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                     Tamar Drive Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
                     Telephone: 02 69 238 100
                     Fax: 02 69 262 124
                     Out of School Hours Care: 02 69 238124


MARK’S MUSINGS                                                             Worship at Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Some time ago I was invited to look at a new retirement             Saturday 28th November at 6:15 pm:
village. I was given a guided tour, heard about the philosophy      Worship with Holy Communion in the Junior Primary area
behind the project, was given a promotional brochure, and of        at the school.
course was treated to a very nice afternoon tea.
                                                                    Sunday 29th November at 9:30 am:
It was clear from the visit that a priority the developers had
                                                                    Worship with Holy Communion at Athol Street.
was to provide security for the residents.        One of the
brochures put it like this: “Advantages of moving into this
village – security of environment; security on call; 24 hour        Monday 30th November at 9:00 am:
medical assistance; property maintained; companionship and          Worship in the Junior Primary area at the school.
community spirit; meals available on request; and taxi bus
service at your unit.”
                                                                                        PRAYER CORNER
The village developers weren't just in the business of selling      In our prayers this week:
retirement homes to people. They were selling security. They        •   Thanks for the security we have in Jesus;
identified one of the real needs that especially older people       •   Thanks that we are honoured by Jesus to be used by
have, and worked towards being able to do something about               him to bring security to others;
it. They created a community in which they reassured people         •   Families that live with lots of unknowns about their
that everything possible would be done for them to feel safe
and secure.

Security isn't just a need that the elderly have though. It's        DVD RECORDINGS are made of each of our weekend worship
something that we can all wish for. So we look at buying life,       services at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. If you would like a DVD
health, car, home and business insurance. We can try to have              copy of any of our services please contact Pastor Mark.
a reserve of funds in the bank in case of emergency. We can
have smoke detectors in our homes, car alarms in our
vehicles, and virus protectors on our computers.
                                                                     Items or photos for publishing in this newsletter may be
                                                                                emailed to
To be secure in our relationships with others is important too.
To be able to trust those around us, and not live in continual      FROM THE PRINCIPAL
suspicion of them is a very precious feeling. To have
confidence in those with whom we work, and to know that
we're not being used or taken for granted is important.             Celebration in Song
                                                                    This Thursday evening from 7:00pm we will stage our
To be secure in our relationship with God is also very              student led ‘Celebration in Song’ evening. This whole
important. He knows that need and so comes to us and says           school event will involve all our students leading and
we can be sure about his love for us, his forgiveness and his       entertaining us with their skills and abilities in song.
gift of eternal life. He comes to remind us that he is for us, no
matter what our circumstances, and provides a solid                 The evening will follow a more relaxed style format that
foundation on which we can build our lives.                         our usual concert performances. Key information for the
                                                 - Pastor Mark      evening is
                                                                        Students should arrive by 6:50pm at the Music Bowl in
                     MUFTI DAY                                          the Botanic Gardens.
                                                                        Unless they are performing students will sit with their
              Thursday 10th December
                                                                        families who will supervise them for the evening.
              Dress in Christmas Colours                                Please ensure your children are sitting with you
          Gold coin donation with proceeds to                           throughout the performances by other classes and
                       Gifts of Grace                                   showing respectful behaviours to students performing.
                                                                        Students should wear neat casual dress.
                                                                        Families will need to provide their own rug or chairs to
                                                                        sit on.
                                                                        You may like to provide a snack or drink for your
                                                                        family but please note the consumption of alcohol at
                                                                        the venue is strictly prohibited.
    Parking is not permitted along the eastern side of
    Mimosa Drive.                                                             GIFTS OF GRACE
I am excited by the opportunity to see our wonderful            In these last few weeks of the term we are inviting and
students leading us in song on Thursday evening.                encouraging students to participate in a Christmas “Gifts of
                                                                Grace” program offered through Australian Lutheran World
Class Placements 2010                                           Service.
Before we begin the process of student class placements
for next year I would like to remind families that when we      Depending on how much is raised, they will be able to
begin the process the following is important to remember.       provide Christmas gifts like a pair of ducks ($19), 20 day-
     Classes will be developed to provide a mix of academic     old-chicks ($26), a piglet ($50), a garden grow kit ($50), a
     abilities, social groupings and personalities.             hygiene kit ($34), a household loo ($62), a school pack
     Any parent who would like to have specific special         ($48), or two woollen blankets ($18).
     needs of their child considered should express this in
     writing to the Principal. This needs to be received by     The SRC will decide which and how many of these projects
     the Principal by Wednesday 2nd December. It is not         to support.
     appropriate to ask existing teachers to comment on
     the suitability of their colleagues for individual         We would also like to give this opportunity to families. If
     students.                                                  you would like to make a donation, please hand it in at the
                                                                front office.
Class placements for 2010 will not begin until after 2nd
December.                                                       This is a voluntary offering – we certainly don’t want
                                                                students to feel under any pressure that they have to
School Board                                                    contribute. Please speak to me if you have any questions.
Our School Board meets tonight for our monthly meeting.                                                      Pastor Mark
At tonight’s meeting a key agenda item will be the further
consideration of our budget for 2010, which includes our
staffing allocations and tuition fees.

