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the Royal

                                     The newsletter of the Royal Hobart Hospital           December 2006 No. 17

       M erry Christmas
                                 to all our readers
                   Christmas is a time when families get     In this special Christmas edition of
                   together. It is a chance to reconnect     Infocus I would like to acknowledge a
                   and reflect on the year that has          number of people.
                   passed. For many Tasmanians it is also
                                                             Firstly, I know that on the public
                   a time when the Royal and its staff
                                                             holidays over the festive season most
                   and volunteers become a substitute
                                                             staff members would like to be with
                   family. This is in a large part due to
                                                             their families. We therefore greatly
                   the efforts made to capture and share
                                                             appreciative that so many of you are
                   the spirit of the season with patients
                                                             willing to assist our sick and injured
                  and their families.
                                                             patients by working on these holidays, particularly
We all know most patients would rather be elsewhere.         Christmas Day which we all like to share with those
I understand most staff members and volunteers are           closest to us.
sacrificing their own family time at Christmas to care for
                                                             Secondly, I would like to formally recognise the
and support these people at a difficult time.
                                                             dedication of our staff over the last year in providing
The Royal is fortunate to have such a dedicated and          the routine and special services needed by the patients
talented staff. From the doctors, nurses and health          of the Hospital. On behalf of everyone at the Royal, let
professionals to those who provide essential support         me express our gratitude to the volunteers and auxiliary
services, such as medical orderlies, and the largely         members and say how much they are appreciated. These
unseen people in communications, food services,              wonderful people give around 50,000 hours of voluntary
environmental services and administration; your work         service each year to help staff and patients. Without
is appreciated by the whole Tasmanian community. To          this support we could not offer all the additional and
every member of staff, to every volunteer and to each        supportive services that our patients require.
auxiliary member, I extend my best wishes and sincere
                                                             I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and
thanks for your commitment throughout 2006.
                                                                                               healthy 2007.
The Royal is a much
better place for
your sustained and
                                                                                               Dr John Menzies
professional efforts.
                                                                                               Chief Executive Officer
To all readers of
Infocus, I wish you a
happy and safe festive
season. Together, let’s                                                                       This beautiful nativity scene
resolve to make 2007 a                                                                        was created for Christmas
                                                                                              on the dining room windows
healthy and satisfying
                                                                                              of the Transition Care Unit
                                                                                              by Chaplain Andrea Ward.
                                                                                              TCU won third prize in the
                                                                                              Royal’s 6th Annual Christmas
Lara Giddings MHA                                                                             Decoration Competition and
Minister for Health                                                                           a special prize. See over for
and Human Services                                                                            more details.
❄   Christmasdecorations competition
        THANK YOU to all staff who participated in
        the 6th Annual Royal Hobart Hospital Christmas
        Decoration Competition, judged on Friday 15
        December. Most of the entries are still being
                                                                  There was bribery...
        enjoyed by patients, staff and visitors.
        It was a difficult task for our judging panel – The
        Lord Mayor, Alderman Rob Valentine;
        Co-convenor of the Brewery-to-Brewery Relay
        Run, Dick Harrold; Regional Manager for
        McMillan Shakespeare, Rob Whelan, (who
        donates the prize money); CEO Dr John Menzies
        and the incoming CEO Dr Craig White. The
        standard was way above expectation and the
        panel especially appreciated the fantastic
        achievements of smaller units on slender
        All entrants received a gift of bubbly, kindly
        donated by Honeywell and presented by Technical           Mmmmm... Good Pud. The judges being bribed by a magic pudding L-R Alderman Rob
        Resources Manager, Steve McQueen. In addition,            Valentine, Melanie Hutson and Ray Whelan (McMillan Shakespeare), incoming CEO Dr

        the two top clinical departments received special         Craig White, RN Surgical Specialties Suzanne Land, CEO Dr John Menzies and seated
        cash prizes from the RHH Executive Committee              Mr Dick Harrold (Brewery to Brewery Fun Run)
        for a ward or patient related activity to be
        determined by the winning area. These were a                                               ... creativity...
        great surprise and went to Medical Records and
        the Transition Care Unit.

