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The Mercy International Association newsletter

Volume 2 Number 3                                                        October 2001

Justice conference                                                                                  Sister Ethel Bignell
                                                                                                    named new MIA
provides forum for                                                                                  Executive Director

learning and action
                                                                                                           ister Ethel Bignell (Aotearoa
                                                                                                          New Zealand) recently was
                                                                                                          named the new Executive

                                                                                                    Director of Mercy International
             ercys gathered in
                                                                                                    Association (MIA). As Executive
             South Africa,
             September 11-23,                                                                       Director Ethel is charged with the
                                                                                                    primary task of communicating the
to find ways to utilize Mercy
                                                                                                    vision of MIA and the energy of
resources and influence
across the world to transform                                                                       worldwide Mercy; coordinating with
                                                                                                    Mercy International Centre (MIC),
the unjust economic
                                                                                                    Mercy Global Concern (MGC), and
structures that impoverish
women, children, Earth and                                                                          Mercy International Justice
                                                                                                    Network (MIJN); connecting with
whole peoples. The meeting,
                                                                                                    Fraynework, the web management
sponsored by the Mercy                              From left to right, Sisters Helen Kearins
International Justice Network (Australia) and Imakulata Lafaele (Western                            group in charge of the MIA
                                                                                                    website, to promote and ensure the
(MIJN), focused on                                  Samoa) learn the fine art of paper-making in
                                                                                                    infrastructure of communications;
transnational corporations                          South Africa.
and developing country debt.                                                                        and setting up a foundation to
                                                                                                    support the work of MIA.
     Conference participants
                                                                                                        Ethel brings to the new position
pledged, as MIJN, to use
their collective resources to reach                        out, embrace and be embraced by a        a wide range of experience in
                                                                                                    establishing and managing new
                                                           suffering world so that all may have
                                                                                                    projects and ministries, and in
                                                           life to the fullest. They committed
                                                                                                    administration, organization and
        Inside this issue:                                 themselves to a deeper understand-
                                                                                                    leadership. Ethel has extensive
 • World conference against racism                         ing of the global, social, economic,
                                                                                                    involvement in ministries in the
    broadens Mercys’ scope on                              political and cultural structures that
                                                           oppress peoples, nations, and Earth,     education sector as a secondary
    justice ........................................... 4
                                                                                                    teacher and as a principal of St.
 • Sister Deidre Mullan hired as                           which sustains all; reflective and
    Assistant Director of MGC ...... 5                                                              Catherine’s College, Kilbirnie. She
                                                           spiritual solidarity among them-
 • News from the Mercy World .......... 6                  selves and with those whose voices       served as the Congregational
 • Website boasts new look ................ 8
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Mercys find new ways to work for justice
                                                        Continued from page 1
have been silenced or repressed;          of violence against women and            made a presentation highlighting the
and collaborative action. Each            children and racism in all its mani-     realities of their region. The pre-
MIJN focal area formulated action         festations,” said Sister Dina            sentations helped participants
plans based on this commitment.           Altamiranda (Americas). Dina             deepen their understanding of the
    “Our analysis, solidarity and our     ministers in Colon, Panama.              challenges facing people in different
action will be focused on all forms            Fifty eight Mercys from 19          parts of the world.
                                          countries enlightened each other             “Through sharing our stories
                                          about their realties during the          from the various areas of the globe,
                                          meeting. Attendees came from             through insertion into the work and
            Mercy World                   Aotearoa New Zealand, Argentina,         experience of some of the South
       The newsletter of Mercy            Australia, Brazil, Canada, Guam,         African people, and through expert
      International Association           Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria,        input and facilitation, I was en-
     Vol. 2 No. 3 October 2001
                                          Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru,          riched, enlightened, encouraged,
 Mercy International Association is an    Philippines, South Africa, Tonga,        energized and challenged,” said
 organization of the leaders of Mercy     United Kingdom, United States of         Sister Alicia Linehan (Newfound-
 Congregations, Institutes and
 Federations throughout the world,
 founded to serve the Sisters of Mercy,
 their associates and colleagues in
 ministry. Members of the association
 share the passion of their foundress,
 Catherine McAuley, to bring mercy to
 people who are poor, sick and
 uneducated. The purpose of the
 association is:
 -to foster unity of mind and heart
 among Sisters of Mercy and to
 increase awareness and experience
 of their global interdependence;
 -to facilitate collaboration among the
 Congregations, Institutes and
 Federations to meet the needs of
 today and to work for justice; and
 -to encourage and nurture the
 flourishing of the Mercy charism
 within the various cultures of the