Thank You
Thank you to current Kindergarten families who kindly
provided supper for last night’s information night for Kinder
2010 families.

This week on Wednesday and Thursday morning we will
welcome our Kindergarten students for 2010 to their
orientation mornings.                                              THIS THURSDAY
Year 2 Sleepover                                                 Families and friends are invited to join us on
Thank you to Year 2 staff, Gavin Richards and Julie Curtis,
our Deputy Karla Hartwig and our willing band of sleepover            Thursday 26th November 2009
parents. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. By all
accounts it was a great experience for the students.
                                                                  at the Music Bowl, Botanic Gardens,
                                                                    Macleay Street, Wagga Wagga
Assembly will take place this Friday afternoon commencing
at 2:45pm in the undercover area. Parents are welcome to
                                           - James Heyne

FROM THE FINANCE OFFICE                                               7:00pm start – 8:30pm approx finish
Term 4 Fees are now due                                                   Bring your chairs and rugs
Please finalise any outstanding amounts by this Friday 27th
November. Fees outstanding after this date will have                   - Enjoy a marvellous night of song
reminder statements sent and follow up phone calls.
Families who are having difficulties with their fees need to               presented by our students –
contact me to arrange a payment plan.

Direct debits from bank accounts will occur on Friday 27th
November, this will include Term, 28th and Bi Monthly           CAKE STALL
                                                                To conclude their HSIE unit on Goods and Services, Year
If you have moved house or changed your telephone               One will be holding a cake stall next Tuesday 1st
number please remember to contact the office and update
                                                                December. All students will be able to purchase small
your details.                                                   cakes and slices at recess and lunchtime. The cost of each
                  -Jenny Hausfeld (Finance Officer)
                                                                item will be fifty cents, with all proceeds going to the “Gifts
                                                                of Grace” appeal. We hope to see you there!
MASTERMIND                                                     Library Stock take
                                                               The Library will be closed for stock taking from the end of
                                                               this week.
Congratulations to our top twenty in this year’s
              Mastermind. The final elimination round will
                                                               Could any students who still have books at home please
              be held tomorrow morning in the Gifted and
                                                               return them to the Library before the end of this week?
              Talented room. This is an oral round where
                                                               This will give us time to return all books to their shelves
              students are asked to answer as many
                                                               and to conduct the stock take by the end of the year.
              questions as they can in a set time (90
                                                               Students will not be able to borrow from the Library for the
seconds). The top ten students will be announced in next
                                                               rest of the year.
week’s newsletter. The grand final will be held on Tuesday
in the final week of school. Good luck to all our finalists.
                                                               Thank you to all parents for your help and support,
                                   - Karri von Mengersen
                                                               especially Kindergarten and Year 1 parents, who have
                                                               supported our Bookshare program.
                                                               SCHOOL CAPTAIN ELECTIONS
On Thursday 10th December students from the Riverina
           Conservatorium of Music and Angie
                                                               We have begun the process of selecting our School
           Crosthwaite’s Speech and Drama students
                                                               Captains for 2010. Nominated students will deliver a
           are invited to perform at the Performing Arts
                                                               speech to their peers this Thursday. Elections for the
                                                               School Captain positions will take place following the
                                                               speeches. The successful Captains and Vice-Captains will
               The Concert will be held in the Chapel area
                                                               be announced and presented with their badges on
               beginning at 2:00pm. Entry slips are in this
                                                               Monday 7th December at Chapel at 9:00am. Parents
newsletter. Please complete the entry slip and return to the
                                                               are invited to attend this ceremony.
school office by next Monday 30th November.
                                           - Karla Hartwig
                                                               We thank the following students for their willingness to be
                                                               nominated for school captain and congratulate them of
LIBRARY NEWS                                                   their achievements:

Author Visit
Tomorrow we have Rhonda Tallnash, a children’s author,
visiting our school. Rhonda will conduct workshops in the
library with all students.                                       Tom Abbott             Jack McGowan        Charlton Geier

Some of Rhonda’s books will be available for sale to
students at $12 each. Books can only be purchased
tomorrow directly from Rhonda. You can browse some of
Rhonda’s titles on                      Francis Elliott-Rudder     Tom Willis        Anthony Calvert

                                                                 Megan Parsell          Charis Guilfoyle        Isabella

            Visiting author, Rhonda M Tallnash,
     will have her funny Aussie rhyming picture books          Lily Menzies             Phoebe Latimer     Lillian Stephenson
             available for purchase on the day.

