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MR16 LED Lamp


MR16 LED Lamp

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									MR16 LED Lamp G-2
Our MR16 LED lamp is a direct replacement for standard MR16 halogen lamps. Our
New G-2 New improved LED lamp has an output almost equivalent to a 25W - 30W
halogen lamp.

Each MR16 LED lamp features a strong metal/plastic construction making it ideal for
use in adverse operating conditions and extreme temperatures. With advanced ther-
mal management, the heat generated by these lamps is only a small fraction of halo-
gen lamps.

Available in 3000K warm white, 4000K Neutral white colour temperatures.
  Technical Specifications
                                                                                 Wiring Type
    Product Name                   MR16 LED Lamp
    Hight                          49mm
    Width                          25.6mm

    Length                         25.6mm

    LED Quantity                   4

    IP Rating                      No IP
    Supply Voltage                 12V
    Power Consumption              6W

    Beam Angle                     40°
    Lamp Base                      GU5.6
    LED Lifespan                   50,000

    Light Output                   Warm White - 300 lumens
                                   Neutral White - 360 lumens

   IP Rating       Input   Power        Beam   LED’s
     No IP          12V     6W           40°   Nichia

   Avaliable Colours

   Product Code
    Warm White 3000K       LED-MR16-WF3K
    Neutral White 4000K    LED-MR16-WD4K
    Amber                  LED-MR16-A
    Red                    LED-MR16-R
    Green                  LED-MR16-G
    Blue                   LED-MR16-B

Showroom: (By Appointment Only)
Unit 46 / 55 - 59 Norman Street                                                  T: (02) 9534 4404
Peakhurst NSW 2210                             Email:   F: (02) 9534 4405

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