 President and Publisher
 Sister Marie Chin
 Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
 8300 Colesville Road                     Sisters from Africa lead morning prayer during the recent Mercy International
 Suite 300
 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910            Justice Network conference in South Africa.
 Phone: 301-587-0423
                                          America, and Western Samoa.              land). “I have gained a greater
 Editor and Designer                      Sisters Goretti Rule (South Africa)      appreciation for the work of our
 Pamm Shankman                            and Mary Waskowiak (Americas)            sisters throughout the world and I
                                          served as facilitators. This was the     cherish more deeply the diversity
 Please send story ideas and other
 feedback to Pamm Shankman,               second Mercy International Justice       and democratic aspirations of my
 13111 Manor Drive, Mount Airy,           Conference.                              own country - Canada.”
 MD 21771, USA, email                         Sisters from each area of the             The conference program also,
 fax 1-240-218-0231or call
                                          Mercy world — Africa, Asia-              included input from Sister Wendy
 1-301-831-5383.                          Pacific, Europe, Latin America/          Flannery (Australia), director of
                                          Caribbean and North America —            Mercy Global Concern, which is the
2 Mercy World/October 2001
Mercy presence at the United                                                                  the ministry of the Sisters
Nations (UN), and Sister Adele                                                                of Mercy in South
Howard (Australia), director of                                                               Africa; visited a museum
Fraynework Multimedia in                                                                      that featured displays
Melbourne, Australia, the communi-                                                            depicting conditions
cations firm responsible for the                                                              under apartheid; and
Mercy World website. Wendy gave                                                               enjoyed performances at
an overview of the UN structure                                                               two Mercy schools
and pointed out some of the link-                                                             where the students
ages between UN processes and                                                                 entertained them with
the areas of concern that surfaced                                                            song and dance. Sisters
in the conference presentations.                                                              also visited Soweto,
                                         Sisters Lynda Dearlove (Great Britain), Miriam
Adele demonstrated the capacity of                                                            which many described as
                                         Senatsi (South Africa), Imakulata Lafaele (Western
the internet to globally link Mercy      Samoa), Shirley Chung (Jamaica) and Dina
                                                                                              especially moving. This
and to empower those who have no         Altamiranda (Panama) admire the view of Pretoria. sprawling area, covering
voice.                                                                                        50 square miles, located
     “I marvel at the relationships                                                west of Johannesburg is home to
                                         the racist dimensions of HIV/AIDS.
we have begun to form and the                                                      several million people. Soweto is
                                              During the MIJN conference
excellent networks we have been                                                    actually an acronym for SOuth
                                         Mercys enjoyed learning about the
able to set up and that we have                                                    WEst TOwnships. Stops in Soweto
                                         South African heritage as they
already begun to use,” said Alicia.                                                included Regina Mundi Church, the
                                         gathered at the Sizanani Centre,
     Father Filip Fanchette, a priest                                              site of mass gatherings during the
                                         outside Pretoria, South Africa.
from the island nation of Mauritius,                                               struggle against apartheid and
                                         During the first two days of the
also offered some global analysis.                                                 Vilakazi Street, where both Nelson
                                         conference, Mercys learned about
He began with the question, “on                                                    Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu
whose side am I?” and cautioned                                                    lived.
that efforts to meet one need may
destroy the possibility of meeting
other needs. Filip also introduced
the notion of social capital, which is
                                         Sister Ethel Bignell welcomed as the new MIA
the capacity of people to benefit        Executive Director
from social networks. He warned
against focusing only on the eco-                                                             Continued from page 1
nomic aspects of a situation.
     Sisters who attended another        Leader of the Sisters of Mercy of Wellington from 1991 – 1996 and as the
justice conference in South Africa       Executive Secretary for the Federation Council of the Sisters of Mercy of
earlier in September, the UN Con-        Wellington. Most recently she was the Mission Co-ordinator for Sisters of
ference on Racism in Durban,             Mercy Wellington.
shared their experiences. The UN              Ethel has served as the President of the Conference of Congregational
conference covered a number of           Leaders of Aotearoa New Zealand; President of the Federation Council of
areas including the plight of refu-      the Sisters of Mercy Aotearoa New Zealand; President of the New
gees and asylum seekers and the          Zealand Council of Proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools; Chairperson
rights of indigenous people. They        of the Wellington/Palmerston North Board of Proprietors; and currently is
noted that Durban marked a change        Deputy Chairperson of New Zealand Catholic Education Office Limited.
in the way peoples and nations                Ethel took first vows in January 1966 and has a strong commitment to
relate to each other. Racism also is     the Sisters of Mercy and the mission of Mercy.
taking new forms such as global               This article was submitted by Sister Denise Fox (Aotearoa New
apartheid, genetic engineering, and      Zealand).
                                                                                     October 2001/Mercy World 3
World conference against racism
broadens Mercys’ scope on justice