          Rhonda will be available to sign books
            for children after her presentation.

                  All books are $12 each.
                                                                 Our valued volunteers are invited to attend a morning tea
  See for a preview of all titles              to acknowledge the help and support they give
                                                                            in many ways throughout the year
                                                                               Tuesday 8th December
                                                                            11:00am in the Chapel Area

                                                                                        ALL WELCOME
OSHC / VACATION CARE NEWS                                                               TALENT SHOW
                                                                                          Years 1 - 6
                                                                                  “Lutheran Students on Stage”
Thank you to everyone who has sent in their Vacation Care                           Wednesday 9th December
                 booking request forms. It is hoped that                          2:00pm in the Chapel Area
                 first round offers of care will be sent out
                 by the end of this week.                                     If you have any talent in anything,
                                                                               then the Talent Show is for YOU!
                  If you have not already sent your                  Get with a friend, a group or perform on your own
request form in or you need one sent or emailed to you,          Start practising now to prepare your act to present to your
                                                                                   class in Week 6 or Week 7
please contact Lyn at the school office.
                                                                       The time limit on your act will be two minutes.
                                     - Ailene and Rebecca                 Two acts from each class will be selected
                                                                                 to perform at the Talent Show
                                                                                 Some ideas for your item are…
                                                                 ☺    dancing – line, disco, break, ballroom or make up your own
Thanks to our Fete Committee                                          routine
On behalf of the P&F committee we would like to say thank        ☺    singing – other people’s songs or your own
you to the fete committee, all convenors and helpers on          ☺    tell a joke or a jingle
the day. If your stall made $50 or $500 or you may have          ☺    tell a story
helped to organise the entertainment - no large matter           ☺    recite a poem
how large or small your contribution, you had a hand in          ☺    send up an advertisement or a TV show
                                                                 ☺    magic tricks
creating a successful day that each year serves to bring the
                                                                 ☺    mime
school community together. The Fete Committee will               ☺    play an instrument
provide an update later as to the level of funds raised and      ☺    circus act – juggle, acrobatics
from our viewpoint this was also a wonderful result. Well        ☺    thirty second experiments
done to all and sundry.                                          ☺    dress up comedy sketch

Morning Tea for Staff                                                Parents Welcome – come and enjoy a fun afternoon!
On Wednesday 25th November a morning tea will be held
for staff in recognition of the hard work, dedication, and
                                                                         All Year 1 Parents/Carers are invited to
continual support they give to our students. We are very
fortunate to have this dedicated group of people, who                                Morning Tea
inspire our children to do their best and bring out the best                  10:00am Friday 27 November
in them. For this we say THANK YOU.                                             At the Farm, Gumly Gumly
                                                                 Year 1 Care Coodinators:
P& F Meeting Tuesday 1st December                                Jodie Hodgson 69262704          Tracy Kingham 69331469
The next Parents and Friends meeting will be held on             Mardi Walker 69285858          Alison Graham 69229458
Tuesday 1st December 7:30pm in the Chapel area. This will
be our last meeting for the year. This is a very important
meeting, as discussion will take place on the subject of
where funds raised by the P&F (including the fete and levy)                       Year 3 Mums Night Out
will be utilised.                                                   Come and Celebrate Christmas with the Year 3 Mums
                                                                                    Thursday 3rd December
We would welcome any suggestions from the school                              7:00pm at Royal Garden Restaurant
community prior to the meeting or at the meeting itself.                         (above Kennedy’s Pharmacy)
Ideally we would like to list some of the possible               Please bring a small gift under $5 to share
suggestions in the school newsletter prior to the meeting.       RSVP to Eileen Steel 69224778
                                                                 (or any of your Year 3 Care Coodinators by 30 November th

