Act
the eyes and ears of the local            1997 for water pollution.
community and the council is the
body they expect to do something          Wind blown litter
about it all. Some of the common          Inadequate containment of wind
complaints we have been getting           blown litter is also an issue.
recently involving the building and       Windblown litter onsite needs to be
development      industry    revolve      suitably contained within appropriate
around erosion and sediment               waste container with a tight fitting
control, wind blown litter and dust       lid in accordance with Council’s
blowing off sites, as well as             DCP 49. Fines can be issued for
construction work going on outside        littering under the Protection of the
the acceptable hours.                     Environment Operations Act 1997.

Sediment and erosion control              Dust on construction sites
measures                                  Due to the recent dry weather
Lack of maintenance or replacement        and windy conditions that the Shire
of existing sediment and erosion          has been experiencing, Council has
control measures on construction          also received complaints about dust
sites still continues to be an issue,     being generated from construction
particularly in regards to sediment       sites. Dust is not only a nuisance
fences and stabilised access points.      for neighbouring residents, it can
Site supervisors or another suitably      also pose potential health risks
delegated person should make it           to workers onsite, and depending
part of the daily checklist to see that   on the material being dispersed
controls are in place and in good         into the air, it can impact on the

                                          YOU CAN BOOK YOUR
natural environment. Whilst it is      INSPECTIONS AFTER DARK
not possible to completely control
dust on a construction site there
are some steps that can be taken
to minimise the impact. These can
include; retain or maintain as much
vegetation cover as possible. If
the site is small enough, attach
shade cloth to the security fence,
covering stockpiles, dampening
the site through the use of with a
water cart, minimising the area of     We have an after hours booking
the site that has to be disturbed at   service for building inspections. Phone
any one time. However if it is very    any time of the day and night quoting
windy, then the best option is to      your landuse application number,
cease work until wind conditions       your name, a contact number, the
are more favourable.                   type of inspection, address of the
                                       property and the day you would
Construction hours                     like the inspection. For applications
Other complaints that have been        made prior to 2001, the files are
received from residents is in          archived, so please allow us some
                                       time to retrieve the files. If you phone
regards to builders commencing
                                       before 8.15am, the inspection can be
work     onsite     before    their
                                       booked for that day, provided the file is
designated working hours, as
                                       more recent than 2001. If you phone
specified in the Conditions of          after 8:15 am the inspection will be
Consent. Construction hours are        booked for the following day.
limited between 7am to 5pm
Monday to Friday and 8am to
midday Saturdays with no work on                      Phone
Sundays or public holidays. Any                  4868 2857
variation of these hours may only
occur with Council’s consent.               twenty four hours a day
                                              to make a booking.


                              NAIL BAG


Over the years we have found that very few people venture into the Civic Centre
and our libraries during the traditionally quiet Christmas period, with many of the
regular users in holiday mode. Consequently as in recent years, Council plans to
maintain all essential and emergency services, but close the Civic Centre and our
libraries from noon on Friday 22 December 2006 and reopen on Tuesday 2 January
2007, allowing staff to catch up with leave entitlements while things are quiet at the
business end of Council.

   Friday December 22           Council offices and libraries will close at noon
   Saturday December 23         Libraries closed
   Monday December 25           Public holiday office and libraries closed
   Tuesday December 26          Public holiday office and libraries closed
   Wednesday December 27        Office and libraries closed
   Thursday December 28         Office and libraries closed
   Friday December 29           Office and libraries closed
   Saturday December 30         Libraries closed
   Monday January 1             Public holiday office closed
   Tuesday January 2            Office and libraries open for business as usual


Essential services and normal call out arrangements will be maintained throughout
the Christmas and New Year period.

For emergencies on any day Council is closed, or at any other time outside normal
business hours, just phone the following numbers and we will do the rest:

            Roads and general emergencies           0408 483 203
            Water Supply and Sewerage               0408 483 204
            Council Ranger                          0408 483 208
            Bushfire                                 000


                                    Evonne Cole

Senior Health and Building
Surveyor, John Parkinson is
leaving us after a decade at
Wingecarribee Shire, to work
with a private company as a
building certifier. Before joining
Wingecarribee in December
1996, John worked with
Campbelltown and Wollondilly
Shire Councils, as well as having
a stint in the Real Estate
industry.                           Darren Morris


                              NAIL BAG
          THE VALUE OF
         BUILDING WORK                            BOGGED DOWN IN
It is important to place realistic
amounts on the value of building work
when lodging a landuse application
form. Council staff will check the
estimated value placed on applications
and where they are understated,
additional fees will be requested,
delaying processing of the application.
A new schedule of estimated
construction costs is now in DCP 44.

     AVAILABILITY OF                         Having trouble getting out of
   PROFESSIONAL STAFF                        the office? Well this could
                                             be your answer. If local
Our development control professional         plumbers receive enquiries
staff                                        about installing toilets in busy
     • Building Surveyors                    offices we are sure we can
     • Town Planners                         find an Australian Standard to
     • Development Engineers                 guide you.
are available to the public only between
the hours of 8.30am and 10am Monday
to Friday. Appointments must be made            WE NEED PROOF OF
outside of these times.                         INSURANCE COVER
It is wise to check the staff involved in   Home owners warranty must be
DCU meetings from the table in this         provided to Council prior to
NAILBAG. It is unlikely you will be         commencement of works on the site.
able to meet one of these staff on          Inspections cannot be booked without
DCU mornings, so it is best to choose       proof of insurance being provided to
another date, or better still make an       Council.

     WE ALL HAVE AN                        prevent water pollution from occurring.
 OBLIGATION TO MINIMISE                    The environmental risks need to be
                                           taken into consideration as well as
SOIL LOSS ON WORK SITES                    the safety and quality aspects on
                                           work sites. Under the Protection of
In today’s society the health of the
                                           the Environment Operations Act 1997,
natural environment is becoming more
                                           individuals and corporations (including
prominent in people’s minds. As a
                                           Council) have an obligation to prevent
result maintaining sediment and
                                           water pollution. Penalty Infringement
erosion controls when supervising
                                           Notices (fines) can be issued for
works projects is just as important
                                           water pollution. Both individuals and
as the road surface itself. Under
                                           corporations can be fined. Fines start
natural conditions in an undisturbed
                                           from $750 for an individual and $1500
environment the soil loss rate from
                                           for a corporation. However these
a site can reach one tonne/hectare/
                                           penalties can increase significantly
year. In contrast on a construction site
                                           depending on the nature of the
where the protective vegetation cover
                                           pollution event.
has been removed and the soil surface
disturbed, the soil loss rate can be as
high as 3,000 tonnes/hectare/year. The           WHEN WILL THE
sediment suspended in stormwater              RESOURCE RECOVERY
that leaves a work site will eventually        CENTRE BE OPEN?
have an impact somewhere else, for
example blocking stormwater pipes,
                                           Our Resource Recovery Centre off
drainage lines, and silting up receiving
                                           Berrima Road Moss Vale is open for
waterways, potentially increasing the
                                           business seven days a week from 9am
risk of flooding for residents. Sediment
laden water can be more costly to treat,   to 4pm. It will be closed on Christmas
particularly when it flows in drinking      Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.
water catchments. The sediments may        Business will be as usual on Friday
also carry chemical pollutants, such       22 December. For general enquiries
as nitrogen and phosphorous which          phone the office [4868 0555], 8.30am
can result in algal outbreaks and          to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For
contamination of water ways. On            disposal enquiries during opening
worksites everyone has a responsibility    hours, phone the gatehouse
for sediment and erosion controls to       [4868 0507].


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