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                               Equestrian Rubber
                                   Recycled Rubber Crumb
Repeat Rubber Equestrian arena rubber crumb is a clean safe, resilient material that
absorbs impact. Rubber Crumb makes a great difference in a hardness study of arena
surfaces, the addition of rubber was found to make the surface more forgiving than an all
sand arena. The elastic property of rubber crumb translates into a resilient surface that
provides less shock and fewer injuries to horses tendons and joints allowing for increased
training time. After adding rubber crumb to the arena horses were found to be less
fatigued, horses will move better and freer and with more relaxation, length of stride and
suspension. For the horses who are older and a little arthritic, the difference is dramatic.
They are instantly so much more comfortable that they move significantly better.

Made from 100% Recycled tyres, 2-5mm irregular shape and is 99.99% wire free, Rubber
Crumb is long-lasting in either indoor or outdoor arenas, jumping stadiums, tracks or trails.
An ideal footing should provide good traction, cushioning to absorb shock and be non
irritating for both horse and rider while minimizing injury to horse and rider. Rubber crumb
is suitable for all types of weather and climates, all year round.

      *Reduces Dust & Mud                             *Will not Rot or Mould
      *Reduces overall Maintenance                    *Will not Breed Insects
      *Enhances Performance                           *Will not Freeze
      *Less Shock & Fewer Injuries                    *Utilizes Waste Tyres
      *Great benefits for older Horses                *Non toxic
      * For New or Existing Areas                     *99.99% Wire Free
      *Easy to handle 25kg bags for DIY               *2-5mm irregular shape
      *Full Installation service                      *Long Lasting Reducing Costs

                     For further details please contact
           or phone on 03 9776 8818

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