In preparation for our next meeting, any issues for
discussion must be listed on the agenda. Please contact Viv
Latimer or Karen Littlejohn with agenda items.
                   - Karen Littlejohn (P & F Secretary)
                                                                              F.I.S.H on FRIDAYS
             YEAR 5 PARENTS NIGHT OUT                                        This Friday 20th November
 All parents of Year 5 students are invited to attend a              F.I.S.H is held on the first and the third Friday of each
                                                                                  month from 4:00pm – 6:00pm
         Christmas get-together and dinner                                                        at
                   at Romano's Hotel                                     the Community Room, Lutheran Church, Athol Street
       6:30pm on Tuesday 8th December 2009                                               Afternoon Tea Provided
            Please RSVP to Karen Roche on                                                   Gold Coin Donation
                                                                 Children are invited to join in the fun with games, songs, craft and
               69226920 or 0419211190                                                      stories and snacks
                                                                                  F.I.S.H dates to remember . . .
                                                                           Final F.I.S.H. for the year will be 4th December
                          CHIT CHAT                                             Further information is available from
    Chit Chat meets for friendship and Bible study fortnightly                     Philippa Prenzler 69262605 or
                     on Fridays at 1:15pm                                         Pastor John Guilfoyle 69251294
          Next get together this Friday 27th November
                Enquiries to Philippa 69262605
                           PLAYTIME                                                                         Year 6 Graduation Service
                                                                                                            Year 6 Sleepover
     Wednesdays are wonderful at Playtime!
                                                                                  Fri 11th                  Last day for all students
     Enjoy a morning of fun and friendship for                                                              Year 6 Family Breakfast
      children and their parents and carers.                                                                Year 6 Activity Day
                                                                                                            Class parties
 Playtime is held every Wednesday during the school term                                                    Semester reports sent home
     from 10:00am to noon in the Community Room at                                                          Closing Chapel
         Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 9 Athol Street.                               Tues 15th                 Last day for staff
       Call Leonie Guilfoyle 69251294 for more details.
                                                                                  2010 TERM DATES
                       You And Your Family
                       Are Invited To Attend                                      Term 1              28/01/2010 - 01/04/2010
                                                                                  Thurs 28th January Years 1-6 commence
    ‘Carols in the Victory Memorial Gardens’                                      Friday 29th January Kindergarten commences

              Sunday 13th December                                                Term 2             20/04/2010 - 02/07/2010
                                                                                  Pupil free day Monday 19th April
                         BBQ from 6.30pm
                         Singing from 7pm                                         Term 3               19/07/2010 - 24/09/2010
          Featuring an appearance by the LPSWW Choir                              Tentative Pupil free days Thursday 19th and Friday 20th
 (in case of rain the event will be held at Sacred Heart Church )                 August

                                                                                  Term 4                       11/10/2010 -10/12/2010

                                                                                  BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS
Wed 25th            2010 Kinder Orientation
                    Rhonda Tallnash Author Visit                                  Congratulations to the following students
Thurs 26    th
                    2010 Kinder Orientation                                       who will celebrate their birthday this week:-
Thurs 26th          7pm Celebration in Song at the Music Bowl
Fri 27th            2:45pm Assembly                                               Thursday 26th November                            Jonté Leonard turns 6
                                                                                                                                    Brijesh Vijaykumar turns 6
December                                                                          Friday 27th November                              Marc Murdoch-Cooke turns 13
Tue 1st             7:30pm Parents’ and Friends’ Meeting                                                                            Lachlan Waring turns 12
                    Year 1 Cake Stall                                             Saturday 28th November                            Thomas Price turns 12
Wed 2  nd
                    2010 Kinder Orientation                                       Sunday 29th November                              Jacob Barlow turns 8
Thurs 3rd           2010 Kinder Orientation                                                                                         Jack Hartwig turns 10
Thurs 3rd           Orientation new students Yrs 1-6, 2010
Mon 7th             School Captains Announced
                    Year 5 Gold Day
                    6:15pm Year 6 Graduation Dinner at CSU
                                                                                                          Responding to Sexual Abuse Complaints
Tues 8th            11:00am Volunteers Morning Tea                                  For a confidential service for responding to complaints of sexual abuse/harassment by
                    2:00pm Mastermind                                                                            church and school employees,
                                                                                           call freecall 1800 644 628; or email
Wed 9th             2:00pm Talent Show                                                                        Trained advisors are available to hel
Thurs 10th          Mufti Day for Gifts of Grace
                    2:00pm Performing Arts Concert

                                                  Lutheran Primary School Wagga Wagga
                                                         PERFORMING ARTS CONCERT
                                                        Thursday 10th December 2009

                                    Please return this slip to the front office by Monday 30th November

Student Name ________________________________________________________________________ Class ______________

Music Teacher Name (print)________________________________ Signature of Music Teacher __________________________

Name of Song / Performance _______________________________________________________________________________

Special Requirements for Performance________________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________

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