T   he third United Nations (UN)
    World Conference against
Racism, Racial Discrimination,
                                          Rights and Secretary of the WCAR,
                                          consistently stressed the need to
                                          generate a constructive, positive
                                                                                    of women and children for sexual
                                                                                         The Mercy International Asso-
Xenophobia and Related Intolerance        and forward-looking approach to           ciation (MIA) was represented by a
(WCAR) addressed the scourge of           the conference and its potential          delegation of six Sisters of Mercy,
racism. At the first conference, in       outcomes. The fact that many              nominated in consultation with the
1978, the UN took up for the first        contentious issues raised in the          five geographical Focal Points of
time the issue of racism in a post-       preparatory process and still re-         the Mercy International Justice
colonial world. A 1983 event              quired negotiation among govern-          Network (MIJN). Sisters
focused on the issue of apartheid in      ments before an outcome document          Immaculata Devine (South Africa),
South Africa and served to mobilize       could be agreed upon, is an indica-       Helen Kearins (Australia), Winifred
international pressure against it.        tion that racism, xenophobia and          Njuguna (Kenya), Ann Scully
This year’s conference was held in        related intolerance are still prevalent   (Ireland), Maria Luisa Vera
Durban, in post-Apartheid South           in today’s world and being mani-          (Amercias) and Wendy Flannery
Africa and had as its slogan:             fested in new ways.                       (Australia). They participated in the
“United to combat racism: Equality,            Participants in the events faced a   NGO Forum August 28 – Septem-
Justice, Dignity.” It served as an        myriad of painful issues and concerns     ber 1, and in the official intergov-
opportunity to highlight racism as a      related to the conference theme, as it    ernmental meeting, to the extent
worldwide phenomenon, and to              relates both to the experience of         that this is accessible to Non-
challenge all member States of the        peoples in different part of the globe    Governmental Organizations (NGO)
UN to examine how effectively             and to relationships within the global    representatives.
they protect the civil and political      human community as a whole. One                Strong NGO caucuses were
rights of their populations, especially   issue that reaches across many            developed among NGOs in the
those most vulnerable to                  countries and continents is that of the   course of the preparatory meetings.
discrimination and intolerance.           African slave trade and the move-         Their deliberations and proposals
     According to the WCAR                ment of European colonization, both       were channeled into an NGO
introductory brochure, “Even as           deeply rooted in racist ideas and         Declaration and Programme of
technology brings the peoples of the      practices. The issue of reparations for   Action, which served as a basis for
world closer together, racial dis-        the crimes associated with these          lobbying government delegates
crimination, xenophobia and other         processes and their impact historically   negotiating the official outcome
forms of intolerance continue to          on Africans, Afro-descendants in          documents. The Mercy delegates
ravage our societies. A new term,         many parts of the world, and indig-       chose from among the many the-
‘ethnic cleansing,’ has been coined       enous people, will remain an issue to     matic caucuses, some particular
to describe an old horror, while          be addressed well into the future. In     areas of focus for their energies,
ideas of racial superiority have          addition, they highlight the need to      some were more cross-cutting
spread to the Internet. Even global-      mount a concerted campaign against        themes and others related to Mercy
ization, with its potential benefits,     on-going practices of slavery and new     ministry connections with groups of
carries risks that can lead to exclu-     forms of colonialism. Other issues        people affected in specific ways –
sion and increased inequality, very       that had been highlighted in prepara-     such as indigenous peoples, and
often along racial and ethnic lines.”     tory meetings in several parts of the     migrants, refugees and asylum
     From the start of the prepara-       world were those of the plight of         seekers.
tory process, Mary Robinson, the          refugees and asylum seekers, migrant           One Mercy focus was that of
High Commissioner for Human               labor, and the cross-border trafficking   “Gender and Racism.” A WCAR
4 Mercy World/October 2001
women’s caucus with broad interna-
tional representation has been func-      Sister Deidre Mullan
tioning since the beginning of the
process, working to ensure that strong
language about gender and racism is
                                          hired as Assistant
included in the outcome documents.
Two related side events as part of the
                                          Director of MGC
NGO Forum were: “Women at the
Intersection of Race and other
Oppressions: A Human Rights
                                          S   ister Deidre Mullan (Ireland) was recently hired as the new
                                              Assistant Director of Mercy Global Concern (MGC). She will
                                          be working with Sister Wendy Flannery (Australia) to further the
Hearing,” organized by the Center for     Mercy initiatives at the United Nations. Deidre began her term in
Women’s Global Leadership at              October.
Rutgers University, USA; and “World           Deidre has been a teacher for 22 years in Ireland where she
Court of Women Against Racism,”
                                          was head of Religious Studies at one of her schools. She has been
organized by the Asian Women’s
                                          involved in community relations work. From 1998-2000 Deidre
Human Rights Council in collaboration
with partners elsewhere.                  was Visiting Professor of Social Sciences at Mount Aloysius Col-
     Another theme of Mercy interest      lege in Pennsyvania in the United States.
that had not emerged strongly enough          Following is her reflection on her new position:
in the preparatory processes but is of        I grew up in Derry in the North of Ireland and have lived most
critical importance to the practice and   of my life in one of the most troubled spots in Europe. I have wit-
experience of racism and xenophobia       nessed civil and human rights abuses for most of my life and saw
worldwide is the impact of religion. It   the community in which I lived caught in the vortex of two options:
is easily demonstrated that the Chris-    to react with violence or to act as agents of change.
tian Church, along with other major          Living on an island, on a border and as the border between
world religions that emphasize the        Europe and America, I lived looking in many directions. The impli-
radical difference between “the           cations of this was that I learned early to value difference, to think
saved” and “the unsaved,” has played      beyond boundaries, to challenge the border mentality I found within
a central role in the development of      myself and to see the potential in living with difference.
religious and cultural racism and the        As I come to work at Mercy Global Concern at this time in
generation of xenophobic attitudes.
                                          history, I believe more than ever, that the dream of the UN, which
An on-going Mercy challenge is
                                          strives towards interdependence, and a vision of one world where
how to harness the creative poten-
                                           people of all creeds, nationalities, can come together in mutual
tial of religious and spiritual values
in order to build bridges across          respect. As a Sister of Mercy, I am committed to our global out-
diversity and combat intolerance.         reach and see the dangers of becoming too insular, parochial or
Of special interest in this regard is a   fundamental.
document announced for publication           The population explosion and the need for change in our value
in connection with the WCAR               system as well as continuing gap between the rich and the poor has
entitled, “Sacred Rights,” compiled       always been a concern of mine.I believe we are at a critical point
by the Millennium World Peace             in our world where we continue on the one hand to have alarming
Summit of Religious and Spiritual         expenditure on conventional, bio-chemical and nuclear weapons
Leaders, in cooperation with the          while on the other hand millions of human beings live in sub-human
Office of the High Commissioner           conditions. We continue to destroy Earth which sustains us without
for Human Rights, to commemorate          giving any thought to relating to the cosmos in a new way. All of
the conference.                           this challenges me to do what I can as a Mercy woman at this time,
     Sister Wendy Flannery (Austra-       to do what I can to make a difference.
lia) is the Director of Mercy Global
                                                                                October 2001/Mercy World 5
                         NEWS FROM THE MERCY WORLD
American Mercys                          the United States. By doing this we       to discern and plan and to rejoice in
                                         will exert a greater power than our       a number of ways in other’s
respond to violent                       attackers, the power to end the           presence and giftedness. At a
attacks in U.S.                          cycle of violence and death before        number of the sessions, sisters were

