Global Project Management Forum Breakout Session by tyk13808


									                                                                                                October, 1999

                          Global Project Management Forum
                                  Breakout Session
Overall Purpose for GPMF breakout session:

To define global needs and solutions, and to establish global networks or working group to take action.

Objectives for Breakout Sessions:

♦   To assess the current global situation or status related to the subject of the session.
♦   To determine global needs related to the topic, and what can be done to address those needs.
♦   To establish a global network, or global working group, to follow-up on the results of the GPMF.
♦   To allow many different participants from around the world, in order to reach global solutions.


q   Results of breakout sessions on same topic from previous meetings.
q   Status reports or information on related activities or events.
q   Information provided on topic by session leaders.
q   Other relevant information.


§   Each session to have two facilitators and one scribe. (facilitators to be identified prior to GPMF)
§   Each GPMF Breakout Session to be minimum of two hours long.
§   Facilitators first clarify objectives for the breakout session.
§   Facilitators to ask questions and facilitate discussion.
§   Participants answer questions and discuss issues. (approximately 10-20 minutes per question)
§   Scribe to document attendees, main issues, conclusions, and follow-up plan.
§   All participants sign session attendee list, and provide contact information (including email address).
§   Session attendees select leader(s) for coordination of follow-up.
§   Facilitators to present results to GPMF plenary session.

Questions for discussion:

•          What are global needs on this topic? Who has needs?
•          What is current status on a global basis? What has occurred previously?
•          What actions are already planned or underway to address global needs? (opportunity for announcements)
•          What additional actions should or can be done to address needs?
•          How can these actions be accomplished? Who should be involved? What is the follow-up plan?

Tools to be provided for each session:

Ø Flip Chart + markers for facilitators.
Ø Note pads for scribe and participants.
Ø Overhead Projector, blank transparencies and transparency pens (optional)


q   Five minute presentation to GPMF on results of breakout session, by session facilitators.
q   Flip charts with bullets of main points or conclusions.
q   Brief plan for follow-up.
q   List of attendees at breakout session.

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