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Tremco Epoxy Paste
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      GENERAL PURPOSE EPOXY                                  TECHNICAL INFORMATION
                                                           GENERAL CURED PASTE PROPERTIES

                                                                                                        Tremco Epoxy Paste
                                                            COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH
            KEY BENEFITS SUMMARY                            80 Mpa @ 7 days
                                                            TENSILE STRENGTH
                                                            25 Mpa @ 7 days
      Easy 1:1 mix ratio
      Colour coded mixing                                   1.45 kg/litre
      Small quantites can be mixed                          BOND STRENGTH TO CONCRETE
      Excellent bond to most materials                      >2.5 Mpa (concrete fails)
                                                            BOND STRENGTH TO STEEL
      Good chemical resistance
                                                            >15 Mpa
      Feather edge
                                                            MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE TEMP
      No priming                                            70°C
      Non staining
                                                            GENERAL PASTE PROPERTIES

            PRODUCT INFORMATION                               APPEARANCE RESIN
                                                              White Thixothropic Paste
                                                              APPEARANCE HARDENER
Tremco Epoxy Paste is a specially formulated Paste Grade
                                                              MIXING RATIO
Structural Adhesive. Easy to use and extremely durable,
                                                              1:1 (volume)
Tremco Epoxy Paste has a very high bond strength to most
                                                              SOLIDS CONTENT
                                                              POT LIFE
                                                              40 minutes @ 25°C
  Repairing precast concrete
                                                              FULL CURE TIME
  Grouting starter bars/bolts
                                                              4 days @ 25°C
  Adhering bricks, ceramics and metal plates
                                                              MIN APPLICATION TEMP
  Repairing concrete tanks
  Repairing boney concrete
  Jointing pipes and culverts
  Bonding crack injection nipples                          PRECAUTIONS
                                                             As with all Epoxy Products, wear rubber
                                                             gloves and overalls
PACK SIZE                            PRODUCT CODE            Prolonged exposure can cause dermatitis
4 litre                              225312                  Ensure adequate ventilation
20 litre                             225313                  Do not mix packs unless accurate measuring
                                                             equipment is available
                                                             For best results in cold weather pre warm
COLOUR                                                       components to approx 20°C
Grey when mixed                                              All inserts should be threaded rod or deformed
                                                             bars for best results
     Tremco Epoxy Paste
          USAGE GUIDELINES                                   TECHNICAL SERVICE
                                                             TREMCO has a team of qualified Technical Sales
SUBSTRATE PREPARATION                                        Representatives who provide assistance in the
CONCRETE                                                     selection and specification of products. For more
  Concrete should be sound and free of all loose and         detailed information or service and advice, call
  deleterious materials, mechanical cleaning such as         Customer Service on (02) 9638 2677 or fax (02)
  captive blasting, scabbling or grinding is best. If acid   9638 2955.
  washing ensure surface is well rinsed afterwards. For
  maximum adhesion allow 24 hours drying prior to
                                                             TREMCO products are manufactured to rigid
  All holes in concrete should be percussion drilled and
                                                             standards of quality. Any product which has been
  cleaned of all dust and debris. Cored holes should be
                                                             applied (a) in accordance with TREMCO written
  washed of slurry and allowed to dry.
                                                             instructions and (b) in any application recommended
                                                             by TREMCO, but which is proved to be defective,
  Metal should be grit blasted to a Class 3 finish,
                                                             will be replaced free of charge.
  otherwise mechanically abrade to a bright metal finish.

                                                             Any information provided by TREMCO in this
METHOD OF APPLICATION                                        document in relation to TREMCO’s goods or their
  Do not mix more than can be used in 40 minutes             use is given in good faith and is believed by
  Mix equal quantities by weight or volume with spatula or   TREMCO to be appropriate and reliable. However,
  putty knife to smooth paste with consistent grey colour    the information is provided as a guide only, as the
  without streaks                                            actual use and application will vary with application
  As an adhesive spread          mixed material on both      conditions which are beyond our control. TREMCO
  surfaces and clamp or weigh down                           makes no representation, guarantee or warranty
  For holes squeeze mixed paste into bottom of the hole      relating to the accuracy or reliability of the
  and insert bolt/reinforcement. Ensure paste rises to the   information and assumes no obligation or liability in
  top of the hole, twist bolt/reinforcement to ensure        connection with the information. To the extent
  maximum contact                                            permitted by law, all warranties, expressed or
  Do not tighten nuts until paste has fully cured            implied are excluded.
  Feather edging can be finished with a damp sponge

  The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be read
  and understood prior to use

Max temperature 25°C

Can be stored unopened up to 2 years

Clean up of tools and equipment with warm, soapy water.
                                                                   TREMCO PTY LTD ABN 25 000 024 064
                                                                   Unit 1, 2 Park Rd, RYDALMERE NSW 2116 Australia
                                                                   Tel (02) 9638 2755 Fax (02) 9638 2955
An          Company                                      

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