Mobile Handset Dynamics by tyk13808


									◊           Mobile Handset
            Embedded components driving new solutions

     This report examines
  baseband, applications

and storage components                              Key questions
 and the part they play in                       • What technologies are driving the cellular
the trends that are driving                        handsets storage and chipset market?
    the cellular electronic
     components market.                          • What are the growth drivers and who are the major
     It also describes the
                                                   players in the processor and storage market?
     relationship between
                                                 • What impact does a high level of IC integration
    chipset suppliers and                          have on the mobile market?
  handset providers, and
    provides insights into                       • What storage capabilities and configurations will
 future market trends and                          support the new handset functionalities enabled
                                                   by IC integration?

                                                 • How will processors and storage help spur the
                                                   growth of mobile multimedia services in wireless


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 Consulting & Research
     ◊    Mobile Handset Dynamics
          Embedded components driving new solutions

    1. Mobile handset market                      3.3. Mobile Storage market overview
       and components                                - NOR flash market                      50 pages
    1.1. Mobile handset market                       - NAND flash market                     2,000 EUR
       - Global handset volume, a rising             - Synthesis
         market…                                     - Flash Memory producers increasing     May 2008
       - …But a declining average selling              Production and Production capacity
         price                                       - Major Partnerships among Flash
                                                                                             To order,
       - Mobile handset segmentation                   Memory Producers                      please contact:
       - A booming 3G handset market                                                         Marshall Shrago
       - Market development: still a growing                                       
         market for the next 5 years              4. Market drivers                          Tel: +33 (0)4 67 14 44 88
       - Global handset market shares             4.1. Baseband and applications market
                                                     - An emerging chipset connectivity
    2. Building Block Technologies                     market                                Project manager
    2.1. Mobile Phone Architecture:                    • Wi-Fi                               Michael Nique
         an evolution through integration              • Bluetooth                 
       - Focus on handset main components              • GPS                                 Tel: +33 (0)4 67 14 44 72
    2.2. Modern mobile phones                        - Mobile multimedia development
    2.3. Baseband and Application Chipsets           - A bipolarization of the handset
    2.4. Storage Components                            market
       - Logic Interface: definition of NOR       4.2. Mobile storage market drivers
         and NAND Flash                              - DRM development in mobile content
       - Structural Interface: a story of bits       - Impacts on storage market
                                                                                             IDATE will be publishing
       - Properties of current Flash memories        - Implications of devices convergence
                                                     - Mobile entertainment and content      several reports on devices
                                                       development                           markets in 2008:
    3. Building blocks market                     4.3. Impact of market drivers on the       • User Interfaces
    3.1. Global handset baseband chipset                storage industry                       - July 2008
         market                                      - Impact #1 on the storage industry:
                                                                                             • Consumer Electronics +
       - Baseband chipset market in Volume             mobile architecture evolution
                                                                                               - August 2008
       - Global baseband handset chipset             - Impact #2 on the storage industry:
         market in value                               higher storage needs
       - Baseband chipset market by                  - Impact #3 on the storage industry:    Discover all 40 IDATE
         vendors                                       from embedment to online storage      publications scheduled for
    3.2. Global handset application chipset       4.4. Towards Next Generation               2008 at
         market                                         Components
       - Application chipset market in volume
       - Application chipset market in value
       - Application chipset market by vendors


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