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Dear Families,
                                                                  Conference Meals: Parent-Teacher Conferences
We celebrate the New Year in January and we think of              are coming up November 12, 17 and as always,
spring as a time of new beginnings. But for many                  WPPA will be providing meals for the staff on these
families, it’s the fall -- and the onset of the school year       evenings. Volunteers are needed to pick up and set
that most clearly feels like a fresh start.                       up meals (after school), clean up after meals and to
                                                                  bake a treat for dessert. We are also looking for
For WPPA, a new school year brings a flush of                     companies who might be willing to donate a meal for
planning, activities and events. Many of you have                 one night of this event. Contact Melissa at
participated in different ways – from selling candy      to volunteer or for
bars or attending the new parent welcome or a WPPA                more information.
meeting. Thanks for giving of your time and energies
to support WPPA, and in turn Wilshire Park!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a WPPA               Family Movie Night: Bring the kids for a free
meeting, I encourage you to check one out. The                    showing of Ice Age 3 on Friday, November 13. This
meetings (typically the first Monday of every month)              is a fun event that the kids love! The movie will be
are a great place to connect with other WP families               shown in the gym and concessions will be available
and to learn more about what’s happening in and                   in the cafeteria. If you have any questions or would
around our school community.                                      like to volunteer, please contact Shiela or Tessie at
The next meeting is on Monday, November 2 at 7
p.m. in the multi-purpose room. We’d love to see you if
your schedule allows (even if you have to come late or
leave early!).                                                    Candy Bar Sales: We are wrapping up final details
                                                                  for this sale, including prizes for top sellers and top
Until then, please check our frequently-updated blog              classrooms. Stay tuned for more information an all
(you can access it through the WPPA web site) for                 the great things students have earned with all their
WPPA news and information. And if you have any                    hard work! Just a reminder, all money was due on
questions about Wilshire Park Parents Association,                Wednesday, October 15. If you have not turned
please don’t hesitate to contact me.                              yours in, please do so as soon as possible. Please
                                                                  make sure to send in checks or bills (no coins).
                                                  Warmly,         Money should be in an envelope MARKED with
                                                                  your child’s name, teacher’s name and the amount
                             Melissa Gutierrez Nelson             in the envelope. Thanks for your help in making this
      WPPA President |              process a bit easier for all the volunteers who give of
                                 their time make this sale a success!

             WPPA NEWS                                            Silent Auction 2010: Planning is in full force for
                                                                  this great event! Chairs are still look for volunteers
Direct Giving Program: WPPA is excited to                         to help out. There will be a Volunteer Kickoff
announce one of its new programs, Direct Giving!                  Meeting on Thursday, October 29 at 6:30 p.m. For
 Please help us support the many programs at                      more information on this meeting or volunteering
Wilshire by giving a direct donation to WPPA. All                 for the event in general, please contact Shannon
donations are tax-deductible and receipts are                     Geier at or Carolie Carlson at
available. We will also accept matching donations        Just a reminder, Silent
from businesses. No donation is too small. Please see             Auction will be March 19. Save the date!
our brochure in the Friday folders this week. Direct
any questions to Kristin Anderson, Direct Giving
Coordinator at