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									                                             October 2008
The school office is open Monday though Friday from 7:30am until 3:30pm. Our school telephone numbers are
330-699-2711 and 330-877-4298. Our school hours are 8:25am until 3:15pm. Morning Kindergarten is 8:25am
until 11:25am and Afternoon Kindergarten is 12:25pm until 3:15pm. Parent pick up is 3:05pm and Bus riders
are dismissed at 3:15pm.

* Your child may be dropped off in the morning anytime after 8:00am. Our door greeter will be standing at
door #1 (the main office door) to welcome all students into the building at 8:00am. If your child needs to be
dropped off before 8:00am, please contact the Lake YMCA to discuss Before School Care that is offered within
our building.
* If your child will need to be picked up on any given day a note must be sent to school for your child’s
teacher. The note must indicate: your child’s full name (including last), the date of the pick up, the complete
name of the person that will be picking your child up, and the note must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Please advise all individuals to bring their ID as it may be requested.
Please note: the yellow emergency card that was completed which requests a list of persons authorized to
pick your child up in case of an emergency, is not prior authorization for parent pick ups. This yellow
card is for emergency purposes only within our clinic.

* All last minute Parent Pick Up calls must be received in the office by 2:30pm. Unless it is an emergency,
there will be no last minute pick up calls accepted after 2:30pm and all students will be put on the bus to go
All attendance patterns will now be reported into the school database. This includes, but not limited to, Early
Dismissals (anytime a student leaves before 3:05pm), Tardys, and Absences. All early dismissals will now be
reported regardless of the time the child is signed out.

Unless a note was sent, or prior arrangements were made before 2:30pm, all students should remain in their
class until dismissal time. If you arrive early for Parent Pick Up, please wait outside and your child will be
dismissed at 3:05pm.

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* The Halloween parties will be held on Friday, October 31st. The Halloween parade will begin at 1:45 and
will be held in front of the school along the sidewalk. The students will exit the building out door #2 (the
cafeteria doors) and they will re-enter the building though door #1 (the main office doors.) Parents wishing to
view the parade may do so by gathering in the parking lot. If rain appears to be on the way, the parade may be
held a littler earlier. If the rain has already begun, the parade will be cancelled.
* All parties (excluding morning kindergarten) will be held from 2:00-2:50pm. If you are a Room Parent and
you will want to take your child home the day of the party, please send a Parent Pick Up note to school the day
of the party.
* Those parents that were assigned to work the Halloween party should have received notification by the PTO.
If you are scheduled to work and you are now unable to attend, please contact your Head Room Parent. Please
do not call the school office.
* Morning Kindergarten Parties – The morning kindergarten parade will be at 9:45am. The children will
parade through the school which will end in the gymnasium. Parents wishing to view the parade may do so by
signing in at the main office and finding a seat with in the gym. After the parade, only those parents that are
assigned to work the Halloween Party will be permitted to the classrooms. The morning kindergarten paries
will be held from 10:00-10:50AM.
Uniontown Elementary School has a Lost and Found table that is placed in the main hallway. If your child has
lost an item, please feel free to stop by the office and ask to go to the Lost and Found table. All items of value
are kept in the main office. If your child has lost a pair of glasses, money, or anything of value, please contact
the main office.
Ice cream is sold for 60 as an option during all lunch periods. The ice cream station is located at the end of
the serving line. Ice cream can be purchased anytime throughout the lunch period. If you would prefer that
your child wait to purchase ice cream, please tell them to go up to the ice cream station after their regular lunch
is finished.
Please do not pack cans in your child’s lunch. This includes pop or anything with a pull-tab. This is for the
safety of the student and those around them. Cans and glass bottles are not permitted.
There are only a few home games left. The office will sell tickets to all home football games. They are $6 per
adult and $3 per student. We can only accept cash for these tickets and they are on sale during normal school
hours of 7:30am – 3:30pm.
The next popcorn day is Friday, October 3rd. Popcorn is 25 cents per student. Each child is to give their
popcorn money to their teacher the morning of popcorn day. PM Kindergarten students are to give their money
to their teacher on the Thursday before popcorn day. All money is collected by the PTO in the morning of each
popcorn day and the popcorn is distributed at that time.
Friday, October 3rd will be Backwards / Inside Out Day for the entire school. Come to school with your shirt on
inside out and/or backwards. Lets see how funny we can all look!
Upcoming Events:
November 2008

04 – Fall Picture Retake Day
07 – popcorn day – free to all students
07 – Report Cards go home (Gr. 1-3)
08 – PTO Craft Bazaar
10 – PTO Meeting 7:00pm school library
17 – Market Day Pick Up
27 - through 12/01/08 – No School – Thanksgiving Break

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