F   ollowing recent terrorist attacks
    on the United States, the
Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of
                                         it spreads across the face of the
                                         earth. We agree with John Paul II:
                                         “the ways of violence will never
                                                                                   pleased to welcome and greet
                                                                                   associates in Mercy as they joined
                                                                                   in the celebrations and deliberations.
the Americas released the following      lead to genuine solutions to                   During the meeting Mercys
statement:                               humanity’s problems.”                     focused their direction for the
     On behalf of the Institute of the        We join our voices with those        upcoming years and drafted the
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas,        who are calling                           following statement: “We commit
over 5,000 Sisters of Mercy in 12             ←for tolerance toward those          ourselves, in collaboration with
countries of the world, we offer our           innocent people who happen to       others, to focus our resources and
prayers and heartfelt sympathy to              be of the same nationality, faith   energy towards examining, chal-
those who have lost loved ones in              or ethnic group as the alleged      lenging and healing injustice and
                 the tragic destruc-           perpetrators;                       oppression, especially as experi-
                 tion of the World            ← for a re-examination of the        enced by young, middle-aged and
                 Trade Center in               roots of the anger that has         older women in our Congregation,
                 New York City and             erupted against us – poverty,       Church and Society.”
                 the Pentagon near             injustice and hopelessness –             During the Chapter a new
                 Washington D.C.               and our complicity in these         Leadership Team was chosen with
                 These violent events          root circumstances;                 Sister Helen Harding as Congrega-
have transformed us into a nation in          ←for deep and careful self           tional Leader and Sisters Madonna
mourning. We lament with so many               reflection as a nation;             Gatherall, Marcella Grant, Brenda
others the loss of innocent victims           ←for a rededication to the deep      Phelan and Diane Smyth as Team
and grieve with the many thousands             values of our Christian             members. The Chapter closed with
whose lives are unalterably                    tradition: community,               a very moving ritual marking the
changed.                                       compassion, and justice for all;    end of the assembly and calling
     While we join our voices in the          ←for messages to the President       sisters to “cast our nets” more
national mourning, we cannot join              of the United States and            deeply into the meaning and spirit of
the cacophony of voices demanding              members of Congress                 the Chapter as they continue to
retaliation and revenge. Such                  expressing a desire for a           move forward in Mercy mission and
demands desire to set things right             response which will incite          ministry.
and to prevent a recurrence of                 peace rather than war.                   The theme of the Chapter was
terrorism, but we do not see more                                                  “Cast Out Into The Deep” — a
violence as the path toward this         Sisters in                                theme that provided a backdrop not
desirable end. It is our deepest                                                   only for prayer and liturgy but also
prayer that we, who have so re-          Newfoundland hold                         for discussion, setting and social
cently experienced the destructive       general chapter                           events during the week. In her
power of hatred, will not now
emulate it.
     For the safety of all children,
                                         I t was in a spirit of eagerness,
                                            openness and anticipation that the
                                         Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland,
                                                                                   opening remarks to the sisters,
                                                                                   Sister Charlotte Fitzpatrick, Congre-
                                                                                   gational Leader, urged the sisters to
for the sanctity of justice, for the     gathered in St. John’s on June 24 to      heed the invitation to “cast out into
sake of global peace, we plead for a     hold their Seventeenth General            the deep,” reminding them that the
measured response that will seek         Chapter. The six-day event                “deep engagement of each one of
out and punish only those who are        provided opportunities for sisters to     us in Chapter will effect the unity,
responsible for this attack against      come together to pray and reflect,        solidarity and energy of the whole