    ...hungry caterpillars

                                                               Patient participation
                                                               Stars of Tomorrow WACS

    Hungry Christmas Nutrition and Dietetics

    ...and finance and business...
                                                                                                    Redback on the toilet seat from Aussie
                                                                                                    Christmas at the Beach Medical Records

                                       R Santa’s Bank
                                         Accounts Receivable

                                       L No Room at the Inn Bed Management Unit

                                       Below Let’s Talk About Christmas Speech Pathology

                                                                                                    Winter Wonderland 8A Foyer
Christmasdecorations competition

And the winners are:
                                                      First Prize
                                                      We Wish Shoe a Merry Christmas
                                                      (Santa’s Factory Outlet)
                                                      Clinical and Support Services 9A

                                                   ❄                Second Prize
                                                Aussie Christmas at the Beach
                                                                Medical Records

                                                                                         Three Highly Commended
                                      Third Prize                                        1 A Heavenly Christmas
                                      Stars                                                Respecting Patient Choices Program
                                                                                         2 Elves Workshop
                                      Transition Care Unit
                                                                                           Volunteer Services
                                                                                         3 Christmas in Space
                                                                                           Department of Psychological Medicine

  Lord Mayor’s Award
  A Beary Merry Christmas in the
  Enchanted Forest
  Community & Consumer Advisory Service                                                  1

                                      Best New Entry
                                      Christmas on the Farm
                                      Department of Neurology                            2

                        ❄                                       3

❄   Christmasthankyou
                                                                 B & E and BUDGET
                                                                 Fun Run benefits kids
                                                                 with breathing difficulties
                                                                 Little Jayden Moore, 20 months, provided a positive
                                                                 demonstration of the worth of Continuous Positive Airway
                                                                 Pressure Machines (CPAP) machines when sponsors and
                                                                 organisers of the annual B & E and Budget Rent-a-Car Fun
                                                                 Run visited the Paediatric Unit before Christmas.

    Sweet sounds ring
                                                                 Fun run organiser Mr Peter Keenan handed over a cheque
                                                                 for $7,000 from funds raised on the 2006 fun run. The
                                                                 money will go towards the purchase of more CPAP
    through the Hospital                                         machines which cost somewhere between $1,500 and
                                                                 $7,000 each, depending on the model required for the
    The choir Nelson Sound delighted patients with a program     individual patient.
    of carols on the evening of 13 December. Led by Louise       Jayden, son of Michelle and Russell Moore of Bridgewater,
    Volkman on electronic keyboard, the choir sang in the        has been in hospital for all of his life but plans are
    corridors of 2B North and 2B South as the patients settled   underway for him to go home soon with the loan from the
    after their evening meal.                                    Hospital of a CPAP machine.
    Formed in 2004 through an adult education class ‘Singing     The function of a CPAP machine is to deliver air into the
    for Beginners’, the choir this Christmas is also perfoming   recipient’s airway. The machine does not breathe for the
    at Glen Huon Carols by Candlelight and the Bishop Davies     patient – the flow of air creates enough pressure when the
    Court Nursing Home.                                          person inhales to keep the airways open.
                                                                 The Royal’s CEO, Dr John Menzies, warmly thanked Peter
    Santa visits Paediatrics                                     Keenan and the sponsors for their generous donation and
                                                                 on-going commitment to the Hospital. Over the last 14
                                                                 years, the Fun Run has raised $57,000 towards the purchase
                                                                 of medical equipment for the Paediatric Unit. Other
                                                                 sponsors include Innkeepers, Southern Cross Television and
                                                                 Mures Fish Centre.

                                                                 Christmas comes to the Dwyer Ward

                                                                   Newsletter contributions
                                                                   Please email your newsletter contributions to:
                                                                   Tel. ext 8846

    Santa blew in on his way from the Northgate Shopping
                                                                   January edition deadline – 25 Jan 07
    Centre mid-December to take orders and to spread cheer         Many thanks to the staff who contributed to this edition
    around the Royal’s paediatric unit. L-R Thomas Leeson, 6,      of the newsletter. HAPPY CHRISTMAS
    of Bridgewater, Shaun Gangell, 15, of Brighton (behind         ISSN 1833-2234
    Santa), Emily Gladwell, 9, of Blackmans Bay, and Kabinah
    Sesay, 10, of Lenah Valley.


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