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									                                                                       Productive Parent-Teacher Conferences

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                      Productive Parent-Teacher Conferences
              From time to time, parents and teachers          handle the conference and have it be
              like to meet to discuss a child’s progress       worthwhile. Children may be uneasy about
              in school, what parents can do to help           having their parents and teachers talk about
              their child perform at his/her best, and         them.
              other issues of concern. These                       Report cards don’t tell the whole story of how
              discussions often take place in the fall         our children are doing academically. Parent-
    and the spring of the school year, but they can be         teacher conferences are scheduled to share
    scheduled at any time when the teachers or the             things about our children and learn more about
    parents feel the need to review how a child is             their strengths and weaknesses.
                                                                   Remember: parents and teachers are not on
        Sometimes parent-teacher conferences are a             opposite sides of the fence; we all want the
    source of concern for everyone involved—parents,           same thing—children who succeed in learning.
    teachers, and children. Parents may feel anxious           Parents really do want their children to be in
    about going to their child’s classroom and listening       good schools, and educators really do want to
    to reports of their child’s behavior and class work.       provide those schools.
    Teachers—especially those in their first years of
    teaching—may be uncertain about how to
                       A Parent-Teacher Conference Check List:
•    If the assigned time is convenient, sign the          • Share things you want the teacher to know about
     conference sheet. If not, reschedule. Keep              your child. Remember you are your child’s first
     the appointment since everyone’s time is                educator and you know your child best.
     important.                                            • Is your child working to capacity, at or below grade
•    Talk with your child about his/her most and             level? Ask to see samples of his/her work.
     least favorite subject or any other concerns          • Does your child participate in class?
     he/she might have.
                                                           •   Ask about the policies on homework, tests and
•    Make a checklist of things to discuss with the            quizzes as well as any long-term assignments.
     teacher in the order of importance, and stick
                                                           •   Review your list and ask any questions you don’t
     to the list.
                      During                               •   Remember this is a process—you won’t get
•   Try to make a positive comment about the                   everything discussed at one meeting. It’s not the
    school or the classroom.                                   end of the world if you forget to ask a question or
                                                               don’t discuss all of the issues. If necessary,
• Ask if your child is adjusting and if he/she
                                                               schedule an additional conference.
    gets along with others.
• Be a good listener and see
                                                           •   Be open to the information the teacher has about
                                                               your child. Kids can be very different at school
    what the teacher has to say.
                                                               than they are at home.
• Keep a positive attitude!
                                                           •   Be sure to ask for specific suggestions on ways to
• Tell the teacher of any                                      help your child do well. This is an important part of
    special talents or interests                               the meeting. It can become your action plan.
    your child has.
        After                                                                  Questions the Teacher May Have
1. Make notes to help you remember what                                               about Your Child:
   was discussed at the conference.
                                                                        1. How does your child feel about school?
2. Start a folder about your child:                                     2. Does your child have any health problems?
            a. test scores                                              3. How does your child accept responsibility at
            b. report cards                                                home?
            c. health records
            d. notes from the teacher                                   4. What does your child do with his/her time out-
            e. samples of work                                             side of school?
                                                                        5. What are your child’s interests and hobbies?
3. Make a calendar:
   a. mark the next conference                                          6. What types of books does your child read at
   b. mark important events (concerts,                                     home?
        programs, etc.)
   c. mark all parent meetings and social                                                   Conferences Are…
   d. mark due dates of class projects and                               •    for listening, sharing and reinforcing the idea
                                                                              of team work.
4. Write down the most important thing you                               •    opportunities for teachers to explain criteria
   learned from the conference! If possible,                                  and grades used on report cards.
   write a follow-up note to the teacher as a                            •    successful when a teacher and school system
   way of cementing the relationship.                                         create a climate that invites a partnership with
5. Share the conference results with your
   child. Discuss any action plan you
   have agreed to with the teacher.                                           Teachers need the help of parents to
   Make sure your child knows that you
   and the teacher care about his/her
                                                                              do the best job possible of educating
   progress and will work together to help                                    every child. Parents
   your child succeed in school.                                              provide important
                                                                              perspectives and
6. Stay in regular touch with the teacher                                     information that can
   to discuss the progress your child is
                                                                              be extremely
                                                                              important and
  Meeting with your child’s teachers should                                   valuable to the
  help build strong parent-teacher                                            teacher. The teacher
  partnerships—partnerships that are                                          can, in turn, help parents play an active
  needed if you and your child’s teachers
                                                                              role in education at home. Children are
  are to reach your common goal: helping
  your child get the best education possible.                                 more likely to succeed in school if they
                                                                              can view their parents and teachers
    Parent-teacher conferences are                                            working together cooperatively.
      essential building blocks for
     home-school communication.
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