6 Mercy World/October 2001
                        NEWS FROM THE MERCY WORLD
Congregation and will connect the     the violent attack on the World        Aotearoa New
sisters with the whole creative       Trade Center, September 11. The
action of our God in this world.”     conference’s call for persons to
                                                                             Zealand sisters
Ruby Cribbin (Americas) facilitated   become global citizens taking          launch their own
the event.                            action to build a new world com-       website
     Sisters also welcomed Sister
Marie Chin (Americas). Marie
challenged Mercys to witness to
                                      munity has taken on much greater
                                      urgency during the aftermath of
                                      the September 11 U.S. attacks.
                                                                             A     otearoa New Zealand Mercys
                                                                                   are the latest congregation to
                                                                             launch its own public website. They
generous justice and to follow the        “This community-building task      launched their site last month. The
example of Catherine McAuley          needs the whole-hearted attention      purpose of the website, which was
who knew how to connect the rich      and support of governments and         created by Fraynework, is to:
to the poor, the healthy to the sick  people working individually,                 • build both a National and
and the powerful to the weak.         through all sorts of organizations,            International Mercy identity
                                      and in a spirit of cooperation and             – a sense of belonging;
American Mercys hear collaboration,” said Sister Mary                              • establish a place for
call to become global Schmuckissues emerged during
                                                  (Americas).                        networking, communication,
                                                                                     reflection, and interaction;
citizens at United                    the meeting including Earth pro-                and
Nations                               tection, poverty eradication, health         • reinforce the New Zealand

