Sign Language in infants and toddlers

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                                              News                                          Queminch “LOVE”

                                                                                                                    Jessie, Caressa,
                                                                              Teacher Jessie signing                     & Tori
    Sunshine and Sprinkler fun

Sign Language in
infants and toddlers

Specialized sign language is                                          language skills already devel-
sometimes used to communi-                                            oped, as well as increasing the
                                                                                                              We visited the toddler play
cate with infants and toddlers.                                       speed of both early literacy
                                                                                                               ground. We also practiced
While infants and toddlers                                            skills and spatial reasoning
                                                                                                             safety by wearing helmets on
have a desire to communicate                                          development. They assert that
                                                                                                            the big bikes. Kimmie helped
their needs and wishes, they                                          babies who can communicate
                                                                                                              Angel by giving her a push.
lack the ability to do so                                             their wants and needs through           Gavin went hill climbing on
clearly because the production        Kimmie signing “more”           signs develop self-esteem,                    the new terrain.
of speech lags behind cogni-        they are able to produce un-      social-emotional skills, and
tive ability in the first months    derstandable speech.              feelings of accomplishment
and years of life.. Proponents      Proponents say that teaching      and satisfaction, and are much
of baby sign language say that      sign language to infants im-      happier than babies or infants
this gap between desire to          proves communication skills       who do not, less likely to
communicate and ability often       between the child, parent, and    throw tantrums, and in some
leads to frustration and tan-       other caregivers. Infants also    cases can develop a higher IQ.
trums. However, since hand-         quickly learn to match an item    Proponents say it teaches in-
eye coordination develops           with a certain gesture, thus      fants how to start as well as
sooner than acquisition of          communicating what they are       engage in a conversation.
verbal skills, infants can learn    truly thinking, feeling, and                               Even our youngest
simple signs for common             needing. Proponents also say                               infant, Evan, was
words such as "eat", "sleep",                                                                   excitedly signing
                                    learning sign language pro-                                  “bird” with his
"more", "hug", "play",              motes the development of                                      teacher Jessie
"cookie", "teddy bear", before      language skills and reinforces
                                                                                                                      Gavin helping his
                                    time with their new teachers in                                                 friend Kimmie come
Transitions                         their own safe environment.       their backs. They seem
                                                                      to be adjusting well.
                                                                                                                        down the slide
                                    As they get more familiar with
The time for transition is ap-      Rob and Janai, they may spend     Please remember the
proaching fast. With all of our     some time in the new class-       best way to support your child
children going into the same        room. We will be preparing the    with their transition is to help
class, we are able to orient        children for other toddler rou-   them have consistent atten-
them with their new teachers        tines as well. For some, this     dance. If you have any ques-
easily. The older infants have      means chairs without buckles      tions or concerns please let us
been taking short visits to their   and naps without bottles. At      know. We would like this tran-
soon to be new environments.        nap time, we have been laying     sition to be as smooth as possi-      Water play is an everyday
The younger ones will spend         the children down and rubbing     ble for the children.                  activity in the hot sun!!
                          Enjoying Stories and Books from Creative Curriculum
                    Sharing stories and                           infants and tod-    children learn about
                    books with young                              dlers to identify   light, heavy, big-
                                                                                                                Irvin is exploring
                    children can be                               and handle their    little, and soft-hard. his book by put-
  Angel is kicking among the most                                 emotions, and to    As they look at pic- ting it on his head.
  back inside this
                    treasured times of                            feel connected to   ture books, children
 box enjoying her
                    your day. With so                             their families      also learn concepts about size, num-
                    many excellent           Fawn is pointing to throughout the       ber, and spatial relationships such as
books to touch, look at, and listen to,       pictures in a book day. Learning        up-down, in-out, and over-under.
children will grow to love books.                                 about moving:                          Young children get
Even young infants, who do not yet         Looking at books encourages very                              information and learn
understand the messages found in           young children to use their fine motor                        how to do many
books, learn from exploring them.          skills. Infants explore books in the                          things from books.
Sharing stories and books with in-         same ways that they explore every-                            Learning about com-
fants and toddlers supports their de-      thing else. They reach for and grab,                          municating:
velopment and learning in many             mouth and chew, shake, turn, and                              Storytelling and book
ways. Learning about themselves            toss books. At 4-6 mo., infants learn        Josiah is tell- reading help children
and others: The comfort of your lap        to grasp objects, including books.             ing Jessie    build vocabulary and
and the warmth of your voice create        Sitting up frees a baby’s hands to          about his book increasingly complex
enjoyable associations with books          reach, grasp, and hold books. Mobile                         language skills. They
and reading. Well before they can          infants love to stick their fingers be-    enable young children to learn new
understand the words, children gain a      tween pages, wave books in the air,        words form naming animals, objects,
sense of security form the familiar        point to pictures, and pat the illustra-   actions, experiences, feelings, and
rhythm of a favorite sleep-time book.      tions. Toddlers can hold books with        ideas. A young infant enjoys the
As children grow older, they begin to      both hands and turn sturdy pages.          sounds of language as you read sim-
relate to pictures and stories of famil-   Learning about the world: Books            ple books. As you point to a picture
iar places and events. Books help          help children make sense of the            of a cow, a mobile infant says, “moo,
children learn about how people are        world and learn new concepts. As           moo,” repeating the sounds as you
the same and different. They help          they explore the properties of books,      just made. Later, toddlers name pic-
                                                                                      tures and fill in repetitive words and
                                                                                      phrases when you pause during read-
              My Grandmother’s Stories                                                ings. They explore book reading
             Every single evening, before I go to bed,                                when they pretend to read to their
     My grandma tells me stories that come out of her head.                           dolls or tell their teddy bears a bed-
       She tells me many stories about relatives she knew,                            time story.
  And what’s best about her stories is that all of them are true.
                                                                   Gavin turning
  She tells me about her mother who knew Martin Luther King the pages of his
   And followed him on a freedom walk on a beautiful day in           book
  She tells me about her children and the great things they have
       She put them all through college, every single one.
        When grandma tells me stories, I listen very well.
   She has such wondrous things to say, so many things to tell.                                   We have baby faces, simple
                                                                                                 rhymes, familiar objects, sign
     And when she tells me stories, her voice is like a song.     Myah and Gavin sit and read      language, and soft sensory
     It makes me feel warm inside. I know where I belong.                  together                  books in our classroom