S   isters of Mercy of the
    Americas attended the 54th
annual United Nations (UN)
                                      care provision, conflict resolution,
                                      and natural disaster response.
                                      During the meeting the sense
                                                                                     Sisters of Mercy spirit and
                                                                                    mission through this web
                      Department      grew that currently there is some-          “The creation and launch of our
                      of Public       thing very wrong with unbalanced       first website has been a celebration
                      Information/    economic globalization. In addi-       and an enigma. Describing our-
                      Nongovernmental tion, the rapidly globally expanding   selves in cyberspace raises many
                      Organizations’ economy clearly has problems that       questions about becoming one congre-
                      (NGO)           are complex, very interrelated and     gation. When creating a website we are
                      conference in rapidly changing.                        faced with questions about who our
                      New York            During the conference it was       audience is, what we want them to
                      City, Sept 10. stressed that value-based analysis      know about us, and what we want to
                      The focus of    and accountability measures are        say about who we are and what we
the conference was “NGOs              the order of the day for global        do,” said Sister Ethel Bignell (Aotearoa
Today: Diversity of the Volunteer     community building. Values             New Zealand). The website can be
Experience.” Five Sisters and one     needed in this new world commu-        found at
College Misericordia faculty member nity include dialog, inclusion, and
were among the 1,730 attendees for    cooperation. Catholic social           Mercy Meeting Place
the annual conference. Mercys         teaching has profoundly important
included College Misericordia faculty wisdom to contribute to articulat-
                                                                             opened on Mercy Day
member Helen Speziale, Sisters Sheila ing values and building meaningful
Tynan, Mary Schmuck, Joan             responses on them.                     Y   ou are invited to visit and
                                                                                 participate in the Mercy Meeting
                                                                             Place discussion on inculturation on the
McKeon, Patricia Gimblett, and Judy        Since the meeting, reports are
Cannon. Mercy Global Concern          being developed that share best        international web site at
arranged for the Mercy participation. practices among volunteer groups The discussion
    The conference was sched-         in their important sector of the       section of the website was launched on
uled to last three days but was       effort.                                Mercy Day and will be open through
shortened to only one day after                                              Mercy Day 2002.

                                                                                October 2001/Mercy World 7
Website boasts new look and weekly emailed
news updates
   BY SISTER ADELE HOWARD (AUSTRALIA)                                              Mercy websites

A     new home page has been
    developed for the Mercy
World website
                                     reflections in response to three
                                     questions: What is your personal
                                     experience of inculturation?
                                                                                Mercy International Association

( The            What is important for the Mercy                            0
new home page reflects the           world to hear? What are the
human face of our international      questions with which we should            Mercy International Association
                                                                               sponsored projects websites:
network and brings to life the       be grappling? To share your
richness of our diversity as well    answers and further thoughts
                                                                                  Mercy International Justice
as our shared inheritance. The       visit http://                                      Network
interactive elements of the site -                
Mercy Chat, Sacred Space,            meetingplace. All Sisters of                      index.html
Meeting Place, Document
Exchange & Conversations -                                                           Mercy Global Concern
have been given more                                                       
prominence on the site in order                                                  global_concern/index.html
to encourage participation.
                                                                                  Mercy International Centre
    Each Monday Mercy News                                              
is delivered to Mercys across
the globe via email. A subscrip-
tion form for Mercy e-news is                                                  Mercy International Association
now online. Mercy Sisters,           Mercy are invited to participate           congregations websites:
Associates and colleagues are        in the conversation and to re-
invited to add their names to the    spond to the reflections in any           Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of
mailing list and to contribute       way – poetry, prose, photogra-                    the Amercias
items to the news. Mercy News        phy or in any other media that       
can be found at http://              can appear on the site.                                                       The Institute of the Sisters of
                                                                                    Mercy of Australia
index.html. To subscribe send        Daily prayers shared on                
email to
                                     Sacred Space
                                         In the Sacred Space section of       Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain
                                     the Mercy World website, the  
                                     prayer for each day from the
Mercy Meeting Place                  Morning and Evening Prayer of              The Congregation of the Sisters
launched on Mercy Day                the Sisters of Mercy can now be                   of Mercy
    The Mercy meeting place          found. These have been reproduced
discussion section of the            with the permission of the Institute     Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland
website, established at the          of the Sisters of Mercy of the
request of the MIA leaders,          Americas. To read the prayers or
began its first conversations on     offer feedback about how to further       The Federation of the Sisters of
Mercy Day 2001. Fifteen sisters      develop this reflective area go to       Mercy (Aotearoa New Zealand)
from diverse places across the         
Mercy world have shared their        sacredspace.

8 Mercy World/October 2001

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